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The Ballad of the Sad Caf

Carson Mc Cullers

Sunday, Edward Hopper, 1926


Read the whole text and present it briefly in your own words (title, date, author, genre, plot)
First part: from the beginning p397 to ... the start of the caf p415
1. Account for the description of the setting (especially p397 and 398)
2. The characterization: how are each characters described? Pay attention to their physical description as well as to
their attitudes. Explain and justify your answers quoting from the text (pages and lines)
a) Miss Amelia

b) Cousin Lymon

c) Stumpy Mac Phail

d) The Rainey twins
e) Henry Macy

The townspeople (especially from p 405 to p 410)

3. Account for the chronological construction of the first part. When does the scene take place? Can you notice any
change or rupture?

4. Study the narrative techniques. Where does the narrator intervene? How? What for? Effect on the reader? Quote to
justify your answers.

5. Study the notion of communication, or the absence of communication in the extract. How do the people
communicate with one another? What type of communication is it? To what extent is Cousin Lymon different from
the other townspeople as far as communication is concerned (see from p 412 to 415)?

6. Can you

notice any change in the different characters' appearance and behaviours, and in the atmosphere

throughout the first extract? How does the narrator explain this change?