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Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

J. R. R. Tolkien
352 pages
Frodo is 50 years old and is still regarded as a teenager by hobbit standards. He has
been sheltered in the shire for his entire life and had to leave Hobbitin so that he
can take the Ring of Power to be destroyed in the same volcano from which it was
forged. His Uncle Bilbo had found the Ring when he was around Frodos age and it
had made him addicted to taking care of it for as long as he could. Frodo heads off
with a group of 8 other people as the Fellowship of the Ring. The team consists of
Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took, who are both Frodos cousins, Samwise Gamgee,
who is Frodos gardener and friend, Gimli, the representative of the Dwarves,
Legolas, representative of the Woodland Elves, Boromir, representative of the
humans, Gandalf, a wizard, Aragorn the descendant to the last king of Gondor. They
have to destroy the ring because Sauron had been searching for it so that he could
become his original powerful self once again. In the last book we left off with Pippin
and Merry being taken by a group of Orcs, Boromir and Gandalf are both dead, and
Frodo and Sam leave the Fellowship to go on their own into Mordor. The remaining
Fellowship of Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas go looking for Pippin and Merry. They
bump into some Riders of Rohan and find out that the king of Rohans health has
gone sour and that he was getting advice from an untrustworthy man going by his
last name of Wormtongue. The Orcs also bump into the Riders of Rohan except this
was not a pleasant visit because the Riders successfully kill every single last one of
their company. During the battle Pippin and Merry manage to escape. They run into
an Ent by the name of Treebeard. An Ent is just pretty much a giant, alive Tree. They
make him want to rally the rest of the Ents into fighting Sauroman. As the
Fellowship look for Pippin and Merry they run into Gandalf who somehow came back
from the dead and is willing to help them once again. He is now Gandalf the white
and has much more power than he had ever before. He tells them that they need to
go the king of Rohan. The kings name is Thoden. Im sorry for not saying his name
before. Gandalf figures out that the king has been under the control of Sauroman
and that Grima Wormtongue is serving Sauroman. Gandalf cures the king and sends
Grima onto the ground and the king banishes him out of his city. They all ride to
Helms deep where the orc army is gathering to fight. Gandalf leaves their company
leaving them weakened against the powerful army. The fellowship and the warriors
of Rohan and the Elves manage to hold the city walls safe against the evil orc army.
The Elves came there because they felt like they needed to honor the code they
made with Men many centuries ago and had long since forgotten. Gandalf comes
back with his own army and defeats the orcs swiftly. Gandalf takes them to
Isenguard where the Ents have taken control. Treebeard now rules Isenguard and
Sauroman is trapped inside of the tower along with Wormtongue. Gandalf then
takes Pippin to Gondor to prepare for battle. In this time Frodo and Sam were lost on
trying to find out how to get into Mordor. They confront Gollum who has been

following them and they make him swear on the ring that he would bring them to
the Black Gate. Gollum takes them to the Black Gate and he tells them that there is
another way to get into Mordor. They get captured by the Men of Gondor led by
Boromirs brother and they swear to help them in their journey. They leave the Men
of Gondor to go on their own again. Gollum takes them to the lair of a giant spider
named Shelob who tries to kill them. Gollum had had this planned so that he didnt
have to break his promise while also getting the ring back when they both are dead.
Shelob overcomes them and Frodo is on the ground cold as if he was dead. Sam
assumes that he is dead and leaves with the ring. A group of orcs take Frodo and
Sam overhears them saying that Frodo isnt dead but actually just paralyzed by the
spiders venom.

J. R. Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa. This was because his father was
originally from Britain and started to work in Bloemfontein for a bank. They told him that they
might give him a promotion if he worked there. Because of this Tolkien lived the first 3 years of
his life there. He started to become a writer because he would go to beautiful places in the world
and he was inspired by them. He thought that destroying trees was wrong, which prompted him
to put the Ents in where they take back their land.

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