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1. Define buck boost converter.
2. Explain the application of using buck boost converter.
3. Explain the different modes of buck boost converter
4. Define Flyback converter.
5. Explain the application of using Flyback converter.
6. Explain the different modes of Flyback converter
7. What is AM transceiver.
8. What is FM transceiver.
9. Applications of AM transceiver.
10.Applications of FM transceiver.
11.What is the purpose of using data modem.
12.Give application of wireless modem.
13.Mention the protocols used in data transfer.
14.What is PCB?
15.List the materials used for manufacturing PCB
16.Define Voltage regulator.
17.Explain the operating condition in SCR.
18.Differentiate between microcontroller and microprocessor.
19.State advantage in using microcontroller while designing any system.
20.Define Timer.
21.Define Various modes of operation of timer.
22.How a timer enhances for controlling any process.
23.Define Amplifier.
24.What is the purpose of using an instrumentation amplifier.
25.Define digital function generator?
26.What is DSP?
27.Define voltage controller?
28.State the difference between AC and DC voltage.
29.Define signal sampling
30.Define Nyquist criteria.