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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. We, the below mentioned students of the V. M. Patel Institute of Management, Kherva, here by pay our very sincere thanks to the Prof. Kishor Barad for giving us the wonderful opportunity for doing a entrepreneurship and management of innovation in our interest area as a part of our study. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the V. M. Patel Institute of Management, Kherva, affiliated to the said university for giving us the opportunity to increase our practical knowledge in our interest of management area, We also thanks to Prof. Kishor Barab who motivated us to undertake this project. He spent innumerable hours pursuing the first draft, suggesting many constructing and valuable modifications and critiques and there after largely contributed in editing the final draft. The contents of the report have been considerably enriched in the process. We are also thankful to all the professors of the institute for their very good support PREFACE course. BBA Saurashtra University in BBA The visit is very helpful to the students because students get the practical knowledge about the working of service sector and seeing the atmosphere of that umit, With the help of service sector visit, student develops his awareness about service sector field As aBB.A. student, Thad got an opportunity to visit, a service sector. That was RADHIKA RESTAURANT. it was s grost experience for mo, I have tried my level best to get as possible as information abou: RADHIKA RESTAURANT. Ithanked all members who helped me to getinformation DECLARATION I, the undersigned YAGNESH BHANDBI a student of SYB.BA. here by declare that the project work which is presented in this reportis my own work Ihave prepared this project report under the supervision and guidance of Mr Savan Rupala of Shn RP Bhalodia College, Rajlet. I feel vesy great to prepars this project report, This project report is to be submited to saurashtra university of Rajkot By preparing this project report, I got an opportunity of practical study Place: Rajleot Date Signature (YAGNESH BHANDERI