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In the Court of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Dhaka

Cr. Case No. 01 Of 2014

Complainant: Md. Ismail Bhuiyan.

Abdul Alim.

Date of occurrence: 10th May 2014

Place of occurrence: Janata Bank, TSC Branch.
Police Station: Shahbag, Dhaka.
Section of offence: 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act.
1. Mridul Kumar Bepari
2. Tahmina Toma
3. Santa Islam
4. Tarek Sikdar
5. Nadia Rahman
6. The Manager, Janata Bank, TSC Branch.
The complainant above named most respectfullySHEWETH
That the complainant and the accused person were as close friends and both of
them are businessman. In January 2014, the accused person requested the complainant to
give a loan of Taka 10,00,000/- (Ten lac) for business purpose. On 05.01.2014 the
complainant gave the accused an amount of taka 10,00,000 as loan on condition that he
will repay the amount by April 2014.The accused executed an agreement and also a hand
note regarding receiving the money.
That in the first week of May, 2014, the complainant asked the accused to repay the
loan amount and the accused on 07.05.2014 issued a cheque, being number
3487907989288398 of Taka 10,00,000/- (Ten lac) from his account No. 748478478478,
maintained by him with the Janata Bank, TSC Branch, Dhaka for payment of loan amount.
That the complainant on 08.05.2014 presented the cheque, in the Janata bank, TSC
branch. But the same was returned as unpaid because the amount standing to the credit of
the account of the accused was insufficient to honor the cheque.
That under this circumstances the complainant on 11.05.2014 through his learned
advocate Mis. Tashfia served a legal notice to the accused person by registered post with
acknowledgement due, requesting him to pay the aforesaid amount of Taka 10,00,000/(Ten lac) within 30 days of the receipt of the notice. The accused has received the said
notice on 15.05.2014 but till now he did not pay the aforesaid amount of money to the
complainant. In the aforesaid manner the accused has committed an offence under section
138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act.

Wherefore, it is most humbly prayed that, this

honorable court would be pleased to take the
cognizance of the offence, issue process against the
accused person and take necessary legal steps for
holding trial of the accused person.
And for this act of kindness the complainant as is duly bound shall ever pray.