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Task-Based Learning

Presented By:
Zandi Er Nomo
Riski Lestiono

The focus is completion of a central task. . Language studied based on what happen in the process.What is it? An alternative language teaching. Target language is the instrument. Classroom activity is the task.

Characteristics Real World or Authentic. Meaningful or Useful. Outcome Oriented. .

More varied exposure to language. Natural context. not selected one. Spend more time communicating.Advant ages Practise all language resources. Enjoyable and motivating. . Language explored suits students’ need.

teacher monitors  Planning : compose short oral or written report  Report : to the class  Language Focus & Feedback : highlight the language for improvement .St ages  Pre-Task : Modelling  Task : in pairs or groups.

Example of the Task Lower Level Tasks  Listing Higher Level Tasks  Matching   Comparing Decision Making/ Problem Solving  Jigsaw  Information Gap .

Sample of Activity Jumping Horse (Jigsaw Activity) .