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SMFC Special Education Committee

Meeting Summary
October 26, 2015
District Office
Meeting began at 6:40pm by Chris Kukas, Chairman

Opening Announcements:
Chris discussed attendance and why we should come to the Special Educ. meetings
Representation from every school is important.
You dont have to have a special needs child to participate or join the meetings.
General Ed parents and teachers would be beneficial to join the meetings to create
John, Special Educ. Director, mentioned that during the break, professional
development was given for the Spec. Ed. staff.
All in attendance introduced themselves and why they were there.
Questions and suggestions brought up:
- It would be good to have the Spec. Educ meeting on the schools websites not just
the Spec. Ed. website.
- Many people were in attendance because of the school flyer.
- Teachers from various schools came to the meeting
- Spec.needs children going through puberty and the challenges parents face
- Self-acceptance and transitions into middle school and high school
- How to advocate for your children and how they can advocate for themselves
- Discussion on extracurricular activities
Special Presentation: Students Social and Emotional Well Being Identifying and
responding to student mental health needs in the home.
Presented by Alex Boffoli, MFTI and Heather Carabajal, LMFT, Edgewood Center.
-form of communication when you dont have the words
-always a reason behind the actions
-How do you as a parent interpret and interact?
A. Externalizing- aggressive, oppositional, hyperactive
B. Phases of Acting-Out Behavior- Goal: Interrupt the cycle with interventions that help
restore student to
Calm baseline behavior.
1. Calm
5. Peak(dont talk at this time)
2. Triggers
6. De-escalation
3. Agitation
7. Post-crisis depression
4. Acceleration
8. Recovery
C. How to help kids deal with their feelings
D. Strategies for calming down have kids recognize when they need to calm down and
self-manage their emotions.
E. Tools for Tool-kit- find out what works for your child and put together in a box.
F. Social stories a worry box
- Communication between parents and teachers is very important. Parents
should always let the teachers know what is going on outside of school so

teachers can help the kids at school most effectively

G. Praise and Self-esteem 5:1 ratio for relationship deposits and withdrawls. Note
the positive.
When to ask for help: John advised
- Kids are assessed, IEP, if they need more then mental health services are set up
- ERMS: Educated Related Mental Health Services
- Restorative Circle
- The District incorporates mental health support in everything it does, money now
goes to the district instead of the County.
To get a copy of this powerpoint email Alex and Heather direct
- aboffoli@smfcsd.net and hcarabajal@smfcsd.net
Chris mentioned forms should be in Spanish, he will work on.
Measure X Bond approved by the PTA Council: vote taken during meeting was
unanimous, 15 for Measure X.
Next meeting will be an open meeting: game, socialization November 9th. Every other
meeting will have a topic.
Dec 14th-topic
Jan 11th-open
Feb topic
Mar 14th-open
April 11thMay 9th