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mad about Discover how jewelry designers are using these hot 2-hole beads p45 Make an edgy KUMIHIMO bracelet.» GO WITH THE FLOW learn to transition between stitches Free i ae om i ® $1.99 to Canada d. + — BLOGH 2etorinm CArtbeads.conr> SAN Orders Shipped in 24 Hours! st ea eee Community of Beaders *$10 minimum order Hiond for a chance to win SE 4 Dazzle-itl prize pack, = Lf} = ha oh | —— ee Bobbne\ el Keep you a rattail neatly4 on bobbin 4 prevent tangling! =>: - a © / # a wee Re-ff8@"and add your own Stringing Material ! — “- ail info@johnbead.com for commended Retailers ee Distributed by the John Bead Corporation LTD. 4 Tel: (416)757-3287 Toll free: 1(888)755-9055 ff duper SEMI? 7 wwwpazlett.com CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS™ CELEBRATE CREATIVITY and BE INSPIRED with crystals that sparkle & shine You do not need a special occasion for an excuse to sparkle. CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS brings you the highest quality crystal elements to help you make the most of every project ~ so you can always sparkle. So create your own occasion with crystal jewelry that dazzles &> and projects that will have everyone saying “wow.” > Fe, Instructions for these dazzling projects can be found at: www michaels.com/createyourstyle contents ‘OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2012 VOLUME 15 NUMBER 6 Designer of the Year Projects 28 PALMCOAST NECKLACE Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick eet eee eee et pertnee earned ee 32 COSMIC DIAMONDS Jean Power Tet eta cap sal add bend fore ope sess 36 BEDOUIN AMULET Dione Fitzgra Make Bedouintgle prayer box necklace sing peyote eet 40 ADORNED CHAIN NECKLACE Leste Prazier fpebalitlemes tite aint eee and pico in ths ery tocustomize necklace Features 24 15TH ANNIVERSARY BEADED BEAD CONTEST rata theflfth a fial beaded bead thar Be peer ee ied cadet Cand Cc 45. TWOFORTHESHOW ‘worhole beads take the stage in designs from Annette Holbert, Katie Tran, and Rated McEnroe Projects 54 Woven Wonder Nancy Peterson 58 Corset Cuff sila Csirmaz 62 Lacy Marquise Bracelet Norma Jean Dell 66 Keystone CuffDiane Herter 70 SotiPendantJayusree Pramesh 7A Edgy Kumiimo Bracelet Sue Charette Hood STITCH INDEX BRICKS 16 40, cor 2040.62.70 Fance36,70 ANGLE WEAVE 14.2648 HefrincooNe sTrCH 50,5678 UMMM BRAIONG 74 SQUARE SCH 420,28 32 NETTING 20, 24, 40, 46, 50, bein 53456 62.66.70 wewora 3 24 evOrE STFC 14,25, 28 32 36,58 66,70 contents Departments 6 Passing Through 8 WORD.{What Our Readers Dc) 10 Contributors 12 Thechallenge V4 Stitch Pro: Transitions 18 Cool Stuff 20 Custom Coot Tefolls 78 Simply Seeds SéraZsadon 93 Bead Buzz 94 Techniques 96 Bead Ais TetrlGreeves Micelle Mach PROJECT RATING Gute vepret tain ato fred trecpena ese ater roe yao on the cover then ches ui Cu Kassie men, page 48 tomake fr: Projects ited to dove new to seed beading orto experienced beadersteoking fora quick project Designs fran termediate beader, beginner ready to ‘expand hisher hls oran advanced bead looking fora project hat wort take weeks tocomplete Starthere you se up ee challenge olooking fora detailed project that requires longer time commitment Nini Cute & Affordable 10 FOOT SPOOLS AVAILABLE NOW! so UN Ne i ya? Sehroncames on Extreme” All Colors in All Diameters Soft Touch” all Colors in All Diameters Metallics” All Colors in Medium Diameter Soft Flex® All Colors in Medium Diameter & Original Satin Sitver in All Diameters Mode nthe USA HE sroyne Bes ae. eal www.SoffFlexCompany.com Toll Free Phone (866) 925-FLEX (3539) + U.S. Phone (707) 938-3535 St eC maa) i OEE Bue GALLERY IN SONOMA, CA - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC EVERY WEDNESDAY ~ SEE WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS passing through zt Beloved Beaded Beads Have you joined the beaded bead bandwagon? Whether you've ‘beaded just a few times or have been beading since childhood, Tm sure you know the wonders of beaded beads. In each of our last fourissues we've been celebrating Beadwork’s fifteenth anniversary with anew beaded bead project. In addition toa handful of exciting new necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, this iscue brings us the final design in this anniversary serie, Now is ‘he time for you to combine all of there great heads into ane jewelry design and enter ‘Why beaded beads? They're fun to stitch, easy to incorporatein many designs, and require few materials. But my favorite quality of beaded beads is their adaptabil- ity. With just afew changes in color, bead finish, or abit of embellishment, they are easy to personalize, When following the patterns for the beaded beads we've pre- sented to you, encourage you to add your own touch, Hore ave two great examples of fun variations. When follawing Cynthia Newcomer Daniels Treasure Trove Beaded Bead (August/September, Tadded plcots to the overlay just to see how they would look (below lef) In this issue's Dewdrop. Beaded Bead, Cindy Holsclaw shows us how the design takes on a diferent look with a simple change in bead type (bolow right). See page 24 for moreinformation on this and Cindy's other inventive spin-off, Find more information bout our conteston page 24 Weeantwaitta see your creations and thank you for celebrating our fifteenth anniversary with us! Have fn, Mbads ee Taarteitervenvecom vesting focek *K happenings Favorite Bead Stitches s acl tangata! ‘top projects from past issues of Beacwork, plus afew never-befare-seen designs. More ‘than 40 projects total on newsstands now. ew Workshops Albeo ep pe Se eget ‘the Year in our new video workshops. Master a netting technique in Bead Stitching Chev- ran Chain with Melanie Potter and let Jean Power take your beadwork to new dimensions ‘in Bead Stitching Pentagons and Bead Stitching Triangles Search for these new titles at ‘nterweavestore.com. Available as DVDs and video downloads. 6 beadworkmagazine.com BEADWORK. EDITORIAL vom nEcTOR ine OR tnd Bae EMR TOR ean Camp ASSOCIATE EOMOR Mar Ze AISA TOR Glo Caterer PFOUECTEDTOR Hate Wien ComRiATINGEDTORS Mind rocks, Mie Hach ‘PYEDDR Uahcshee O02, BEG OAL ier VnBeschten OUTORILIMTERN Cane acne PUBLISHING USHER, ART AJETLAY VON Joa. aor saves MEDIA SALES non At HELA OWSION Fitter SMR ADVERTISING SALES MANAGER Mary apanen AVERTING MANAGER eb Sion SSF ADVRTSNG Moni Taner ADIRAFFRES es Mri Bow, Katy Beppe PRODUCE MARKETING DCT, RT BJEHELAY ION iste Hompes WARRETNG MANAGER ez SE\TORVP OF CULATION Bob stk CONSUMER ARKLING BUSNESSAARACER Tiyan ‘CRCULATIONWANAGER Burk nd ART AND PRopucTION ‘OUP ART HECTOR Ga Oe PRODUCTION RECTOR Hs ton PRODUCTION ate ew, Na Dobath ODUCTONEDITER Nancy TECHNICAL LUSTRATON donee rook oTOGRiPaUPFOO STUNG Joe Ceca Suan EO MAKAGE Garten ts suet Badr” aeration al psc se nly ese daes i reamient apr, tener any othe ade ts es, ews reed Beda es evo cote the ote’ tsi yw. Yu sb tee nse oro epee he bees mM, ie ane ores a. ego oN ponsesiscmsrtoiespitozedcatsnati. For advertising information callin Melatosh at (13) 861-0084, email Jimintoshinterwesvecom. Forsales information, al (800) 272-2198, email sslewinterweave com, Visitthe Interseawe website st interave cam For eitoralinguiis, all 970) 669-7672, «mail beadworkeinterseave com sp S08 3 ina yh eC Et ‘nn ots em 0 Yn mt nay a lenin Skansen: arene Pe rete pcan trina enter ypc Span ness eyed Sener nn ca Ses tn na sue en eS OTE Peaks dt sn Oe C10 DIN INTERWEAVE (40 ly. G0 Tor Wes SENIOR, MEDIA AND DELOPMENT Ton? ton SENIOR VF, MAREETING AND COMMUNITS Boba LF COMTET ame dearer AND EDUCTON Sa Dumond ? ECOUNERCEDaldDunn PRODUCTION ne Futon TEND. Ha MEDIA SALES de cdl ACQUISITIONS O08 Aon Krst ART RECTOR Leduon O1TORALOCOR Sane Wnts (ot Paper Sean Interne Cachet. tere sce ultngars Sona Asc rst esa ring ey Ast Step yep Wire Jewelry Jewry Singing Waterloo Interweave Press Lic 201 Eth St Loveland, CO #0537 970) 659-7672 Visit our website Interweave.com Foret information, all 268) 949-1646, retailer com, ave a question abo oar Beadwork subsaeion? Wehave the anower Vistour webster call, foyer question, nd wel be hapa ese yo obeadwerkangizine com and dion subatip ‘en serie fora oc ners, rt chang ete roc onc rte sepa 1iBeads.com “FREE SHIPPING OPTIO! << Featsaed above: Ous new Bead Chuc® “THESC ARE UMITED EDITION TEMS, ‘Ais0 sttOUR DICHROle EMBOSSED AND erent ee a aa ete Leader in distnctve asp Apel Check for Special ae Discounts & Closeouts! www.claspon-claspoff.com ‘email infoGclaspon-claspott.com 505, Unnaray Gree Dv, Fe 0 "posses BEADWORK ‘october/novernber 2012 7 WHAT OUR READERS DID word. ROSANNE ANDREAS of 4 Mirch New Yor ected his wedlng locket which eoresens the geneationsofwomeninher fami. se made nasa wedding present tor her nephew ands ; reid, they woul kno the famine CAROL NUTTER of Reno, Nevada, used Kelly ‘Wiese’s Treasured Heirloom necklace (the cover project from the December 2011/January 2012 issue as inspiration fora fiend’s bridal jewelry DEBORAH A. WEAVER of Portland, Oregon, beaded this Terra Jasper necklace, which uses a combination of bead embroidery and even-count tubular peyote stitch. repens Peveigeet Pier ares cere Li veuane ner Caen thatin mind before making that pares MARLA GIBSON of Saltillo, Misissippl, made this bracelet based on Cristie Prince's Clinging Vine plece (the cover project) from the April/May 2012 issue We want tear rom you! I you've been inspite by projects nour magazine ot have tps to share emus at beadwerkainereavecom. ‘Check our website, beadworkmagazine com, for certections announcements and fee prejects 8 — beadworkmagazine.com Touch The Rainbow! You are invited to HAND PICK your Credo arent Breen aera ee eer Cee ei Paleo Thee aU Bead Shows re ee ee Berea Freee ener Petes a CRE es Caer) invitation, CS OOU CL OokeurILy 1(800) 366-2156 Dace UCR} ey See better. Feel better. Patented optics Customized with ‘your prescription “I cannot even express how much I love this product. ‘They are so helpful and my eyes don't feel the terrible strain of focusing on my baby beads for hours and hours” ~ Anna D. air rly call 888.444.7728 to learn mort BEADWORK coctober/novernber 2012 9 THIS ISSUE'S FEATURED ARTIS contributors Aer tmtm ast Boltia thing about bead shopping? The Thebestthingaboutbead shopping i getting to visit Phe bead shops nd meeting ‘the people whe work and chop thot, Tlove toe and touch the beade and get the feolof the shop. Talking with ‘the knowledgeable workers ‘opens my mind fornew ideas. [absolutely hate to have to buy online because | hate te have to rely on my computer's view ofthe ‘beads and the colors, NORMA JEAN DFLL Bead shopping can beexciting and energizing, When I shop for new color combinations ot Fey tomateh seed beads with rae Swarovsk Elements fora project, the creative juices stare flowing. The downside Comes later when [try to find time cobegin work with my neve purchases, — DIANE HERTZLER ‘Thebest thing about bead Shoppingis the discovery of peut and intriguing products tose besding. The worst thing isthe cost ANNETTE HOLBERT ‘Tho best thing boue bead shopping is the thrill of nspi- ‘ton hen a new design ‘comes ropether in your mind, Just from looking ata new shape of seed bead, a unique lmporor focal or an intrest ingeamponent Tae worst thing is deciding what to pur chase without breaking the bank! CINDY HOLSCLAW ‘Thebest thing about bead shoppingis the discovery of new shapes, materials, colors, and friend! My muse really {gets me going ateratripto ‘my local bead store. The worst thing about bead shopping that I don't have enough money orspacetobayallthe suff T want! —KASSIE NAN ‘Thebestthing about bead shopping is the endless vanlety fof beads to buydiferent coors, shapes, finishes, and sterile, The worst thing is buyingbeads on alimited budget. RACHEL MCENROE P o worst? Being surrounded by beads of allcolors, shapes, and sizes fale stepping into an en shanted pace. Foling she heft of beautiful strands ofbeads Inmyhends sexcitingand comforting. The worst part Inhaving to focus on ehst | need and want and having to choose. —JAYASHREE PARAMESHL Thebes thingabout bead shopping thot pt lot of ingpiracion, and can discover i new bead type snd colors ‘Theworstiswhen |=perd smore than I planed, or {don find what ineedteracortin project Fortunately, shopping ‘line solves these problems “sana 2sA00N ‘The bestthing about bead shopping is being inspired by the colors and shapes of the ‘beads and the Weas they spark juselookingar them. Forme, the worst thing about bead ‘shopping scan never afford everything that T want tug. NANCY PETERSON Want to become a Beadwork contributor? See our submissions guidelines at beadworkmagazine.com. 10 beadworkmagazine.com Take your beadwork skills to the next level with gorgeous geometric shapes. TSW eo ole a orem Ce Uae ee Tel Mac) ere Reece ead eee R te aietotgts Pate tue eat an) as ee Rae tue tos + BEADWORK DESIGNER Bead Stitching Enhance your beadwork as you: *Master peyote stitch with expert tips for start-to-finish beaded pentagons. *Skip the guesswork with easy-to-see up-close = shots and large color-coded beads. Add dimension to your pieces with instructions for herringbone and square-stitch increases. *Create individual beaded pentagons or connect several 3-D shapes. -And more! ‘OUR DESIGNERS, ONE STASH ‘ the challenge 4 What happens when you give two editors and two lucky readers matching sets of materials to play with? We work with products we might not have considered using, and our creative sides get stretched one more notch. cea cea cnet Peers projects with our own supplies " Lasseter toe i Beads and inchudeda succulent tere eT and find cee a ee lease errs Attention dendrite ond wines steers racers on spp the Challe, Plese contact Mallory Zier ot G@r15-4050. melinda barta (edion jennifer vanbenschoten (éea¢ing daiy editor) This kt provided great opportunity to pay around with ome ‘the time Trcelved this beading, Iwan the mile of spending wo cf the neve bead tapes ~pesnutsand Tse. Thad mach fun wonderful weskeprayingand mediating with group of avaing Mbetan finding diferent wayeto sc thebead that couldnt sc tofust Baddhist moni from southern Inds was ery inepivedbytheteachings nepatternorsitc,solmadesarplers Totet how diferent colo ofthe monks and ther prayers for pace and compassion, ol created three look wth orange, aed teal highlights to onebracelet and purple to _payoe-titchveeels each one meant to carrya payer writen ona scrap the other My only reget tat could find away to ineorporate Ofpaper sucked evo ple of at, lar peyote stich to seal the wsils allofthe materialsin this generous shut thenattached them toarightsngle-weave chain made with theCaech Bicones, Then [strung the whole thing on a twisted herringbone rope Herringbone stitchis my favorite form of mindful meditation! 12. beadworlmagazine.com christian rodriguez ducky wine ‘Asorange ad its many shades are not ones frequently bavein my bead collection, {was excited tebe pushed abit with this creative process. Trust admit that the intial flow was impeded due to the color paletteand wonderfully diverse bead selection, so seking out combinations and opinions fom my four-year-old son, Cy as my method ear on. Adding in copper, the seta staple in my beadwore brought all together. And found myself falling ilove with creating Robin Cowart s beaded beads loved this challenge and ‘am quite pleased with my new appreciation fer the color orange. scan, barbara lynch tuekywinne cer note: Shortly before completingherCalleg c,d winner Barbar inch ped aay. At Babar hr dea Prd Linda Natowth id Barbar’ necklace nd coped che followingparaeaph This nella ited Autumn Serie fel eta te inspiration for this teklae mat have buon the beatiful snes Barbara cold view from or tome on the Connectcat shoe, The to straps ofthe necklace wee made with trystals surrounded by oops of Delia bea, then adorned with two diferent txpesot rng. They werejeined tothe foaliy two embelched peyote-siched Stipe made with Delica The focal was embellshed ith ringe of Bais, bagle bends sot bends, anderystal The unique woden pecs proviedin the it wasncorported into a asp witha bead and oop closure BEADWORK —cctober/november 2012 13 stitch PFO (TRANSITIONS } Jean Campbell I"ve noticed over the last couple years that there are more beaders than ever who, MATERIALS & TOOLS after learning the basic stitches, want to jum p right into designing their own bead- _—Anysizeseed beads work. This seems like a natural next step to me, because | know that designing my eke own jewelry is not only the best way to get exactly what | want, buti’sawonder- geen fully creative and technical challenge as well Seading needle to fit beads Are you in this camp of beaders who want more challenge from their craft? Ifso, the first thing Id suggest is learning all the ins and outs of the beadwork stitches so if there’s ever a turn, a flair, a rope, or an embellishment you need for your design, you can call on the proper technique in an instant. Another useful tool is to know how to move from one of those stitches to another, forming transitions to get you started seamless transitions. Here are three of those CaO a acon aed Ceres Pee a eee acee Perens built right in, peyote stitch off ofright-a eee ett ng 1 bead, and pass through thenext bead, Continue across for the desired th, then work peyote stitch as norma Coca er) se ect eg es Reece eer see hole, and in brick stitch the beads sitside-by- Bee ore et pce eae ce tans at eee ee ted ee eee eet Se art cee ed ‘beads, pass under the exposed thread that, een ee Pee eo eee! Pee ee eee tit ects the next 2 rows of peyote stitch, and Dee eet aod eee 14 beadworkmagazine.com When would use this technique? “This is my very favorite way to bezel rivolis. | us size 11° seed beads to forma right- angle-weave”bely band” (a ing that fits around my rvoli or other crystal stone), then Use size 15" seed beads to peyate-site the top and bottom of thering, popping in the crystal before tighten everything. makes fora stress-free bezel every time. When would | use this technique? This isa great way to do what al lazy" odd-count peyotestitch. Just work a strip of regular ever-count peyote stitch, then add 1 row of brick stitch along the edge—you've got instant ode-count It also comes in handy when you need to lengthen apeyote-stitched tube that you started as a flat stip and zipped up. PUG erence Seen ee eee eee eee Sea eee eens Creer it Pee eee ees See eee ected ps eee? ee sce! pass down through the end bead of the next row, and up through the end bead of the following hen ol mais eco Sicacarteaiaceangiaartuernaitid Inaddition to using this to start herringbone stitch particulary lke using square he second herringbone-stitched row, loop stitch a the end of bracelet where clasp i attached. Since square stitch is one of around threads in the square stitch and pass up ‘the strongest and most secure stitches (herringbone? nat so much), this isa smart ratt Ree eee way to add strength to your piece. JEAN CAMPBELL Is senior editor of Beadwork magazine and a jewelry-design artist and teacher. She s also the author of Creating Glamorous “ery with Swarovski Elements (Creative Publishing Intemational, 2070) and several other beading books. Jean appears as Stitch Pro" on the most recent season of public televisions Seads, Baubles, and Jewels. Visit wwwteankampbelinkcom, we - “~~ @* for the ry'be F BEADING NEEDLES & CROCHET HOOKS... eat _@*> Fine Beading Awl t , VE — with Cushion Gri J Set > : Tulpcatte Contac information war TulpBeadingNeedles com neice eon ask for them at your local bead store BEADWORK — october/november 2012 15 Favorite Bead Stitches NETTING @ Step Crimper M pan cmbai tse TaCasi ‘Quality in the Making + Just place crimp bead/tube and squeeze! Veenihe No twisting or turning! video at + Works with all popular-size beadbuddynet_ crimp beads/tubes! Define your Design with Metal [Ack For Us At Your Local Bead Store \WWWTIERRACAST.COM Lead Free Pewter Made in the USA ~ EU Nickel Compliant ~ Original Designs Place Cimp Beedle ALL DVDS with promo code KBDWK20 expires 1/31/2013 Tust Ope Squeeze Makes a Perfect Cimpl Brands Include Antilope cecon | EWERY TOOL... EURO TOOL Ferme” You need and cov THEN SOME. Undstrom Over 5,000 + Tools in Stock BEL ST mais iad Over 50 NA F-lep ed eed ee BEADWORK —october/november 2012.17 ETAL THERAPY. COO SCUFF cice crecenever and oaitory Zier aX 18d tout of uy slat your evel dso wih bese ightelght Brushed copperbeads fran re flora emsand Beds, pce om $405. (a) 355.237, Semcon om 2.The ew ae (peed gray, bland blue ard Supe bv (iturednpeac a8 yore two-hole seed beads a The eadsmith hotel nl) eper wp whale woldefnew evel design opto Check Journal Bestop retaliermatn. 2. Betyhetabeaoundherenie ‘ole en she dededtobeaktrdaian by Inarpoaing beats te her kiting Se crn Ides saree lng where thon $SWather bead An jewel ess, ney Baas Paes rangetra fancy ofc, thecdlebratedoncme of etays new mana: "Miatl HRE Book 52698, “A. ovlinresnce ih Seo pr Bed Fanases—SDequstebroded ene 5985 tha ate yo maton apa nd reahfor your beading supple. Ri hao sfahsshowease the ret potential beds ave ther ofa master wile cea hae insets econ admirers og these leely jes at La len A eting 573. 5. Designs’ etched thera pea ‘hell pndans ste avalos of tering pate cls, ol shapes, Pendars star (35873, wrlpiyésonscm| {6.Thenew arg gemstones om Happy Mango sds it ena he ergancbenty of he natal woe your beaded jee. That wide section tenes des meat juga lack gol smazanite, gi ter [pea ede (cso) spt. ($7) 5322546 gerstones ped bye Stand at ewachoppmagobess cn 7 TheCeehWates Tes two hale pressed gas nm squares aro othe lertnd geet edt ram Sama in, Paks, bt besde rar 8.50 Bowe trgh "herman lr ptr ac Ans 8 Tings, (80) 366 216, wigs things com Addsame are yurnetproc eth thesebrghty colored Freine beading treads tom porcleSot esd Shop. yedafer mart thesespol are avaiable ina wide aety Fees fo S15 ench, (21 682, ‘worn sptespevam| ‘9. Designed pectic ferseed beagjeney, these ne dsp fom ans Mada te ‘al seg clasps wih fe jmp ng bramagnechat dpe Gags 620-41) 91-112, wna com 18 —_beadworkmagazine.com ef! SABINE LIPPERTS: BEADED — (OUR LAY COMPONENTS custom Cool (rrerors} Melinda Barta MATERIALS & TOOLS ‘1g matte metallic copperflue is size 15° seed beads A) 1 gmezallic plum copper size 15*seed beads (8) ‘1 gmatte metallic copper/blue is size 1° seed beads (C) ‘1g coppersize seed beads) 5-5 {per component) opaque rose/gold topaz ‘5mm pressed-glass melon rounds (€) Smoke 6b braidedbeading thread Scissors Size 12 beading needle FINISHED SIZE:¥" small component) TECHNIQUES netting picot square stitch Seep. 94 for helpful technique information. PROJECT LEVEL @D® Seep. 4forpojectevel information. Fig. :orking Rounds 1 and2 20 beadworkmapazine.com 1) SMALL COMPONENT. Use nettingand picot stitches to create the small ‘component: Round 1: Use 18" of thread to string {1Band 1D) three times. Pass through all ofthe beads again and tiea square knot to form a tight circle. Pass through the first E (Fig. 1, blue thread). Round 2: String 1C and pass through the nearest , then string 1Cand pass through the next E; repeattwice. Exit from the first Cadded (Fig. 2, red thread), Round 3: "String 3B; pass through the nearest Cto form apicot String 6A; pass through the next C to form anet. Repeat from “twice (Fig 2. Round 4: Repeat Round 3 toadd a second layer of picots and nets on top ofthe first. ig. 2: Adding he fst layer of eotsandnets (Round 3 Made with quite possibly the world’s easiest-to-stitch pattem, these components are simple to resize and fun to connect into a variety of styles— including the bracelet, clasp button, and post earrings shown here, 2) EMBELLISHMENT. If desired, cembellsh the center of the component with netting, Round 5: Weave through beads to from 1D. String 6A and pass through ‘the next D to forma net; repeat twice. Pass through the first 4A (Fig. 3, blue thread) Round 6:String 1B, skip 4A of the pre vious round, and pass through the next 2A in the center of the next net repeat twice to add a total of 3B (Fig. 3, red thread), Repeat the entire thread path of Round 5 to reinforce the previous nets. 3) MEDIUM AND LARGE COMPONENTS. If desired, adjust the ‘number of beads used for the small ‘component: Fig. 3:Embelichng the center Medium component: Repeat Step 1 using 4E and 4D in Round 1 and increase the ‘number of repeats in the following rounds accordingly Large component: Repest Step 1 using ‘SE and SD in Round 1 andincrease ‘the namber of repeats in the following rounds accordingly. se SA in each Round and Round 4 net. 4) CONNECTION. Weave through beads tocxit from the conter B ofa Round 4 pict: Pass through 1A at ornear the center ofa Round 4 net ona second com- ponent and through the last Bexited to forma square stitch (Fig 4). Repeat the thread path several times to reinforce. Weave through beads and square-sttch thenearest Round 3 picot of the first com ponent to the nearest Round 3 net of the second component, directly beneath the Round 4 beads jst joined. Note Ifthe asymmetry ofthis connection bothers you, plan ahead to.use an odd number of beads for the connection nets, which will give you an even number of beads on each side ofthe square-sitched beads. Secure thethread and trim. + Fig. Square sthchng the Round connection beads (Pound removes for ary) MELINDA BARTA is editor of Beadwork {and author of four book, cluding Custom Col ened nterweave 2008). She has med DVD ‘workshops on peyote stitch, herringbone seh ‘beaded bezels and more Look forher newest book, Mastering Peyote Stitch, this December Visi wiumelindsbaracom, Try This! + Foran elegant but nottoo-dressy pair of earrings, connect one embellished 3E component to an unembellished 4E component and finish with an earting-post finding. RESOURCES Checkyourlocalbead shop ‘orcontat: Seed heads and FiteLine braided beading tread: Beyond Beadery,(800) 840-548, wae beyondbeaderycom,orThe Bead Cache, (570) 24-4322, wwwbead cache.com, Melon rounds ‘Starman (wholesale ony), (886) 9832323, wow -zechbeadscom, oF Beadaholique, (866) 834-4618, warybeadshoiguecom. + Create a clasp button by working a small component, adding the center netted embellishment, and forming a fringe that connects its center to one end of a bracelet or necklace. *SUCCULENCE’ Design Created with 50 Piece Nylon Strands Over 2xLarger Holes _ Over 100Colors =F Rounded Edges 5), © More Durable MANUFACTURED BY “ASTARMAN www.starmaninc.com FREE PATTERN ‘MATCHING SUCCULENCE BRACELET http://patterns.beadindex.com/ SEE ALL THE FINALISTS & STAY UP TO DATE ON NEW BEADS! facebook/starmanbeads«twitter/starmanbeads BEADWORK —octobev/november 2012 21 f ) America's Biggest Little Bead Store™ Selling Beads & Jewelry Making Supplies for 18 years (ave Order Online or Call Toll Free 1-888-808-8122 Innovative Beads} 408 J Beads - Findings - Seed Beads - Stringing Materials | Expo 2012 nce? January 15 to 15: | february 18.19: | February 25 8.26: J March 10 8.11 March 17 818: | March 24.8 25:. see March 31 & Apsil1: | April 21 8 22: Api 28 & 25; 5350 W. Bell Rd - Suite #136 a Glendale, Arizona 85308 (602 ) 564-2900 Nay 4 to 6: J May 11 to 13: | may 19 «20: June 2 & 3: June 23 & 28 uly 14815: | suy 214 22 ] su 208 2% | augusta 5 ] September 15 & 16: Allentown, September 2825: 5 September 28 030: Jodovers.7; 0. October 13 8 14 Odober 20 421 | obe 272 November 344 ] November to November 178 18:_ ats ] December 1 2 December 8 & 9: | Beading Classes forall ievels available atall shows. Learn exciting new styles! Pre-register and save $10.00 per class. | Pre-tegisterfor classes at | eo. 0433529755 Da e Sa \e a RIVETING Te 22 beadworkmagazine.com Caravan Beads www.caravanbeads.net Necklace by Diane Fitagerald See more ax wwwdianeficgerald.com. Your source for every color and size of Miyuki Delica’ Beads! »_ Whdlesale distributor of Miyuki beads since 1994. Try our C-Lon Beading Thread & Cord: now,available in more sizes and colors than ever! Caravan Beads 915 Forest Ave Portland, Maine 04103 tel: 207-761-2503 fax: 207-874-2664 beaded bead contest BEAD Five: dewdrop beaded bead Cindy Holsclaw 15th PNT Ua ZO For this final installment in our 15th Anniversary Beaded Bead Contest (see box on p. 26), create this tactile barrel-shaped bead with flat two-hole squares and tiny drops. String one on ahead pin for a petite pendant or gather several together for a stunning necklace. MATERIALS ‘1 gmatte met beads A) 11g 24k gold-plated size 15° seed beads (8) 1 g transparent red A@ size 11° seed beads (©) ‘ g transparent redgold-uster size 8° seed beads (0) 1 gmetallc brown 2.8mm drops [E) 1 gmezallc brown 3.4 mm drops (F) ‘metallic gold iis Smm lat 2-hole squares (6) ‘black 12mm glassround 3° of 22-0r20-gauge scrap wire BlacksizeB nylon beading thread icdark violet size 15° seed TOOLS Seissors Size 11 or 12 beading needle FINISHED SIZE:%4 x34" TECHNIQUES netting ‘drcular peyote stich Seep. 94 fr helpful technique information. PROJECT LEVEL 90 Seep. for project evel information 24 beadworkmapazine.com 1) BASE. Stitch the inner core of the beaded bead: Round 1, Unit 1: Use of thread to string 1A, 1E, 1A, 1G, 1A, 1B, and 1A, leavinga 6 tal, Pass through the second hole of thesame Gand the first A/E/A strung, String 1A, 1D, and 1A (Fig. 1). Round 1, Units 2-6: Repeat Unit 1 five times fora total of 6 units. Pass through the first A/E/A of Unit 1 to forma tight circle Pass down through the nearest G and through the bottom A/B/A (Fig, 2) Round 2: String 1A, 1D, and 1A. Pass through the next A/E/A on the bottom of the next G of Round 1; repeat five times to connect the Round 1 units, forminga ring, Step up through the first Aand Dadded inthis round Fig. 3). 2) ENDS. Form the top and bottom of the beaded bead: Round 3: tring 1A, 1D, and 1A, then pass through the next D of base Round 2; repeat five times fora total of 6 nets Step up through thefirst Aand D added in this round (Fig 4, blue thread) Round 4: String 1A, 1C, and 1A, then pass through the next D ofthe previous Fig. 1: Fomingbase Round Unk} round: repeat five times fora total of nets Fig, 4, red thread), Weave through beads to ext froma Dof base Round 1 Rounds 5 and 6: Insert the glass round into the beadwork with the hoe facing up Turn the beadwork over and, work ing off Round 1, repeat Rounds 3 and 4 ‘Weave through beads to exit from an E cof Round 1 (Fig. §). Note: The tension of the beadwork should hold the glass round in place, butfit's moving around, insert the scrap wire through the hole of the round so the hole doesnt getlost as ‘youfinish the beaded bead; itcan be dif- ficult to find it again after the beaded bead is complete. Fig. 2: omplevng se Round 3) CENTER EMBELLISHMENT. Adda Pig 3: Fishing layer of netting to the equator of the ve Round? aaa Pass 1:*String 2B, 1C, 1F, 1C, and 2B; pass ‘through the E of base Round 2 that sits diagonally to the left from the Ejust exited (ig, 6, green thread). String 2B, IC, 1F, 16, and 2B; pass through the E of base Round 1 that sits diagonally from the E just exited (Fig. 6, blue thread) Repeat from twice, then step up through the first 2B/1C/1F added in this pass ig. 6, red thread). ig 4sForing Rounds 3 Pass 2: "String 1C and 2B; pass through sof the ends the Eof base Round 2 that sits diago- nally to the right of the E just exited (ig. 7, green thread) String 2B and 1C; pass through the next Faded in Pass 1 ig. 5: Adding Rounds 5 ig. 7, blue thread) Note: Make sure tidof te ends the hole ofthe Fis parallel with the holes ofthe G, String 1Cand 2B; pass through the next B of base Round 1 String 2B and 1C; passthrough the next F added in Pass 1. Repeat from™* toad nets to the rest ofthe beaded bead's equator. Step up through the first 1C and 2B added inthis pass and the nearest E (Fig, 7, xed thread). ig. 6: Stitching Pass ofthe cre rblishment 4) END EMBELLISHMENT. Adda layer of netting to the top and bottom of the beaded bead: Fig, Ts Adding Pass 2othe Round 1: Turn the beaded bead to view the ane ane bottom. String 2B, 1C, 1E, 1C, and 2B, then passthrough the next E of base Round 1: repeat five times fora total of Gnets. Step up through the first 2B/IC/IB added in this round (ig. 8). Round 2: String 1C, 1B, 1E, 1B, and IC; ‘then pass through the next E of the pre- ‘vious round; repeat five times for a total of 6 nets Step up through the first IC/IB/LE added inthis ound (Fig, 9) Round 3:String IC and pass through the ‘next E ofthe previous round: repeat five ‘times fora total of6C. Step up through ‘the first C added in this round (Fig. 10, ‘green thread), Not: If your beadhworkis ‘ight and working Round 4 isnt feasible, ‘weave through this round again to tighten, skip Round 4, and proceed to Fig 8:Foxming Found 1 ofthe Fig. 9: Adding Round 2oftheend the top. chsembelissment| ‘lishment BEADWORK —ocivbes/november 2012 25 Options +Fora more streamlined look, replace the 2.8mm drops with size 11" seed beads and replace the 3.4mm drops with size 8" seed beads. «Try creating this design in 4-old and 5-fold symmetries. Use five 2-hole squares for the equator with a 10mm round core bead and four 2-hole squares with an & mm round bead. Reduce the rest of the seed beads appropriately. Fig. 10: Working Rounds 3and 4 ofthe endembellshment Round 4: String 1B and pass through the next Cof the previous round: repeat five times fora total of 6B and step up through the first 8 Fig. 10, blue thread), Make sureall the E added in the previous round are facing outward and pas throughall the Bacided in this round again to tighten the round (Pig. 10, red thread). Note: If the B sink tovrard the center of the bended bead, use beading needle to pull them up by tugging on the thread between the nearest EandB, Top: Weave through beads to exit from an E of base Round 1. Repeat this entire step to complete the top of the beaded bead, Secure the thread and trim. + CINDY HOLSCLAW isabeod artist and slemist specillaing in geomet beaded soctues Hee ‘oundation asanacaceri shapes her approach toherbeadwerk designs aswell as her sis 3 teacher Purchase er beading patterns and bis ak yt won beadongamicom, RESOURCES Check yourlocal bead shop ot ‘contact: Seed beads and Nymo or One Gylon beading thread: Out On A Whim, 800) 2323111, ‘wivwcnhimbeads.cam. Ta 2-hole squares and _myu drops: caravan Beads (800) 230-8841, ‘wwcaravanbeadsnet. Round las bea! Shipeeck Beads, 800) 950-4282, ‘shiparechbeadscom. CALLING ALL BEADERS: and Cindy Holsclaw’s bead featured here. We want YOU to help us celebrate our 15th anniversary! Fallow along with us and ‘make your own version(s) of each of the five beaded beads featured in our 2012 issues—including Seeing Stars by ‘Melinda Barta (February/March 2012}, Cluster Beaded Bead bby Gwen Fisher (April/May 2012), Stargazer Beaded Bead bby Florence Turnour (June/July 2012), Treasure Trove Beaded Bead by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel (August/September 2012), beaded bead contest Now that you've been presented with all five designs, share a plece of jewelry you made that incorporates atleast one of each of the five anniversary beaded beads. The winning Jewelry project, which will be chosen by BeadingDally.com ‘members, will be showcased in the February/March 2013, issue of Beadwork magazine Deadline for entries is October 26, 2012. Visit beadinadally com/beadedbeadcontest for entry details and rules. BEAD ONE: BEAD TWO: BEAD THREE: BEAD FOUR: Seeing Stars Cluster Beaded Bead Stargazer Beaded Bead Treasure Tove Beaded Bead by Melinda Bara by Gwen Fisher by Florence Turnour ‘by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel 26 beadworkmapazine.com Téecevtebeads.com SILVER * BRONZE * GOLD FREE SHIPPING Option in US. ‘Shamballa Beads and Supplies - Large Hole Gemstones Huge Variety of Bling Beads -Hundreds of Jewelry Kit ‘Metal Stamping Supplies - Apoxie Sculpt Enormous Swarovski Selection - Bead Thru Crosses, Hearts and more- Wholesale pricing FIND US ON £6 FOR SPECIAL OFFERS Create the Look of Diamonds without the Price Tag BEADELLE ee Purchase at www.MerchantsOverseas.com For wholesale orders call 1-800-333-4144 or ‘email info@merchantsoverseas.com Merchants Overseas is a distributor of BEADELLE. Se as rer SL ar BUNA Where cco eer eu BEADWORK —october/november 2012.27 DESIGNER ofthe Year TECHNIQUES Artist's Tips eyotesttch + Fora differentlook, use allbicones _*yourbeads are full of thread rightangle weave variation Gnonesde ofthe headed tabs, andyoute having a difficult time aerset andall pearls on the other, passing through, especially with Seep. 94for helpful the spacers, use a smaller needle technique information rather than forcing your way through. + Makea truly reversible necklace by using completely different colors on the ather side of the beaded tabs. PROJECT LEVEL Of ‘See. 4forprojectevel information palm coast necklace USE A LOVELY RIGHT-ANGLE weave variation to stitch these colorful beaded tabs. String them together with peyote-stitched spacers and pearls, and you've got a great necklace to sport on your next seaside vacation. 1) BEADED TAB, FRONT. Use the purple A,B, anda right-angle weave variation to form a beaded tab, Not: Repeat all thread paths to reinforce: Row 1, Unit 1: Use tof thread to string 1B and 4A, leavinga 12" tail; passthrough the B Fig. 1, geen thread). String 4A; pass through the B and the 4A just strungso the strand sitson the other side of the B (Pig. 1, blue thread). String ‘2Aand pass through the 4A on the ‘other side ofthe B, repeat once, Weave through beads to exit up through the center 2A on the right side of the B (Gig. 1, red thread), Row 1, Unit 2: String 1A, 1B, and 1A; pass ‘through the last 2Aexited inthe previ- ‘ous unitand the first A and B just added (Gig, 2, green thread), String 44; pass own through the Band the 4A just added (Fig. 2, blue thread), String 2A: ig. 1:Ferning the fistunito ow Fig. 2:Sttehing ow Unit2 pass through the left 4A of this unit. String 2A; pass through the right 3A of this unit Gig, 2, red thread), Row 1, Unit 3: Repeat Unit 2, this ime exiting from the top-right Af this unit Row 2, Unit 1: String 1Band 4A; pass through the B just added (Fig, 3, green thread). String 4A; pass through the B and the 4A just added, and back through the top 2A of the third unt ofthe previ ous rowand the first 4A added in this, unit (Fig. 3, blue thread).String 2; pass through the nearest 34 on the left side ofthis unit (Fg, 3, red thread). Row 2, Unit 2:String 1A; pass through the right Aat the top ofthe second unit in the previous row. String 1B and 1A; pass down through the center 2A on the left side of the previous unit in this row the first Aadded in this unit, and the top 2Aofthe previous row’s second unit BEADWORK Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick Sisters Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick have been teaching together formore than eighteen years. They've held classes Jn Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom, ‘and throughout the United States. Sue ‘and Wendy were among the fist place ‘winners in the 2006 TOHO competition, ‘which won them atip to Japan.They specialize in using Japanese cylinder beads; their favorite stitches are peyote, ‘square, heringbone, and brick. Visit ‘wwa.hummingbeads com or find them atfacebook.com/hummingbeads. MATERIALS Bgeachsize 11° cylinder beadsin siver- lined purple AB, opaque light green, silvertinedlight gold, opaque orange, and siverlined aquamarine (N) 183 white 4mm crystal peat (8) 10 white mm crystal pearls (C) Seach amm crystal bicones in amethyst ‘ABIX, peridot AB, silk hyacinth, and ‘aquamarine AB (0) 16siiver plated 57mm wide holed, ‘curved tube Beads 1 sterling sver 10=25mm 4-strand tube slide clasp Crystal 6b braided beading thread 1247 each of Smmknited-wive-covered ball chainin tealorange, magenta, and spring green Jewelry cement {6° of "thick foam packing material TOOLS Seisors ‘Size 11 beading needle Wire curers FINISHED SIZE: 19%" Fow2,Unti october/november 2012 29 DESIGNER of the Year ig 4: Forming Row 2 Unt2 (Fig. 4, green thread), String 44; pass back through the last B added, through the eft Aat the top ofthe previous rows second unit and the 4A just added (ig. 4, blue thread), String 2A; pass through, the second A added in this unit and ‘weave through beads to exit up through thecenter 2A on the left side ofthis unit (ig. 4, red thread) Row 2, Unit 3:String 1A and 1B; pass back through the right Aat the top of the frst unitin the previous row, String LA; pass up through the center 2A on the left side ‘of the previous unit in this rows the first ‘Aadded in this unit, dovr through the B,and through the left Aat the top of the first unit in the previous row (Fig. green thread). String 4A; pass down through the B, through the left at the top ofthe first unit in the previous row, and the last 4 added (Fig. 5, blue thread), String 2; pass back through the first added in this unit and weave through beads to exit from the left Aat the top ofthis unit (Fig, 5, red thread), Rows 3-4: Repeat Row2 twice, adding, ‘2more rows. Exit from the top 2A of the final unit. ‘Top transition row: String 2A and pass through the top 2A of the next unit in the same vow, repeat. Weave through beads to exit hack through thelast A added (Fig. 6, blue thread) Row 5: Repeat Row 2, Units Land 2, work- ing off the 2 sets of 2A added in the transition row Fig. 6, red thread). Secure the working thread and trim, Bottom transition row and Row 6: Use the tail thread to repeat the transition. rowand Row’5toadd a row of 2units to thebottom of Row 1. Dont trim the tail thread; setasie. 30 beadworkmagazine.com I: i Saran d ee SSE ais | ee RR ORL oe RO PRR Fig. Adding the pacerends 2) BEADED TAB, BACK. Repeat this entire step to form a second side, this time randomly substituting 1 amethyst D for {1B three times in any of the rows. 13) CONNECT. Match the front and back of the beaded tabs so the 2A at the top, bot- tom, and sides ofeach unit touch Use the remaining threads to square-sitch each 2A pair that touch until half f the piece i stitched (Fig. 7). Cut one 1x "piece of foam packing material, trim tofit, and placeftinsie the beadwork. Continue stitching the front and back 2A together to complete the beaded tab; secure the taread and trim, Setthe beaded tab aside 4) BEADED TABS 2-5. Repeat Steps 1- forming 1 beaded tab with light green A. B, and peridot D; 1 with gold AB, and silk D; ‘Lwith orange A, B, and hyacinth D; and ‘Lwith aquamarine A, B, and aquamarine D. 5) BEADED SPACER. Flat peyote-stitch ‘ubular spacers: Strip: Use? of thread to peyote-stitcha strip 20 gold A wide and 10 rowslong. Zip Fold the strip so the first and last rows interlock, Zip the beads together to form seamless tube that willbe used asa spacer. Exit out through an end A. Ends String 1B; pass through the spacer. String 1B; pass through an end A (ig. 8) Repeat the thread path to reinforce; secure the thread and trim, Set the spacer aside Repeat this entire step to form 1 more gold spacer, 1 orange spacer, 1. aquamarine spacer, purple spacer and 1 light green spacer, 6) ASSEMBLY. Connect the tabs, spacers, chain, and clasp to complete the necklace: Center: Start 6' of new thread that exits between the 3rd and 4th A from one end ‘ofa gold spacer. String 1B;pass through thepurple beaded tabat the edge of Row 4, through the foam packing, and ‘out the other side of Row 4, String 1B and pass through the orange spacer between the 3rd and 4th A. Continue stringing in the following sequence, tak- ingcare that the all-B side of each beaded tab faces down: 1B, the green tab, 1B, the aquamarine spacer, 1B, the gold tab, 1, the purple spacer, 1B, the ‘orange tab, 1B, the green spacer, 1B, the aquamarine tab, 1B, and the other gold spacer. Weave through beads to exit between the 17th and 18th A on the final gold spacer. Connect the bottoms ‘of the spacers and tabs already strungby adding 1C between each, passing ‘through the spacers between the 17th and 16th A and passing through the tabs through Row (Fig. 9), Secure the thread and trim, Chain prep: Cut the teal chain into two {6 pieces. Cut the orange chain into ‘0 6%" pieces. Cut the purple chain {nto two 6" pieces. Cutthe light green chain into two 64" pieces, Pinch and ‘twist the ends ofeach chain so the ‘metal ball chain stays inside the ‘mesh. Set all aside, ‘Chain connect: “Start 12 of new threadat theend of 1 teal chain, passing through the twisted mesh and tyinga knot between the last 2 balls on the chain. String. silver tube so it sts at the end of the chain String 1B; passthrough the 3rd A of an end gold spacer, across from the B previously placed, then pass hack through the B just added and the chain end. Repeat the thread path several times to reinforce. Repeat from “to con- rect 1 orange chain to the 8th A ofthe gold spacer, purple chain to the 13th A and1 green chainto the 18th A (ig. 10), Repeat from “on the other side of the center. Clasp connect: Repeat the chain connect, this time connecting each chain end with a silver tube and 1B to 1 loop on cone half ofthe clasp. Repeat on the other side ofthe center. BEADWORK ig. 10:Conmecting the chain RESOURCES Check yourlocal bead shop or ‘ontact: Delica cylinder beads Caravan Beads |a00) 230.3941, yowwcaravanbezd com Tubes and 6 Hypo Cement: Michaels, [800] 642-4235, ‘ev michaelscom, Clasp and Swarovskl pearls ad cones Ro Grande, (800) 545-8565, ‘enw logrande com, ier Capture kate ‘te covered cain: SverSak (610) 849-2553, ‘rv slerskenine com, Fireline raided beoding ea: Dick’ Sporting Goods (877 846-5897, ‘ev deksspertinggeods com, ectober/november 201231 DESIGNER ofthe Year Watch Jean teach how to bead triangles in her new DVD available at shop.beadingdaily.com/ JeanDVD. TECHNIQUES alr peyote stich frisbee sich rman peeeeies Seep. 94 for hep tecrigneormaion PROJECT LEVEL 080 ee ees cosmic diamonds TURN TRIANGLES INTO DIAMONDS with these beaded beads that employ two different sizes of beads to add extra texture. 1) TRIANGLE 1, Work circular peyote and herringbone stitches to forma beaded triangle: Round 1: String 3B; pass through the first Bto forma tight circle, leaving 6" til Round 2:String 2B and pass through the next Bof Round 1; repeat twice Step up for thenext and subsequent rounds by passing through the first bead added in this ound (Fig, 2, blue thread), Round 3: tring 2B and pass through the next bead added in the previous round. (his formsa herringbone stitch), then string 1A and pass through the next bead added in the previous round (this forms a peyote stitch); repeat tice (Pig. 1, red thread), Round 4: Work 1 herringbone stitch with 2B and 2 peyote stitches with 1Aineach stitch; repeat twice (Fig. 2. green thread). Round 5: Work herringbone stitch with 2B and3 peyote stitches with ‘Ain each stitch; repeat twice Fig. 2, blue thread). Round 6: Work 1 herringhone stitch with Band 4 peyote stitches with 1A in each stitch; repeat twice (Fig 2, xed thread) Round 7: Work1 herringbone stitch with ‘Band 5 peyote stitches with LA.in each stitch; repeat twice (Fig, 3, blue thread), Round 8: Pass down through the next B added in Round 7, then work 6 peyote stitches with 1A in each stitch; repeat twice. Pass down through the next B added in Round, don'tstep up through the first A added (Pig. 3, red thread), Dont trim the thread; set the triangle aside. Jean Power Jean Poweris an svarc- winning Jewely designer, authouand i teacher When not ecingoure eS os xs, combine beads i} with mixed mate: faksand ‘Techniques and travel the world, Jean has a strong. love for beadwork that can be mixed and matched to suit different styles, and beaded beads are the perfect expression ofthis vest. Visit rajeanpowercom, MATERIALS ‘S gblueitissize 15" cylinder beads (A) qmetalic copper size 11° cylinder beads (8) 16 metalic copper 3mm fire-polished rounds (C) 1 copper 8mm toggle clasp (6 of copper 46mm unsoldered ‘curb chain ‘Smoke 6b braided beading thread 16" of copper20-g2uge wire TOOLS Seisors Size 11 beading needle Wire cutters Round:-nose pliers 2psairs of chain: orflatnose pliers FINISHED SIZE: 191" Fig 1: itching Rounds 7 oriangle 1 Fig. 2: Foming Rounds 26of ange ahd Sof Tangle BEADWORK lg. 3:orking Rounds? october/november 2012 33 ag Hi 28 z . 25 a3 s z y a Bi : 33 a ga i a Be Hi i a aF 3 i ee P es >. a ? : 3 SASS TO SLPS nse Sn ens eipneoenoa mek Seon oases SeenON HO cmeac aces 7 RECO As ERNE . -bduphin foie #2 GET! au AWARD ar a in 3 ID ABUT be Hine no Py z Pe LRU: Gaal His RY = Bee eEaF benibies igs fbsbgee ff iare sen bo ee 3 a2: “ Giigegigice ida wigesii & ? piaiae gif = Sia) PeeSeteeaeite; es: #675332 Seeeid grievasees i £33) Sipeeiaggigerzife: iafige: G2ygka fiaiiiaies beadworkmagazinecom and trim, 34 Jean Power e lp °oSe OR 3 srecgeteeeeg: | SetaneeneassS agagagegogago wosag Sooead ig 8 Potente “i * Variations Use the same steps and the same number of beads, buta different mix of A 6) FINISH. Stitch theremainingbeaded and 8, to get a completely different look, Follow the versions in Fig. 8 to begin beadsand join them withwireand chain: your experimentation. Note: These charts show triangles beaded to Round 8. Beaded beads 2-8: Repeat Steps 1-5 seven times fora total of beaded chain: Attach %' ofchain to onehalfof RESOURCES Check yourlacalbeadshop beads, using the color variations in theclasp by openingand closing the ink ®comac Okc inde beads, fre poled etwdeed See eee ea ound nite tgglecs. chan ad Pretine is yyouwould ajump ring braided beading thea. Seas By Blanche (US. Links: Form asimple loop at one end of otherend ofthe chain to Ink. Attach sour ool) 385 6235 wn beedebylonche ‘one 2 piece of wite;string 1 beaded 2 ofchainto the free end ofthe previ- com orStihncraf Bead (UK source, We bead, passingthrough the center,and _ouslink, Repeat from seven times to stithneaftcouk is: ean Powe, formasimpleloop. Repeat seven times _connectallthe links and chain. Attach *#"0Wstsom fora total of 8 links. the free end of the last piece of chain to the otherhalf ofthe clasp. + om aks © Very easy to ese. 50140 warsin es than S minutes! “ © Ade le le i ee Werks BEADWORK — ectober/november 2012 35 DESIGNER of the Year TECHNIQUES flatand circularpeyotestitch fringe square stitch wireworking Seep. 94 fr helpful technique information PROJECT LEVEL Seep. 4forpojecelvel information bedouin amulet EVOKE THE RICH TRADITION of the amulet case, or prayer box, with this peyote-stitched Bedouin- inspired necklace. 1) TUBE COVER. Use odd-count peyote withan overhand knot, Trim the tails stitch to formabasestrip, embellish the 1mm from the knot and use alighter or strip with short daisy-spacer fringe and thread burner to slightly melt them. the dangles, then zip the beadwork Anchor the thread in the beadwork, together around the needle case: exiting the last C of Row 3. String 1D Base: Use 6'of waxed thread, B,andCto __and 1A;pass back through the Dand formastrip of odd-count peyote stitch _ through thelast Cexited to forma 45 beads wide and 54 rows long, fllow- ing the pattern in Fig. 1, Secure the threadand trim, Fringe: Cut 6 of thread and slidea needle to the center Bring the ends together and wax well. Knot the ends together Fig. A: Sutchng the base fringe (Fig. 2). Weave through beads to exit rom the next Cin the row. Repeat toadd fringe to every Cexcept those in Row 51. Not: Its okay if your thread shows on the wrong side of the bead- work sinceit will face the needle case; Aaa Boo 8oP Boa SeAaAeAaBeAad es Sheep esoeec Hecate Se eae eed SoBe sense ese ces HogoSoLososOsouosORD: SoRCHpBSECR SaaS io} ROH eS Dero F eto eran OHO ORO FOS oF O0FoSor ee DROHORCHO SROLCR co fa Ree oR ee e-oetolercre! Pee ee SCOR Boo ueucec eeu 9 9¢75—75 3840984 59eS 9a 305 ee SSeS So cueocoeca euece ea 1oFePoRe2O He Soe a eFoesolet! 2a! Sore PoFaHaFaUa Fae osae0 BEADWORK De a ecu hg MATERIALS _2gsilversize 15" Japanese seed beads (A) 1S gbvight siversize 1 cylinder beads (8) 4 gdarksilver size 1” tinder beads (C) silver 2mm seamless rounds assorted Bll silver 7-10mm ‘docoratve beads 2 Balislver 268mm dangles with assorted spacers, beads bead caps, ‘and assels 114 Balser mm daisy spacers(0) _2Balislver 84mm bead caps 1 silver 612mm lobster clasp silver eye pins silver 4.5mm jumprings Bsilver6mm solderedjump ings 17" of ser 34. Smm textured chain 1 wood 132%" cylindrical needle case aay size D nylon orsmoke 6Ibbraided ‘beading thread ‘Microcrystalline beading wax. TooLs Scissors ‘Size 12 beading needle ‘Thread burner or lighter 2 pars of chain: orflatnose pliers Round-nose pliers Wire cutters FINISHED SIZE: 224" (NECKLACE), 34x 318 (CASE) october/november 2012 37 "DESIGNER ofthe Year Fig. 2:Focrung the fist inge if desired, you may skip passing through beads and just sew through the next C. ‘Weave through beads to exit toward the beadwork from the Cwhere the first Kis ‘marked in Row 51 of Fig 4 angles: ‘String SCand 1 dangle; skip 1C ‘of Row 51 and pass through the next C toformaloop. Weave through beads of Rows 50and 51 to exit the fourth C fromthe last one exited Fig, 3). Repeat from” twice toadd all3 dangles, Weave through beads to ext from the final Bof Row 54, Zip: Wrap the beadwork around the needle ‘ase so Rows Land 54 interlock. Zip the beads together to forma seamless tube. Secure the thread and trim. Setaside. 2) BANDS. Use3' of waxed thread to square-stitch a strip 40C wide and 2 rows long, Securely whipsttch the band to one edge of the peyote-stitched tube (ig. 4) the ends ofthe band using square ich. Add a square-sitched loop that's 4C Wide and 2 rows long to the band opposite the dangle row; before connecting, add one 6mm ring (Fig. 5). Repeat this entire step atthe other end of thetube, Bedo: ig. 8: Ang the ‘st dangle 3) END CAPS. Work circular peyote stitch to form tube ends Round 1: Prepare 6'of new thread asin Step 1, Fringe. String SC; slide the beads towithin 1” of the knot, separate the strands between the beads and the knot, and pass the thread between the strands, Pass back through the last bead toformacircle. Round 2: String 1C and pass through the next Cof Round 1; repeat four times for a total of SC. Step up forthe next and subsequent roundsby passing through the first bead added in the current round (Fig. 6, purple thread). Round 3: Work stitches with 1B ineach stitch fora total ofSB (Fig. 6, green thread), Round 4: Work stitches with 2C in each stitch fora total of10C (Fig. 6, blue thread), Women's Traditional Jewelry (One may find this reproduction of a Bedouin prayer box satisfying because it signifies the continuation of centuries of Bedouin women’s traditional jewelry, ‘A woman's collection might begin with jewelry purchased by her father, who Used the dowry pald by the groom to secure the martlage arrangements, Silversmiths custom-made pieces for the bride to wear on her wedding day, and wedding guests would adorn her with kllos of silver jewelry, including silver chains with coins, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. The jewelry became ‘the woman's property and was thus like a savings account, which she could draw upon as needed. 38 beadworkmagazine.com Fig. 4: Sevzing onthe ‘suave sched band Fig. 5 Adige Toop otheband Round 5:String IC and pass through the next C of ound 4, then string 1Band pass through the next C of Round 4; repeat four times fora totalof SBand SC ig. 6, red thread) Round 6: Work 10 stitches with 1B in each stitch fora total of 108 (Fig, 7, black thread), Round 7: Work stitch with 1Band ‘stitch with 2¢; repeat four times for a total of SBand 10C (ig, 7, purple thread), Round 8: Work 1 stitch with 1Band 1 stitch with 1C. Work 2stitches with ‘Bin eachstitch and 1 stitch with 1C, repeat three times for a total of 10B and 5C, Work 1 stitch with 1B (Fig. 7, ‘orange thread). Round 9: Work 15 stitches with 1Bin each stitch fora total of 5B (Fig. 7. green thread) Round 10: Work 1 stitch with 2C and 2 stitches with 1B in each stitch; repeat fourtimes fora total of 10B and 10C Gig. 7, blue ehread) Round 11: Work 1 stitch with 1C and ‘stitches with 1B in each stitch; repeat four times for a total of 15B and SC. ‘Weave through beads to exit from Round! (Fig. 7, red thread) Cap: String 1 bead cap (wide end first) and ‘one 2mm round; pass back through the cap and 1Con the other side of Round 1 ‘to center the cap (Fig. 8). Weave through beads to ext from Round 11. ee sn See at ce Add different embellisments to your liking, ig. 7: Ang Round 6-11 ofthe end cap Connect: Sew Round 11 ofthe cap to ‘the square-stitched band at the end ofthe tube Repeat this entire step toadd an end cap tothe other end of the tube. Note: Ifde- sired, add a message inside the tube before finishing the other end. 4) ASSEMBLY. Use one 4.5mm jump ring toaattach one end of one 1% piece of chain to one Gmm jump ring on the amulet case. ‘attach 1 eye pin to the other endl of the Fig. 6:Stich Rounds 250 theendeap Fig. Fnshing the endcap ‘previous chain, opening and clasing the loops you woulda jump ring. Use the ‘eye pin to string I dacorative bead form simple loop that attaches to one" piece ‘of chain, Repeat from "tice, using one 48!" piece of chain on the second repeat Use one 4.5mm jump ringto attach the other end ofthe previous chain tothe clasp, Repeat this entre step on the other side of the amulet cas, attaching the final jump ring to the remaining 6mm jump ring. © BEADWORK Diane Fitzgerald Prayer-Box History Prayer-box designs vary in style size, shape, and materials, utall share one thing in common: they have been used for centuries as containers for cherished messages of personal or religious signif- Icance. Prayer boxes might contain a simple wish, an expression of hope for the future, @ plea for safety, or even statement of goals to be accom plished, In some cultures a prayer box ‘might have alid that can be opened, while in others, the box is sealed with the message safely inside. These pendants are usually made of silver and often have bells, tassels, or other dangles to embellish them and add movement. There are many traditions surrounding the use of amulet cases or prayer boxes, and while there has been debate over thelr origins, itis safe to say that many Itures—including Buddhism, Hindu ism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. have prized them as ritual objects for centuries. While this may stil hold true today, many also view them as jewelry worn for sentimental or secular reasons because they help focus one’s thoughts ‘onan important goal or wish, RESOURCES Check yourloca bead shop ot ‘contact: Delica clnder beads and seod beads: ‘Caravan Beads (890) 230-8941, worcravanbeads om, Daisy spacers bead aps dangles, chai, and Nymo mon and Fete braided beading ties Dee's lace, wumbeadebydee com, october/november 2012 39 DESIGNER ofthe Year TECHNIQUES ircalarnetting brick stitch picot Seep. 94 fr helpful technique information PROJECT LEVEL ODO Seep. 4forpojecelevel information adorned chain necklace THE BEADED ELEMENTS IN this embellished-chain necklace are held together by removable links, making it easy to reconfigure the design to your liking. 1) CHAIN. Opening.and closing each tab as you would jump rings, use the pliers to disassemble the large chain; set the oval links and tabsaside. 2) NECK STRAPS. Use circularnetting to-embellish the center of the round chain Round 1: ‘of 2 of thread to 1 round ink. String SA; ‘wrap around the ring and pass back through the last Aadded to form the first net (Fig. 2, green thread). "String 4A; wrap around the ringand pass back through the last A added to form another net (Fig. 2, blue thread), Repeat from" seven times, evenly spacing the nets around the link. String 3A; pass back through the first Aadded in this round, wrap around therring, and pass through the first 3A added in this round (Fig, 1, red thread). Round 2: String 1B and pass through the ‘middle Ain the next Round 1 net; repeat rine times for total of 10B (Fig. 2). Fig. 2: itching Round 1 of rpundelement Repeat the thread path to reinforce. Secure the threadsand trim; st aside. Repeat this entire step fifteen times for a total of 16 round elements. ‘Assembly: Use pliersand 1 tab toattach ‘Loval link to1 round element, then use another tab to connect a second oval link to the opposite side ofthe round clement just added. Continue making, connectionsin the same manner, alter- nating oval links and round elements, until the chain is 74’ long; set aside. Note: The chain should begin and end with oval links. Repeat this section once to forma second chain. 3) PENDANT. Use brick stitch and picots to embellish the outside of 3 oval links, then connect them, along with the remaining round elements, to the neck straps: Prepare: Attach 1 tab toapointed end of ‘remaining detached oval chain link from Step 1. Option Join embellished ‘oval and round be) ste gue MATERIALS 12g dark purple size 15" Japanese seed bbeads(A) 15 gbronze-ined clear 24mm peanut ‘bead (8) 26" of brass chain with 15mm round and 102mm oval links and unsoldered ‘connecting tbs large chain) 24" ofbrass chain with 5-6mmovel and 3x6mm figure-eight inks small chain) ‘Smoke 6p braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors ‘Size 12 sharp or beading needle 2 pairs of chain: orflatnose pliers FINISHED SIZE:23" ‘elements in 2 matching pair of eartings. Fig. 2: Forming Round 2ofa roundlement BEADWORK — october/november 201241 Round 1: Use a double knot to tie the end ‘of 245 of thread tothe oval link just used, right next to the tab. String 2B, ‘wrap around the link, and pass back ‘through the second B just added so the B siton the outside of the link Fig. 3, green thread). String 1B, wrap around the link, and pass back through the B justadded s0 the B sits on the outside of the link; repeat eighteen times fora total of 218 (Pig. 8, blue thread), Pass through the tab, pass down through the first B added in this round, wrap around the lnk, and pass back through the first B ig, 3, xed thread), Round 2: String 3A; pass under the ‘exposed thread between the B just ‘exited and the next B of Round Land pass back through the third A just added toformapicot (Fig. 4, green thread). “String 2A; pass under the exposed. thread between the next 2B of Round 1 and pass hack through the second A just added to form another picot (Fig, 4, blue thread). Repeat from * nineteen times fora total of21 picots (Fig. 4 red thread), Secure the thread and trim; set aside. Repeat this entre step twice fora total of 3 oval elements Dangles: Attach the tabat the top of oval element to 1 round element. Use 1 tab toattach another round clement to the one just placed so that the dangle hangs ina straight line. Set aside, Repeat twice fora total of 3 dangles. Note: The round elements form the tops of the dangles. ‘Assembly: Following Fig 5 for placement, use tabs to attach the top left of 1 dangle to the oval linkat one end of chain; repeat to attach the top right of the second dangle to one end of the other chain, Connect the tops ofthe 2 dangles together. Then connect the top left and top right of the third dangle to the lower round elements of the first and second dangles 4) CLASP LOOP. Used! of thread to repeat Step3, Rounds Land 2; then repeat Round 2, this time at the center ofthe oval fora total of19 picots (Fig. 6). Secure the thread and trim. 42 beadworkmagazine.com Fig. 3: Brcesttching Fig. 4: Adding Round? ound Van oa ink fan ovaclement ig. 5: Assembling the pendant Fig. 6 Forming the casploop 51 CLASP BAR, Stitch a"bar*to it inside theclasploop Prepare: Attach 1 tab to the center af one side ofthe final oval chain link from Step 1. Round 1; Use a double knot to tie the end ‘of 344 of thread tothe oval link, right next tothe tab. String 2B, wrap around thelink, and pas back through the sec ‘ond B just added so the B sit on the out- side of the link, String 1B, wrap around the link, and pass back through the B justadded so the B sitson the outside of the link; repeat fifteen times fora total ‘of 188, Pass through the tab, down through the first Badded in this round, ‘wrap around the link, and pass back trough the first B (refer to Fig. 3). Round 2: tring 2B; pass under the exposed thread between the previous 2B ‘of Round 1 and pass back through the second B just added. String 1B, pass ‘under the exposed thread between the next 2B of Round 1, and pass back ‘through the B just adked; repeat nine- teen times fora total of228, adding 2B in the stitches where necessary: Pass down through the end 2B of Rounds 2 and 1 and wrap around thelink. Round 3: tring 5A; wrap around the oval link between wraps from Round 1 and pass back through the last A strung to form anet. String 4A, then wrap around the oval linkata tip ofthe oval, and pass back through the lst A strung; repeat Option shorten the neck strap to make a bracelet and, for a lacier look, embellish the oval links as in Step 3 ig. 7. Stitching theclsp bar seven times fora total of 9 evenly spaced nets, String 3A; pass over the tab, back. through the first Aadded inthis round, wrap around thellink, and pass through the first 3A added in this round (Fig. 7, blue thread). Round 4: String 1B and pass through the middle A of the next Round 3 net; repeat nine times fora total of 108 (Fig. 7, red thread), Secure the threadand trim. 6) CLASP. Use 1 tab toattach 1 oval linkat ‘one end of the strap to %' of small chain. ‘Repeat at the other end of the strap, this ‘timeattaching 1%' of small chain. Use the tabs on the clasp parts toattach 1 tab to the end of each chain. + RESOURCES Checkyourloca besd shop or ‘contac: Seed and peanut beads an chains: Beads Ec, (559) 297-8526, wawbeadserconine co, Fete braided beading thea Bass Po Shops, (00) 227-7776, wwubassprocom, Artist's Tips + Reassemble the beaded chain in different ways to achieve a variety of effects. One or more round elements hung on short lengths of smaller chain make attractive earrings. Add the tabs so thet the smooth sides are oll on the fece of the rrecklace, + Use different-colored seed beads for each beaded element, keeping the peanut beads the same for a unified, yet multicolored look BEADWORK — october/november 2012. 43 oo on Pyne cee TTD TUCSON: Sep79 whe sg Kino Veterans Memorial Community Center} 2805 E Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713. Muntos, 57 12g 57 Doubletree Miami Mart-West Hall ‘ANW rand Ave, Miami, FL 33126 26 a Bn pas: iowa Uxper 16 FREE ie Fri iv Bur: $5 cast WeaKE rss W/RecisTATON| (eects: $8/osr,§11/2-00,$13/3-081 |BestBeadShow@Yahoo.com/610.909.2674 www BestheadShow corn ‘Baap Mancaryi.e ‘Srows [96 Pui Wer “VSarl0-5Sun10- 183 w/ ReGIsPRATION ONLINE OR A? SHOW /Nasuviiie/Fraxkuix, TN: Sept, 22-23 Jacksonvinie, FL: Ocr, 13-14 Prrspuran, PA: Oct. 27-28 Loursviun, KY: Nov, 10-11 Wiuiaamspors, VA: Nov. 17-18 FL: Deo 3-4 or Sed Beats ncling py Biles & ore! Lae ee collection today: +7 Free Patten for Necklace Making See 44 beadworkmagazine.com Gread Heaven ‘ ‘Thrdad Conditioner & Protectant * Prevents Tangling, knotting & Fraying. * Protects against mold, mildew & UV damage which cause thread breakage. Ada years 1 the life of your projects. for all Completetnformation, how-to's, tips, & wholesale purchasing at: Made in USA 1.866.965.9966 SE 101 new reasons you won't be able to stop creating fabulous jewelry! ‘You ent sop...you. won't stop beading at shop.beadingdaily.com/BNE12 -_ how 3 TAKES ON DESIGNING WITH 2-HOLE BEADS i : | es TILA AND OTHER TWO-HOLE BEADS have taken the beadweaving world by storm. This new seed bead shape is challenging beaders to come up with innovative ways to use the beads in their designs. Take the three projects featured here, for instance. Each uses the two-hole beads in a unique way for fantastic results. For more inspiration, check out our gallery of Tila-bead jewelry on page 52. BEADWORK —october/november 2012 45 simply triangular ANNETTE HOLBERT The two-hole beads in this bracelet are joined together in triangular segments that move back and forth to forma playful pattern. MATERIALS 2g metallic gold size 15° seed beads (A) ‘5gmetallic peacock size 11” seed beads 7.qmexallic bronze Smmflat2hole squares) ‘antiqued gold 816mm oval 2strand ‘toggleclasp. ‘Smoke 6b braided beading thread Jewelry cement TOOLS Sdissors Size 11 beading needle FINISHED SIZE:7" TECHNIQUES eting squarestitch Seep 5 forhelpfultecnique information. PROJECT LEVEL OOO Seep-4for project level information. 1) BASE, Work sories of triangles to form the body ofthe bracelet Unit 1, Round 1:Use6' of thread to string 3C; pass through all the beads again to forma tight circle, leaving an 8 tail. Use the workingand tail threads to tiea sur- geon’s knot. Glue the knot but dont trim the tail thread (Fig. 1, blue thread), String 2B and pass through the next C; repeat twice. Pass through the first 2B, strung and through the outer hole of the first C Fig. 1, red thread). Unit 1, Round 2: tring 5B and pass through the outer hole ofthe next Cof Round 1; repeat tovice. Step up through the first 2B added in this round (Fig. 2, blue thread) Unit 1, Round 3:String 1B, 34, and 1B, then skip 1B of Round 2, and pass through the following 2B/C/2B; repeat String 1B, 34, and 1B; skip 1B of Round 2; and pass through the follow: ing 2Band 1C Pig. 2, red thread). ig. 1:Forming| Uni, Round Fig. 2: Aing Unt Rounds 2ane'3 Unit 2, Round 1: String 1C; pass through the outer hole of the last C through the same ole of the just added, then through the other (inside) hole ofthe same C (Fig. 3). String 2C and pass through the inside hole ofthe first added in this round, String 2B and pass through the inside hole ofthe next CCrepeat twice. Pass through the first ‘2Badded in this round and the outer bole of the second Cadded inthis round Gig. 4, green thread), Unit 2, Round 2: String SB and pass through the outer hoe of the next C in Unit 2, Round 1; repeat twice. Pass through the first 2B added in this round (Fig, 4, blue thread), Unit 2, Round 3: String 1B, 3A, and 1B, then skip 1B of Unit 2, Round 2 and pass ‘through the following 2B/C/2B; repeat: String 1B, 3A, and 1B, skip 1B of Unit 2, Round 2, then pass through the follow ing Band 1C Fig. 4, ved thread). Units 3-14; Repeat Unit 2 twelve times fora total of 14 units or to the desired Jength minus 1" for the clasp. Note: The stitching direction will switch between counterclockwise and clockwise as you work, Fig. $:Foxming thefist sitchof Unit? ig 6: Connecting he untsalong te wp edge 2) CLASP. String6B and the first loop of thebar half ofthe clasp pass back through the 6B and the outerhole of the last C exited (Fig, 5, blue thread), String 6Band the second loop ofthe clasp; pass back through the GB just added and through the last Cenited (Fig, 5, red thread), Repeat the thread path several times to reinforce. Secure the thread and trim. Use the tail thread toattach the ring half of the clasp tothe other end of the bracelet, this time using 2B to connect to each loop. 3) EDGE BEADS. Start‘ of new thread that exits from the middle A ofthe right comer point in Unit 1, Round 3, atthe top ofthe bracelet. String 2A; pass through the riddle A of the nearest point in Unit 2, Round 3, then weave through beads to exit from the mille in the next Unit 2, Round 3, point along the top edge. String ‘2A; pass through the middle A of the nesr~ estpointin Unit 3, Round 3. String 2A; pass through the midale A of the nearest point in Unit 4, Round3, and weave through beads to exit from the next point in Unit 4, Round3 (Fig. 6). Continue attaching the middle A of the points at the top edge of the bracelet, then weave through beads to do the same at the bot- tom of the bracelet, Secure the thread and trim. ¢ ANNETTE HOLAERT heldeanatcciate degree Innursing but now creates wry, makes epas and teaches clases in basic beading and more. She ‘wots and displays her jewelry a Better Bead and Crafts in Brevard, North Gaolns. Annette ‘eenty has bagunt design 2nd publish her own eel patterns Contact her at graholberiattnet RESOURCES Checkyourlocal bead shop or contac: Tila two-hole squares, reine braided beading tread, GS Hypo Cement, andl other ‘materials: Better end and Caf, (628) 884-5920, ‘ abeterbead.com, Artist’s Tips + fyou need to add thread to Your project, make sure you tie a surgeon's knot and add adrop of glue + Do not use super glue for your knots; it will make the thread brittle and prone to breakage. + Both monotone and contrasting colorways look greet with this design, + Keep the thread tension tight but not so tight that the stitches arent flexible. BEADWORK october/november 2012 47 quilt cuff KASSIE INMAN Right-angle-weave a base of bugle and seed beads, then embellish it with a patchwork of crystal bicones and flat two-hole squares. MATERIALS 3g bronzeirissize 15° seed beads (A) ‘5g matte greeniris 3mm bugle beads (8) Sg mattekhakiirs mm flat -hole squares(C) 168 total 3mm crystal biconesinemite, copper crystal shade, smoked topaz, and ‘topaz AB in multiples of (0) 2sets of iver" snaps ‘Smoke 6ib braided beading thread TOOLS Sdissors Size 11 beading needle FINISHED SIZE:64" TECHNIQUES rightangle weave square stitch ‘See. or helpful techniquenformavon. PROJECT LEVEL 900 ‘Seep. for project evelinformation. 48 beadworkmagazine.com = 1) BASE. Workcright-angle weave and sqquare stitch to form the bracelet base Row 1, Unit 1: Use 6'of thread to string 4B, leavinga.12" tail pass through the first B strung to forma square (Fig 1, ‘orange thread), String 1B; pass through the last Bexited (Fig. 1, blue thread) String 1A and pass through the next B in this unit; repeat three times, Pass down through the next Aand B Fig. 1, red thread), Row 1, Unit 2: String 1B; pass down through the last Bexited and the B just added (ig. 2, orange thread). String 3B; pass through the last Bexited and the first Bjust added, String 1B; pass through the last Bexited (Fig, 2, blue thread), String 1A and pass through the next Bof this unit; repeat three times. Pass through the nearest AandB (Fig, 2, red thread), Row 1, Unit 3: Repeat Row 1, Unit 2, this time exiting through the top right B Row 2, Unit 1: String 3B; pass through the last B exited and the first Bjustadded (Fig. 3, orange thread) String 1B; pass through the last Bexited and the top B {n this unit String 1B; pass through the last Bexited (Fig. 3, blue thread). String LAand pass through the next Bin this Fig. 1:sttching Row Unt Fig. 2: Adding ew Unit2 nit; repeat three times, Weave through the next Gbeads ofthis unit, pass down ‘through the leftmost B, and through the top BofRow1, Unit 2 Fig. 3, red thread), Row 2, Unit 2:String 2B; pass down ‘through the leftmost B of the previous unit and the top Bof the unit below ig. 4, orange thread) String 1Aand pass through the next Bin this unit; repeat once. String 1B and pass through thelast Bexited (Fig 4, blue thread). String 1A and pass through the next B of this unit; repeat once, Pass up ‘through the first Badded in this unit (ig. 4, red thread). Row 2, Unit 3:String 1B; passthrough the last B exited, the B just added, and the top BofRow1, Unit (ig, 5, orange thread), String 2B; pass down through the first Badded inthis unit. String 1A and pass through the nextB in this unit; repeat three times ig. 5, blue thread), ‘Weave through beads to exit from the top Bof this nit, String 18; pass through the last Bexited and the B just added (Fig. 5, red thread), Rows 3-28: Continue working right-angle ‘weave asin Row 2 twenty-six times orto the desired length. Note: You'll workall Fig. 3: Forming Row. Unt ‘od rows from loft to right andall even ‘ows from right to left, so the thread paths will be slightly different for the codeven rows. Te side Bof Unit1, Row 3 should beon the inside of the ‘work; continue adding the square-stitch Boat the topsand sides ofthe unitin the established pattern Row 29: Repeat Row?, this time omitting the square stitches that form the dauible row of Bat the top of each unit 2) CLASP. Securely stitch the male halves of the snap sets to Units 1 and3 of Row 29. Use the tail thread to stitch the fernale halves ofthe snap sets to the back side of Units 1 and 3 of Row 1. Secure the threads and trim. 3) EMBELLISHMENT. Add bicones and flat 2-hole squares to the base Bicones: Start 5'of new thread that exits from the top Bof Unit 3of Row 29, ‘toward the edge and behind the snap. ‘Note: The embellishment will beon the same sie of the base as the female halves of the snaps. String 1 topaz D, 1A,and_1 topaz D; pass through the bottom B ofthe same unit (Fig. 6, blue thread), String I topaz:D; pass through Artist’s Tip Be sure tocull any chipped two-hole squares or position them sothat the imperfections are facedown on the base. thelast Aadided. String topaz D; pass down through the side B of thisunit and up through the adjacent side Bof the next unit Pig 6, red thread) ‘Squares: String 1C; pass through the bot- tom Bof the same unit, Pass up through theleft hole ofthe Cjust added, down through the side Bof the same unit and up through the side Bof the next unit ig. 2. Alternate the bicone and square embellish rent to forma checkerboard pattern ‘across the base, leaving Row 1 unembel- lished. Note: Alternate the bicone colors from unit to unit but use the same 4 colors for individual units. Secure the thread and trim, # Fig. 6: Embelistinga ‘iwi Bicones BEADWORK. KASSIE INMAN ivesin western North Carolina ‘ere shes inspired by beauty every day. She has been making and designing beaded at and ewelty since 2005, ind Kase patterns and finished work conlineat wwwcbeadingbuterty com, RESOURCES Check yourlocalbead shop ‘or contact gle beads Chevron Wading Post (828) 236-2325, vw chevionbeadscom,Swarovsk! bicones and Tila two-hole squares: rtbeads com, (866) 715-2323. Seed beads, snaps and Fetine byalded beading tread: Cindy's Crafts, (423) 926-0050, wuw.beadlady bir ig. :Stiching Row 2,Unie3 Fig. 7: Adding fat cure ‘ead embolishment october/noverber 2012 49 treasured tiles bracelet RACHEL McENROE Use flat two-hole beads to right- angle-weave a simple base, then top it off with a crystal-netted embellishment. The smart placement of the crystals makes the piece comfortable to wear. MATERIALS ‘5g violet blue issize 15seed beads (A) ‘1g violer blue rissize 11" seed beads (8) 53 cep blue AB2X 3mm crystal cones) 40matte gold Smm flat 2hole squares (0) “black iridescent" decorative glass shank button ‘Smoke 6b braided beading thread TOOLS Size 12 beading needle Scisore FINISHED SIZE: 615" TECHNIQUES rightangle weave netting ‘See p. 94 for helpl technique information. PROJECT LEVEL@OO ‘Seep. 4 for project levelinformation. 50 beadworkmagazine.com 1) UNIT 1, Form the first unit of the bracelet base: Round 1: Use 6‘of thread tostring {1D and 5A) four times, leavinga12" tail Pass ‘through all the beads again to forma tight cicl. Tie a square knot, pass ‘through the first 1D/SA/LD, and exit through the Dsinside hole ig 0). Round 2: String 3A, 1B, and 3A; pass ‘through the inside hole of the last D exited to forma loop that wraps theD and pass through the inside hole of the next D (Big. 2, green thread). String 3A, 1B, and 24, then pass back through the nearest A from the lastloop, through the inside hole ofthe last D exited, and ‘through the inside hole ofthe next D; repeat Pig. 2, blue thread). Pass back up through the nearest Aof the first Joop added in this ound, String 2A, 1B, and 2A; pass back through the nearest A from the last loop, through the inside hole ofthe last D exited, and back up through the nearest 3A and 1B of the first loop (Fig 2, red thread) ig. 1: Forming Rod? ofUnit 1 Round 3: String 1Cand pass through the next B of Round 2; repeat three times for atotal of 4C (ig, 3, green thread). ‘Weave through the nearest 3A and the inside hole of the nearest D. String 2A; pass back through the middle A ofthe nearest SA strand, toward thelast D exited (Fig 3, red thread). 2) UNIT 2. Form the second unit of the bracelet: Round 1:String2A, 1D, 5A, 1D, 5A, 1D, and 2A; passthrough the middle A of thenext SAstrand inthe previous unit, ig. 4, green thread). String 2A; pass through the inside hole ofthe last D exited in the previous unit and weave through beads to ext through the inside bole of the second D just added (ig. 4, zed thread), Note:The stitching will go counterclockwise nov. Round 2: Repeat Unit, Round , this time incorporating the D of the previous unt. Round 3: Repeat Unit 1, Round3 Fig. 2: Aiding Round of Unie? 3) UNITS 3-13. Repeat Unit 2 eleven times or to the desired length minus 1 for the clasp. 4) CLASP. Stitch abutton-and-loop clasp: Button: String 7A, the button, and 7A; ‘pass through the midale A of the next ‘5A strand in the previous unit. String ‘2A; pass through the inside hole of the last D exited in the previous unit (Fig. 5). Repeat the thread path twice toreinforce Secure the working thread and trim. RACHEL McENROE hasbeen beading for ‘more than four years She sa sophomore at the Universty of chicago pursuing studs n physics and chemistiy aswel as continuing er foreign language studies Arable Russian, and Chinese) RESOURCES Check yourlocal bead shop ‘orcontactFireline braided beading thresd, seed beads, Ta two-Hole fat squores, and Swarorsi Bicones Fusiondeads. com (686) 781-3555,orBeadahalque, 366) 834-4816, ‘i beadaholique com. Loop: Use the tal thread to weave through beads to exit from the inside hole of the Dat the other end ofthe bracelet, String ‘2A; pass through the middle A of the nearest SA strand, toward the last D exited, String 7A, 1C, and 36A; pass through the C just added. String 7A; pass through the middle A of the next SA strand in Unit 1. String 2A; pass through the inside hole of the nearest D in Unit (Fig. 6). Repeat the thread path twice to reinforce. Secure the tail threadand trim. + Fig. Forming ound ofUnk2 Fig. 3:Sitehing ound 3 ofUnk 2 ig. Adding ‘he baton Back of bracelet Artist's Tips + Color variations can drastically change the mood ofthis versatile bracelet. The crystals will be emphasized more if you use matte seed beads. fthe crystals and the flattwo-hole beads match, then your eyes will focus on the netting embellishment. Using beads with varied finishes within the same color spectrum will produce a beautiful effect. Fig 6: Forming the ‘button oop BEADWORK —octobev/november 2012. $1 52 —_a—~,,| Here,a forge apart ae / share their n st creations worked with two-hole beads. We think they prove the sky’s the limit! beadworkmagazine.com Wd MivUKI 91 c lors are te a ee ee Cire MUTANT fel Te) i iwi ®- Checker Work Flower Necklace eC ea ee a ee un) WomMiyukic O, LT D, Phone, +81-84-072-4747 FAX.+81-84-972-4745 A hittp:/iwww.miyuki-beads.co,jplenglish/ woven wonder NANCY PETERSON With a unique twisted-woven top, this right-angle-weave bracelet has a substantial feel without being bulky. TECHNIQUES right-angle weave netting Seep. 98 or helpful technique information. PROJECT LEVEL 900 Seep, for project level information. 1) BASE. Right angle weave the bracelet base: Row 1, Unit 1: Use 9'of thread tostring {1B and 1D} twice. Tiea knot with the ‘working nd tail threads toforma tight circle, leaving 6" tai. Pass through the first E/D/E (Fig. 1, blue thread). Row 1, Unit 2: String 1D, 18, and 1D; pass through the last E exited and the first Dand E just added (Fig, 1, ved thread), Row 1, Units 3-33: Repeat Unit 2thirty- ‘one times or to the desired length, ‘minus 1% for the clasp. Exit from the nearest D added in the final unit toward the work, Row 2, Unit 1: String 1E, 1D, and 1E; pass through the last D exited and the first E justadded (Fig. 2, green thread). Row 2, Unit 2: String 1D and 1; pass back through the next top D of Row 1, up through the nearest E ofthe previous ‘unit, through the D and Ejust added, and through the following top Dof Row (Fig. 2, blue thread). Row 2, Unit 3: String 1E and 1D; pass down through the nearest E of the previous unit, through the last top D ‘of Row 1 exited, and up through the E justadded (Fig. 2, red thread). Row 2, Units 4-33: Repeat Rov 2, Units 2 and3,to the end of the row. Exit up through the E added inthe final unit. Fig. 1: Forming Units ond? ‘Tbe Row! 2) EDGES. String 1C and pass through the next top D of Row2; repeat thirty-two times, String 1C; pass down through the ‘end E of Row 2 and the nearest top Dof Row 1 (ig. 3, green thread) String 1C ‘and pass through the next top D of Row 1; repeat thirty-two times. Pass down through the end Eof Row1 (ig. 3, blue thread). String 1Cand pass through the next bottom D of Row 1: repeat thirty- two times. String 1Cand pass up through the end E of Row 1. String 1Cand pass up ‘through the end Ef Row 2(Fig. 3, red thread). 3) CLASP LOOP, ‘String 7C and 1 split ring; pass up through the end E of Row 1, the next C, and the end F of Row? (Fig. 4. Repeat the thread path several times toreinforce. Secure the thread and trim Use 1 jump ring to connect one half f the clasp to the spit ringjust placed” Start ‘of new thread that exits up through the Bat the other end of Row 1. String 1C; pass up through the end E of Row 2. Repeat from" to” using the other haf ofthe clasp, but dont cut the thread. Exit up through the end Eof Row’ and the nearest C. MATERIALS 7. r0se-lined clear size 15" seedbeads (A) ‘7 gsilverdined cranberry size 15°seed beads (8) 3.9 9oldlinedclearsize 1° Japanese seed beads C) ‘99 ruby 3mm fire-polished rounds (0) ‘68 rose 4mm pressed-glass rounds or druks(E) 2 sterling silver Sm jump rings 2 sterling silver mm spitrings | sliver plated 1mm decorative togole clasp lear 6b braided beading thread TOOLS Sdssors Size 100 beading needle FINISHED SIZE-634" ig. 3:Adding the edges BEADWORK Fig. 4Suchng the dsp oop ‘ectobet/noverber 2012 55 Fig 5: Foming Stitches 1 and 2of the embellshment 4) EMBELLISHMENT, Add seed bead loops toembellish the base: Stitch 1: String 7A; pass through the nearest Cat the middle of the base, the nearest E of Row 1, and the Cat the bot- tom of Row 1 (Big. 5, blue thread). Stitch 2: String 7A; pass back through the last C exited at the middle ofthe base, through the nearest E of Row, the Cat the top of Row2, and the next D and C alongthe top edge Pig 5, red thread). Stitch 3: String 7A; pass through the nearest Cat the middle of the base (Gig, 6, blue thread). Stitch 4: String 7B; pass over, then under the 7A previously placed on Row 1, then ‘pass through the nearest bottom Cof Row 1 (Fig 6, red thread). Stitch 5 String 7A; pass through the last C exited at the middle of the base (Fig. 7, blue thread). Stitch 6: String 7B; pass over, then under the 7A previously placed on Row 2, then pass through the nearest C/D/C along the top edge of Row 2 Pig. 7, red thread) Repeat Stitches3-6 down the face of thebase, Final stitch: String 7B and pass under, then over the 7A previously placed and the nearest C/E/C; repeat. Secure the threadand trim. + 56 beadworkmagazine.com ig. 7: Foxming itches Sand 6oftheembelishent Artist’s Tips + To adjust the length of bracelet, estimate sixand one half 4mm druks per inch. When gauging length, keep in mind that the right-angle-weave base shrinks slightly when itis embellished «When you're working the embellishment loops, be sure to always move over, ‘then under the previous loops so the center beads end up forming the V shape atthe center ofthe bracelet «When choosing size 15° seed beads for this project, select beads that provide a contrast when stitched next to each other. NANCY PETERSON enjoysthechallengecfall ‘ypesofbeadweavng. Sheteachestegualyin ‘ortheaste Pennsyvania Vt won. com? spotlant/nibeaddesign fr more cf Nancy's desns, ‘od her blog at wunenpheading blogspot.com, and contact her atripbesddesgnagmailcom. RESOURCES Check yourlocal bead shop of ‘contact: its nding besds and clasp A Bendtul Wor by Lanal Kins, (503) 6868974, wow Jansikinslycom.FeLine roid beading tread ‘atbead.com, (86) 715-2323, $e ¥ | toe $e 544) Enter code Beadwork hen you resister and save gs gn each 6-hour oF 3-hour Workshop) oo BeaD FEST vt LCXAaS Arlington Convention Center * Arlington, Texas Take your jewelry making’ skils “The Bead Fest Shopping Expo draws OCTOBER tothenext levell Only Bead Fest unique selection of suppliers of brings together the country’s top beads findings, tools and more 2, 6 e 2, 8 instructors for atechnique-packed A mixoo artisans and manufacturers weekend of full-and hal-day guarantees that you wil find workshops. Whether you want something new to spark your next to expand your beading skills or design. Or, stock up on basics, try your hand at metalsmithing, __AtBead Fest you will find options as Bead Fest isthe place to stat well as quality You'll be a jewelry making star at Bead Fest Texas, the place where inspiration and fun are sure to be BIG! Register Today! PTT Rue ly ntresitenva WWW.BeadFest.com corset cuff CSILLA CSIRMAZ This easy odd-count peyote-stitch pattern embedded with crystals features a corsetlike closure made of pretty ribbon. Artist's Tips For a wider cuff, replace the mm bugle beads with 12mm bugles and adjust the number of A in the even rows as necessary. + Use 2mm or 3mm bicones in place of the TECHNIQUES 4mm bicones for a more delicate look, ‘odé-count peyote stitch netting Seep. 98 for helpful rechnique information. PROJECT LEVEL O08 Seep. for project level information. MATERIALS 104g transparent topaz ABsize 1"seed beads A) {8g metallic dark bronze 6mm bugle beads (8) 40 dark red 4rnm crystal bicones(C) 2'of maroon Ws" wide organza ibben Smoke db brided beading threed TOOLS Sdssors Size beading needle FINISHED SIZE:7" adjustable) 1) BASE. Work odd-count flat peyote stitch to form the bracelet base: Rows 1 and 2: Use of thread tostring 26A, leavinga 12" til ig. 1, purple thread), Row 3: String 1A, skip 1A ofthe previous row, and passback through 4A; repeat four times, String 14; ti the tail and ‘working thread together ina square ‘knot, then pass back through the ast A added (Fig. 1, green thread). Row 4: String 4A and pass back through thenext A of the previous row; repeat four times (ig, 1, blue thread). Row 5: String 1A and pass back through thenext 4A of the previous row; repeat four times. String 14, loop the thread between the end threads of the previous ‘2rows, and pass back through the A just added (Fig. 1, ved thread) Rows 6 and 7: Repeat Rows 4and 5. Rows 8-17: Repeat Rows 4 and 5 five Fig, 2: Adding base Rows 8-17 times, this time using 1B in place of the 4A.in the even-numbered rows (Fig. 2) Rows 18 and 19: Repeat Rows 4 and 5 Gig. 3, green thread). Rows 20 and 21: Repeat Rows 4 and85, this ‘time using 1A, 1C, and 1Ain place of 4A in Row 20 (ig. 3, blue thread). Rows 22 and 23: Repeat Rows ¢and 5 (Gig. 3, ved thread). Rows 24-135: Repeat Rows 8-23 seven times. Rows 136-145: Repeat Rows 8-17, Rows 146-151: Repeat Rows 4and 5 ig, 3 Schingbase Rows 18-25 tre times. pooc nes ne004noo0sn000> 12390020000 2000020000 250009 I BOO0R 9000 Raocdsaccass0e03000030 BEADWORK —cctobet/november 2012 59 | AM os ines ig. 4: Adding theloops 2) LOOPS, String 8A; pass back through the next A of the previous row and back through the last A just added to form a loop. String 7A, then pass back through thenext A of the previous row and hack through the last of the previous loop; repeat three times (Fig 4), Weave through beads to repeat this entire thread path twice more; secure the thread and trim. Weave the tail tread through beads ta exit toward the work from an end Aof Row Land repeat this entire stepat the other end ofthe base. 3) FINISHING. Use the ribbon to lace the loopsat each end of the bracelet together (€ig. 5), Tieabow to secure and tie an over- hand knot at each end of the ribbon. + SILLA CSIRMAZ hasbeen making beaded Jeo fr four years Her favorite beads ude Japanese seed beadsand crystals, bt shehopesto learn tomate he on lampwork beads one day. 8y ‘atonal Hungarian, she nowlives in London Vist hernebste, wuwbeadtimesco.uk and emall her at shfabeadgqrallcor. = walnut cabinets with black drawers EBEST. craft organizer 1-866-498-2378 60 beadworkmagazine.com enter this code to receive Fig. 5: Lacing thecutf RESOURCES Check yourlocal bead shop ot ‘contac: Sed and bugle beads, Searosh Bicones, fad FreLne braided beading threads Fie Mountain ‘Gems and Beads, 200) 355-2137, wuwefemountain .gems.com, Sila bon: J-Arn Fbric and Craft Stores, (888) 739-4120, wa joann.com, Tiple Large Cabinet Pictured TECHNIQUES cot netting Seep. 94forhepful technique information PROJECT LEVEL @DD. Seep. for projec level information lacy marquise RA GGICT eran ecuocs: Use a surprisingly simple weaving technique and picots to stitch avery feminine, lacy bracelet. 1) COMPONENT 1, Use picots to encircle and embellish an oval bead: Round 1:Use 3'of thread to string 1D and 15C; pass through the D, leaving a6" tail andalloving the Coline one edge of theD. String 15C; pass through the D and position thenew Calong the other cedge ofthe D (Fig. 1, blue thread), Pass through the first 15C. String 1C; pass through the next 15C. String 1C; ‘pass through the frst 4C added in this round (Pig, 1, red thread) Round 2: String 3C and pass through the last C exited and the next 4C of Round 1; repeat around the oval seven times fora total of 8 picots. Step up through the first 2C ofthe first picot added inthis round (Fig, 2). Note: You ill nowbe ‘working in the opposite direction Round 3: String 4A, 1B, and 3A; pass through the top C of the next picot of Round2. String3A, 1B, and 4A; pass through the top Cof the following pcot. String 2A, 1B, and 2A; pass through the top Cof thenext pot; repeat. Repeat from to connect the rest of the Round 2 picots. Exit from the first Badded in this round (Pig, 3, blue thread) Round 4: String 3A; passthrough the last Berxitedand the next 3A and IC. String 3A; pass through thelast Cexited and thenext 3A and 1B. String 3A; pass through the last Bexited and the next 4A and 1C. String 3A; pass through the last Cexited and the next 2A, 1B, 2A, Fig. 1: Fong Found 1 of thefstcomponent Fig. 2:stchng the Round 2 pots and 1C. String 6A (for the clasp loop); pass through the last Cexited and the next 2A, 1B, 2A, and IC, String 3A; pass through the last Cexited and the next 4Aand 1B, String 3A; pass through the last B exited and the next 3A and 1C String 3A; pass through the last C exited and the next 3A and 1B. String 3A; pass through the last Bexited (Bg. 3, red thread), Secure the threadsand trim;set aside. 2) COMPONENT 2. Stitch second ‘component to connect tothe first: Rounds 1 and 2: Repeat Rounds 1 and cof Component 1. Round 3: String 4A, 1B, and 3A; pass through the top Cin the next picot of Round 2. String 3A, 1B, and 4A; pass through the top Cin the following pico. String 2A; pass through the open Bat the upperright of the previous compo- nent. String 2A; pass through the top C in the next picot of this connector. String 2A; pass through the open Bat the lower right of the previous compo- nent, String 2A; pass through the top C in the next picot ofthis connector. String 4A, 1B, and 3A; passthrough the top Cin the next picot of Round 2. String3A, 1B, and 4A; pass through the BEADWORK Fig. 3: Adding Rounds 3and4 OF the rstcomponent MATERIALS 2gmetallic light bronze size 15° seed beads (A) ‘1g metallic light bronze size 1” seed beads (8) 3.g metallic pink gold size 11° cylinder beads iC) ‘Baqua-and-gold 617mm pressed-olass lat, pointed ovals (0) 2 brass 4.5mm jump rings ‘brass 17mm toggle clasp ‘Smoke 6b braided beading thread TOOLS ‘Scissors Size 12beadingneedle 2 pairs of chain-or flat nose pliers FINISHED SZE:7" Option Tomake earrings, besd ‘one component with picots down the sides and bottom. Add the connector loop at the top and attach an ear wie. ‘ectober/novernber 2012 63 64 beadworlamapazine.com ig. 4: Connecting ad firshing the second component top Cin the following pcot. String 2A, 1B, and 2A, then pass through the top C in the next picot; repeat, Exit from the first Badded inthis round (Fig. 4, blue thread), Round 4: Repeat Round 4 of Component 1, this time only adding the 3A picots to the B/C/B at the top and bottom of this component (Fig. 4, red thread). Secure the thread and trim. 3) COMPONENTS 3-7. Repeat ‘Component 2five times. 4) COMPONENT 8. Repeat Rounds 1-3 ‘of Component 2, then repeat Round 4 ‘of Component 1 to mirror the picots and clasp_oop of Component 1. '5) CLASP, Use jump ring toconnect cone half of the clasp to the clasp loop at ‘one end of the bracelet. Repeatat the other end of the bracelet using the other half cof the clasp. + Artist's Tips + Keep tight tension by wrapping the tall thread around the index finger of your nondominant hand and squeezing it with your middle finger. + Ifusing different-size ovals, adjust the bead countsiin each round and make sure the picots are still evenly spaced, NORMA JEAN DELL arettedkindergaten teacher wh found her second pasion beadveaving, four yatsago. she designsher own plecesand ‘eachesatbead shops Her oalisoteachata ‘atonal bead fesval Vt wonjdesignsl com. RESOURCES Check yourlaca bead shop ‘or contact Seed beads, Dalia cylinder beads, Jump tng, egal dase and FeLine braided ‘beading thread: Bead Bayou, 770) 667-1233, ‘rev bead bayou.com, oF White Fox Sead Studio, (865) 960.0237, vow fox bend-studicem, Pointed ovals: Arbead com, (866) 715-2323. Jotw het Katie Hacker and other industry leaders for 6+ hours of step-by-step how-tos in America’s favorite jewelry-making - beads *, baubl ‘andjewels 7 beat * Bale papreswry YOUR PERO , = e Discover for bead stitching, wirework, mixed media, and more from some of the best in the business! Includes beading lessons from Jean Campbell, Leslie Rogalski, Kristal Wick, Danielle Fox, and more! Learn when to watch at beadsbaublesandjewels.com Or get all 13 episodes on a 4-disc DVD set at shop. beadingdaily.com/1600 keystone cuff DIANE HERTZLER Give a simple odd-count peyote-stitch strip a modern flair with zigzag embellishments of crystal bicones and keystones. TECHNIQUES dé-count peyetesttch netting Seep. 94 for helpful technique infrmation PROJECT LEVEL 9O0 1) BASE. Work odd-count peyote stitch and netting to form the bracelet base: Rows 1 and 2: Tie a stop beadat the end f8 of thread, leaving a tail. String 3A. String {1B and 7A) fifteen times. String 1Band3A. Row 3:String1A, skip 1 bead of the previous rows, and pass through the next bead; repeat across the row (ig. 1, blue thread), formingan odd-count ‘turnaround to step up for the next row (Pig. 1, ved thread), Remove the stop bead Row 4: Work 1 bead in each stitch, adding the same color bead that the new bead will siton. Rows 5-8: Repeat Rows 3 and 4 twice for atotal of 8 rows. Row 9: Weave through beads to exit back through the last bead added in Row 8, forminga decrease. Peyote-stitch across the row asbefore, then forma decrease at the end ofthe row by omitting the last bead and workinga turnaround to pass back through the last bead added. ‘Weave through beads to exit back through the second-to-last Aadded in tis row (Pig. 2, blue thread) Row 10; ‘String 14; pass through the next bead of Row9, the following bead ‘of Row 8, and the next bead of Row 9 Repeat from“ across the row, stopping. before the last band of B. Worka A Fig 1: Forming Row softhebase turnaround to exitback through thelast. MATERIALS Added inthisrow (Pig 2,red thread), 4g whitertned pale peath size 1elnder Row 11:"*String 1A, 1D, and 1A;pass beads A) through thenextA of ow 10, then ener seks ea vreavethnoughbeadstoextthenextA gcnderbeas@) of Row 10, Repeat frm" fourteen 30 khaki 3mm crystal bicone() times fora total of15 nets Fig 3). asia ed ea saa oe Secure the working thread and trim; 16 khaki 713mmhorizontally dried 2-hole don't cut the tail thread. “optalkeystones Rows 12-15: Weave the tail thread ‘silver 16mm 2-strand slide clasp through beads to exit from the end A ‘Crystal lb braided beseling thresel of Row 1 toward the work. Repeat TOOLS RowsS-11 onthisside ofthe bracelet. scusor Secure the thrcad and trim. Size 1obeading needle FINISHED SZE:7" 2) CLASP. Start I’ of new thread that exits ‘out through an end A of Row 1. “String 1C ‘and Lloop of one half ofthe clasp; pass back through the Cand the last Aexited Artist's Tips and pass outthrough thenext Aalongthe ——.. 9mm pounds canbe ‘edge. Repeat the thread path toreinforce replaced with size 17" (Gig. 4, blue thread), Weavethroughbeads seed beads toexit out through theend Aof Row 7. Repeat from" toconnecttothe second loop ofthe clasp (Pig. 4 red thread) Secure the thread and trim. Start 3 of new thread atthe other end af the bracelet ‘and repeat from * using the other half ‘ofthe clasp, but dont tim the thread. Exit toward the work from the last C added. ‘Note: Make sure the clasp aligns properly +For alonger bracelet, string more base beads, ‘adding 7%" with each additional 18/7A unit. Fig. 3:Addingnetstohe base Fig. 4: Connecting the dasp BEADWORK —cctobe1/november 2012 67 3) CRYSTALS. Add the keystones and ‘more bicones to the base: ‘Top: "String IB, 1C, the narrow end of ‘Lkeystone, 1C, and 1B; pass through the nearest D along the top edge of the base. String 1C, the wide end of keystone, and 1C; pass through the next D along, the top edge (Fig. 5, blue thread), Repeat from “to add all ofthe key- stones, After stringing the final keystone, string 1C; pass out through the nearest top Cthat connects the clasp. Pass through the loop and back through the C. Weave through beads to exit through the bottom clasp-connect= ingCat this end of the bracelet, toward the work. Bottom: Repeat the top this time passing through the bottom holes ofthe key- stones already placed instead of stringingnew ones (Fig 5, ved thread) Secure the thread and trim. # Pig. : Adding the keytonesandbcones DIANE HERTZLER hx: been desgning and teaching herenignal beadwork nationally othe pst ‘en years. Her design have been publahedn sever Juma and books. She ecety became a eate "Your Siye with warovshi ements ambassader. RESOURCES Check yourlocal bead shop ot contac: Delica ender beads, seamless rounds, ‘Swarovski bicones and ketones article #5181), asp and Feline braided beading tread: Fusion Beads com, (888) 71-3558 68 beadworlunagazine.com SHINGING magazine is il eee Mati eran Tenet MeN ull enone seuss Rea hecy foh sa M IN Mh e al iV Peel Seer EP ceca) Thy 7 FREE Peyote Stitch Patlerns DE SCA co aa ee aa Re ace ane ere Nee oe a mele ne Beles Deemer Maren tcs ts CMT CLI + Learn how to mark your place in a o rlexapcerst Mele rs Miele CMake vyote Stitch Projects lus Bonus Guide to Re fe to Readi Een a Peyote Stitch Pattern Download Your Free eBook Today! www.BeadingDaily.com/freepeyotepatterns WZ: BeadingDaily sari pendant JAYASHREE PARAMESH Use tubular peyote, netting, and embellishment stitches to create this gorgeous pendant, inspired by the intricately woven, colorful saris of India. TECHNIQUES tubular peyote stitch netting square stitch pcot fringe Seep. 94 fr helpful technique information PROJECT LEVEL 900 Seep. 4forprojecelevel nformaton. 1) PENDANT. Work tubular peyote stitch ‘and netting to form the pendant: Rounds 1 and 2: Use 6'of thread to string {1C and 1B} twelve times, leaving 10" tal, Tie the working and tail threads ina square knot and pass through the first Cstrung, Round 3:String 1C, skip the next B from the previous round, and pass through the following C; repeat eleven times for total of 12C, Step up for thenext and subsequent roundsby passing through the first bead of the current round unless otherwise indicated (Fig. 1, purple thread), Round 4: Work 12 stitches with 1D in each stitch (Fig. 1, green thread), Round 5: Work 12 stitches with 1B in each stitch (Fig. 1, ue thread). Round 6: Work 12 stitches with 2¢, ‘TB, and 2C in each stitch fora total of I2nets. Step up through the first 2C/1B added in this round (Fig. 1, red thread) Round 7:String 1A, 1E, and 1Aand pass through the next B of Round 6; repeat leven times for total of 12 nets (ig. 2, purple thread). F6ofthependant Round &: String 3A, skip the next E of Round 7, and pass through the next A of Round 7, the following B of Round 6, and the nearest A of Round 7; repeat cleven times fora total oF 12nets. Step up through the frst 2A added in this round (Fig, 2, orange thread). Round 9; String 1A, 1F, and 14 and pass through the second A of the next net in Round 8; repeat eleven times for a total of 12nets. Step up through the first AVF/Aadded in this round (Fig. 2, green thread) Round 10: String 1B and pass through the next A/E/A of Round 9; repeat eleven times fora total of128 (Fig 2, ue thread), Round 11: String 2A, 1B, and 2A and pass through the next B of Round 10; repeat eleven times fora total of 12 nets. Weave through beads to exit Bin Round 10 (Pig. 2, red thread). Round 12: String IEand 1A; pass back through the Eand' through the ast B exited to forma fringe. Weave through beads to exit from the next B of Round 11. String 1C passthrough the last Bexited ig. 2:Forming Rounds 7M otthependant BEADWORK Artist's Tips + Keep your thread tension tight and ‘even when working the main body of the pendant. «Experiment with your seed bead and crystal colors fora different look. coctober/november 2012 71 Fig 3: Adding Rounds ‘7 ofthependant to completea squarestitch, Weave through beads to exit from the next Bof Round 10, Repeat from "eleven times to adda total of 12 E/A fringes and to aquate-stitch a total of 12C. Step up through the first B/A added in this round, (Fig, 3, black thread) Round 13: String 1E, pass through the Round 12; repeat eleven times fora total of 248 (Pig. 3, purple thread). Round 14: Work I peyote stitch with 1C and 1 peyote stitch with 1A; repeat eleven times fora total of 2A and 12C, rmakingsure that the Aand Care aligned with the A and Cof Round 12 (ig. 3, orange thread) Round 15: String 3A and pass through the next bead of Round 14; repeat twenty- three times fora total of 24 nets. Step up 72 beadworlmagazine.com Fig. 5: Adding the bal base through the first 2A added in this round. (Fig. 3, green thread) Round 16: String 3A and pass through the second Aof the next Round 15 net; repeat twenty-three times fora total of ‘2A picots. Exit from the second A added in Round 15 (Pig. 3, blue thread). Round 17: String SA and pass through the second A of thenext Round 15 net; ‘repeat twenty-three times fora total of 2Anets, allowing these nets to sit behind the picots added in Round 16, Weave through beads to exit from Round 3 ig. 3, ved thread). Round 18: String3A and pass through the next C of Round 3; repeat eleven times fora total of 12 picots. Weave through beads to exit from Round 1 (Fig. 4, ‘green thread), Round 19: Work 12 stitches with 14 in cach stitch Fig. 4, blue thread). ig. 7 Square stitching the Ballo Rounds 20 and 21: Work 12 stitches with, LAin each stitch fora total of 2 rounds Gig. 4, red thread). Bezel: Place the ova settingin the center of the beadwork, aligning the top of the setting with a Round 16 picot. Securely stitch the setting to Round 21, passing through the holes on the back. Exit from Round21. Rounds 22 and 23: Work 12 stitches with ‘1Aineach stitch fora total of 2 rounds or until the beadworkcreaches the top of the bevel. Pass through the final round again to reinforce and tighten, Secure the thread and trim, 2) BAIL. Stitch a bail for the pendant: Base: Start 2'of new thread that exits from the fourth A of the Round 17 net just right of the net that aligns with the top of the bezel. String 1 and 2A; pass Fig. 8: Forming the pendant dangle through the center A of the Round 17 net that aligns with the top of the bezel. String 2A and 18; passthrough the sec- cond Aof the next Round 17 net. Weave through beads to exit back through the last Aadded (Fig. 5, ue thread). String ‘7A; pass through the first Aadded in this step, Weave through all the beads added in ths step again to veinforce; exit from the center A ofthe 7A just added (ig. 5, xed thread). Loop: String 13A; pass through the C of Round 14 direetly below the last 7A added. String 13A; pass through the center A of the 7A (Fig, 6). Square- stitch the 2 strands of 13A together to join the 13A loops (Fig. 7). Secure the thread and trim, 3) DANGLE. Start 2' of new thread that ‘exits from the center A of the Round 17 BEADWORK Option Make earrings by ending your work % with Round 11 net directly opposite the bail. String the 4mm bicone, the pearl, and 3A; pass back ‘through the peadl to forma Fringe ‘green thread). String SA and 1E; pass through the center Aof the 3A net of Round 15 that's to the right ofthe fringe just placed. Passback through the Band SA, then pass through the pearl and 3A, Pass back throug the pear Fig. 8, Bue thread). StringAand 1B; passthrough the center A of the 3A netof Round 15 that's to the left ofthe fvinge. Pass back through the Eand ‘5A, then pass through the pearl and 3A, Pass back through the peat (ig. 8, red thread), Secure the thread and trim. + JIRVASHREE PARAMESH bas been beading for about thee yeas and lowest rave pant se, ad gow dahlias. Shes inspired by finejewey, and he designs almost aways include sme gl corsver Vit wwwanchantme coms write ther at Jaysnchantmecom. RESOURCES Check yourlocalbead shop ‘orcontact Seed.and Delia clinder beads, val ‘sa (old mountedin sting 38" spacer ‘bar, pearl FreLin braided beading teen, and Swarevéi cones and ondeles: re Mountain Gems an Bead (80) 385-2137, ‘vv Fierountaingems com, ‘ectober/noverber 2012 73, edgy kumihimo PAbracelet SUE CHARETTE-HOOD ‘Turn a vibrant mix of long teardrops and seed beads into a luxurious kumihimo bracelet. No glue is needed in this smart design—the ends are finished with a bit of wirework instead. TECHNIQUES Ar urine braiding witeworking PROJECT LEVEL OD! t's Tips =Instead of making your own clasp, form wrapped loops at both ends of the bracelet and use jump rings to attach a clasp of your choice + Always cut the beading thread longer than you think you'lneed to.avold running short while you're braiding, + No need to be exact with the number of beads you put on each strand. You can easily add or subtract beads as you work. Keep the weight in the center of the disc’ hole, You may need to reposition the weight with your fingers until you get accustomed to applying the right amount of tension when moving the threads. + Let gravity help you position the beads: Tilt the disc toward you when moving the upper strands and away from you for the lower strands, + For convenience, place your kumihimo disc on top of a tall vase and let the weight hang inside while the strands hang outside around the edge. + When making the final wrapped loops, wrap the wire very close to the end seed bead until the components are tight and do not move. This keeps the knots hidden inside the end bead, 1) PREPARATION, String the beads and ‘prepare for braiding: Strands: Form a wrapped loop at the end ‘of one 8" piece of wire, Note: The loop ‘must be small enough ofitinside a large-hole bead when assembling the bracelet, Cut four 42" strands of thread. Center the 4 threads in the wrapped loop and knot the threads around, theloop, Stringing: Place the large-eye needle atthe ‘end of I strand and string SOA; secure the beads witha stop bead near the end ‘of the strand. Repeat three times fora total of 4 strands with SOA on each. Repeat four times using B fora total of 4 strands with 408 on each. Disc setup: Slide the beads toward the stop bead on each strand, Holding the kkumilhimo dise with the numbered side ‘up insert the straight end of the wire own through the discs center hole. Gently bend the end of the wire into aU and hook the weight onto it. Distribute the8 strandsas shown in the box on page 76 (Fig. a)-Slide the stop bead up ‘ach strand until the first bead is 2" below the dise. 2) BRAID. To start, follow the kumihimo braiding pattern shown in Bigures b and c (Gee box) eight times without adding beads. For the ninth and subsequent repeats, bring the top bead on each strand. to the hole in the center of the dis. Slide thebead under the nearest strand that is crossed to the right or left; this locks each bead in place. After each turn, check the tension and bead position on the braid. Continue braiding until the beaded section is about 1’ shorter than your wrist measurement, 3) FINISHING. Complete the braid, secure thebeaded section, and make the clasp: Final rounds: Remove the stop beads and remaining beads from the8 strands, Lay one 6" piece of wire across the center hhole, on top of the disc. Continue braid- ing without beads above the wire for ight repeats, Remove 2 strands from opposing slots on the disc and knot them over the wire. Repeat three times toknot the remaining 6 strands. Eye half of clasp: Slide the knots to 2" from one end ofthe wire and form a small wrapped loop that includes the knots in the loop, Note: The loop must be small enough to fit inside alarge-hole bead. Gather the 8 strands, knot them, and trim them close to the knot: Use the wrapped loop wire to string 1 large-hole bead, 1 bicone, and 1A, hiding the end of the braid and kmots inside the large-hole bead: form a wrapped loop at least #" in diameter (Fig 1), Hook half of clasp: Remove the braid from the disc, take the weight off the bent wire, and straighten the wire. Use the wire tostring 1 large-hole bead, ‘Lbicone, and 1A, hiding the end of the braid and knots inside the large-hole bead, Use flat-nose pliers to grasp the wire 1%" from the A and fold the wire back onto itself, Use the tail to forma \wrap just above the A. Bend the folded end toward the bracelet to form a hook ig. 2.6 Fig. Forming theevehatfofthe op BEADWORK MATERIALS 20g berrylined darkamethyst sizes" Japanese seed beads (A) ‘V44or more matte purple 4:7mmlong drops (8) 2 purple velvet 8mm crystal bicones ‘metalic purple 19mm faceted large-hole gassrondelles with steel grommets 14" of sterling sver20-gauge wire "Moss green 40 braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors Large-eye beading needle ¥-2oxfishing weight umihimo braiing die Wire cutters Flat-nose pers Round-nose pliers FINISHED SIZE:9" Fig, 2: waking the bok halo he clap ‘ectober/novernber 2012 75 Kumihimo Braiding 101 1. Hold the dise parallel to the floor with number 32 held away from you. Tuck ‘the strands into the slots around the disc and place the wire through the center hole (Fig. a). Note: See Fig. a caption for specific positioning of strands for this design. Adding a weight to the wire below the disc helps keep ‘the correct tension. The braid will form at the center hole, extending below the disc as you work. Do notallow the strands to tangle and keep the weight suspended, 2. Move the bottom left strand between notches 16 and 17 upto the notch between 30 and 31. Move the top right strand between notches 32.and 1 down tothe notch between 14 and 15 (Fig. b). Rotate the disc one-quarter turn clockwise so number 24 is now at the farthest (top) position where number 32 Used to be (shown at the top of Fig. ¢) 3. Move the bottom left strand between notches 8 and 9 up to the notch between notches 22 and 23. Move the top right strand between notches 24 and 25 down to the notch between Gand 7 (Fig.c). Rotate the disc one-quarter turn clockwise. 4. Using the strands that are now the farthest and closest to you after the tum, repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the braid is the desired length. 5. When making beaded braids, slide ‘each bead to the center hole and tuck it firmly under the strand that crosses to the right or left to lock the bead in place. Do not allow the bead to pop up. Fig. a: Load strand with Bbeadsinio ‘cach ofthe slot 2/24, 2425, 2132, ‘and 32/1 ed head). Load 1 svand ‘vith beads int eachof ther late 7881516, and 1617 fe nea. ig. b: Moving the fst to sands Thedotted greenlineshows the strands movement fom fs starting pinto new poston. New post $onsalee marked by black arrawe ! | Fig. e:Noving the second two strands sfermaking the quarter tur, The deted green ne showsinestrandsmovement Fromits starting pant New poston. Ate the next quarter tun, number 15 lle at the free top poston. SUE CHARETTE-HOOD, an awardwinning Jewely arising in Teas, hasbeen designing andteaching ince 1998, Spe works wth many Aiferent edi, but umibimo and bead stiching treet loves, Sues a member ofthe San Anno, Bead Society, Dols Bead Socety GretL oes Beadworks Gul, and the sy Bead Weavers Team, She teaches at her local bea shop, he Texasand Shreveport bead reeats,and move Veitnmwerystawondersetsycom 76 beadworlmagazine.com RESOURCES Checkyourloca bead shop or ‘contact: Toho sed beads and long magatame ‘tops (F455C], Swaroesk Bicones, Lumina dsc and Baube Luu lrge-holerondelles Originals Beads & Gems (210) 450-7625, wwwoiginals texescom, eine braided beading thread and shing weight: Dek’ Sporting Goods (877)846-9997, wwusikssporinggoodscom, A whole lotta Luv. “{ Luv Luv Luv my Rio Grande catalog! Anhhh, heaven in paper!” —Shannon Stallard Jowelry dasign & artistry Rio Grande. ae Rene oR Le gems & findings display & packaging | = BN wA\ eN tools & equipment Click or call today for your Rio Grande catalogs. Sharing your passlon for making jewelry. Product, Service. Know-how. 800.545.6566 riogrande.com Gs « nestudio Advanced Wearable First Place: Olga Dillow Second Place: Glenda MacNaughten Third Place: Jocelyne Holmes Beginning Wearable First Place: Estrid DeWit Second Place: Svetlana Beginning Sculptural ‘Andrea Sierer Li Chun Liu jobynne Simons-Sealy Advanced Sculptural Hannah Rosner Aiko Beads Wholesale only Karen Jensen kim@tambrookbeads.com '$03,826.0878 www.tambrocidbeads.com ~ Free Stringing Designs! ~ 5 FREE Beading Projects to Learn How to Bead Beading Daily GETYOUR FREE PROJECTS AT BeadingDaily.com/ tringingProjects BEADWORK —october/november 2012.77 sor GHT ON SEED BEA simply Se@edS {SIMPLE STAR EARRINGS } Sdra Zsadon Stitch a hexagon with cubic right-angle weave, then em- bellish its edges to achieve this simple star shape. It's a great motif for a pair of pretty earrings. TECHNIQUE cubicright-angle weave See. 98 for helpful technique information PROJECT LEVEL 00) seep. $forpoject evel nformation. Fig. 2: Forming he MATERIALS frsteube 5g metallic blue size 1+ seed bead (A) brass Smmjump rings ‘pale of brass 1" ear wires Smoke 6ib bridedbeading thread TooLs Fig. 2: Cubes 1-5, fstsde ofthe Seissors hexagon Size 12 beading needles 2pairs of chain-or flat nose pliers FINISHED SIZE:214" 78 beadworkmagazine.com Artist's Tips «Select even-sized seed beads for the hexagar’s edging, Use slightly narrow beads fr the inside edging and slightly wider beads for the outside to achieve nicely arched edges. + To form a smaller star, use size 15° chatlottes or seed beads and 4mm jump rings, 1) HEXAGON. Workeubicright-angle weave with tight tension tomakea hexagon forthe base: se 6 of thread to string 4A, leaving 12" tals pass through the beads again to forma tight circle and tie a surgeon's knot to secure, Pass through the first bead strung (Fig 1, black thread). Cube 1, Face 1: String3A; pass through the last bottom Aexited and the first A just added (Fig. 1, orange thread). Cube 1, Face2: String 2A; pass back through the next bottom A, up through theside A of Face 1, and through the 2A justadded and the next bottom A (Pig. 1, purple thread), Cube 1, Face 3:String 2A; pass down through the side A of Face 2, through the last bottom A exited, and up trough the first A just added (Fig. 2, green thread), Cube 1, Face 4: String 1A; pass down through the nearest side A of Face 1, back through the next bottom A, up through the nearest side A of ace 3, and through the A just added (Pig. 1, blue thread). Cube 1, top: Pass through the 4 top A of the cube faces: pull the thread tight to com- plete the first cube (Fig. 1, red thread). Cubes 2-5: Repeat Cube 1, Faces 1-4 and the top, fourtimes, using the top ofthe previous cube as the bottom of the new cube (Fig 2). This forms the first side of the hexagon, Fig. 3: Adan Cubes 6-910fo1m thesecondside Cubes 6-9: Repeat Cubes 2-5, this time ‘working the first cube off f the right face of Cube 5so the work angles (Fig, 3). This forms the second side of the hexagon. Cubes 10-13: Repeat Cubes 2-5, working the frst cube off of the right face of Cube 9 s0 the work angles, to form the tind side ofthe hexagon. Cubes 14-17: Repeat Cubes 2-5, working the first cube off ofthe right face of ‘Cube 13 so the work angles, to form the fourth side ofthe hexagon, Cubes 18-21: Repeat Cubes 2-5, working the frst cube off of the right face of Cube 17 so the work angles, to form the fifth side of the hexagon. Cubes 22 and 23: Repeat Cubes 2and3, ‘working the first cube off of the right face of Cube 21 so the workangles, to form the first 2 cubes ofthe sixth side of thebexagon. Cube 24: Repeat Cube 1, Faces 1-4, using the top A of Cube 23. the bottom A. and the neatest face of Cube Las the top Aofeach face to complete the cube ‘Weave through beads to exit froman inside edge Aon the face of the hexagon. ig. 4). 2) EDGING. Add beads between the cubes toline the edges: Inside: String 1A and pass through the next inside edge A; repeat to connectall, the inside edge beads on the face ofthe Pig. 4:Forningthefinaleubeotthe Teragon onl oneface of Cube 25 shown For dat; numbers ndicatesides) hexagon, Weave through beads to exit from an outside edge bead on the face of the hexagon (Fig 5, blue thread). ‘Outside: As with the inside edge beads, string 1A and pass through the next outside edge A on the face ofthe hexa- gon; repeat around (ig, 5, red thread). Secure the working theead and trim. Back: Use the tail thread to add inside and outside edge to the back of the hexa~ gon. Secure the thread and trim, 3) ASSEMBLY. Use 1 jump ring to connect comer cube to 1 ear wire, passing the jump ring between beads. 4) Repeat Steps 1-3 for a second earring. + Pig §:Stchng the inside nd ouside edge beads Artist’s Tip Use a star as a pendant and hang it on a fine chain to make a pretty necklace. ‘SARA ZSADON lives Budapest Hungary She prefers making simple, yet elegant jewery with her favorite echrques peje stich andvight ange weave tals curently most interested inthe geometrical posses ofthese stiches. istwornbeaderecum hu RESOURCES Checkyourlacalbead shop or ‘contact Mijuk seed beads and ireline braided beading thread Caravan Beads, (800) 230-8941, \wonearavanbeads net, Er wits and jump rings: MK Beads, (239) 634-2232, wmuwmkbeadscom BEADWORK coctober/november 2012 79 Download instant prgects now to have your hall full of festive beaded denigns. shop.beadingdaily.com/FBWProjects BEADWORK BEADS & FINDINGS AGrain of Sand ‘wnwna.agrainofsand.com (704) 660-3125, Unique collection of beads & findings abeadstore.com wwiwabeadstore.com ‘Shop online for great deals on beads, Jewelry findings, and beading supplies! Artbeads.com wwnwartbeads.com (966) 715-2323, Bead Paradise wwwbeadparadise.com ‘emailabeadparadise.com (440) 775-2233 Bead World (iL) wwwibeadworidbeads.com infoabeadworldbeads.com (877) 802-2401 Charm Factory wwwi.charmfactory.com (266) 867-5266, Custom charms and jewelry tags. Dragonfly Silver Findings wwiw.dfsfindings.cam (9711 235-3161 We search the world and bring our find- ings to you Fire Mountain Gems nw firemountaingems.com (00) 355-2137 Fusion Beads vwnwwfusionbeads.com (88) 781-3559 Gaca wwrvgaea.cc (805) 640-8989 Land of odds wwnwlandofodds.com Retail/Discounts/Wholesale Lima Beads vrwuslimabeads.com (734) 929-9208, The Beading Connection ‘To advertise here call Monica Turner at (800) 272-2193 x424 or e-mail at mturner@interweave.com Marsha Neal Studio rw MarshaNealStudio.com wwrwMarshaNealStudio Etsy.com nw MarshaNealstudio.Blogspot.com Merchants Overseas nc ‘wrwew.merchantsoverseas.com sales@merchantsoverseas.com (200) 333-4144 Michaels vrwnw.michaels.com Red Panda Beads wwwredpandabeads.com ‘Miyuki Japanese Seed Beads & More 10% Disc—use Promo code: BWOCTI2 Rings & Things wemw.rings-things.com (800) 366-2156 Rio Grande wwwriogrande.com (800) 545-6566 Stormcloud Trading (Beadstorm) ‘wwwubeadstorm.cam (651) 645-0343, Too Cute Beads wewvetoocutebeads.com contactatoocutebeads.com ‘Twisted Sistah Beads and Fibers wnww.twistedsistahbeads.com (267) 254-4845 Bling For Your String UBead it wounw.ubeaditsacramento.com (916) 488-2323, BOOKS Interweave wwvwinterweavestore.com KITS & MORE BuytheKit.com vwnwzbuythekit.com nangel9@buythekit com (505) 620-7492 Jublli Beads & Yarns ‘wow jubilibeadsandyarns.com (956) 858-7844 BEADWORK NATURAL BRASS BEADS/ FINDINGS Cindy's Wicked Good Beadz www.wickedgoodbeadz.com Fall selection of Vintaj Natural Brass, Trinity Brass, and more! Great prices fast shipping. NEW YoRK “Toho Shoji (NY) Inc—New York \wwiwtohoshoj-ny.com Exclusive selection of findings, chain, and beads. Swarovski, Japanese seed beads (Miyuki, Delica, Matsuno), glass, ire-polished, and more! ‘Mass-production price available. Mon-Fri 9-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5. 990 6th Ave, (212) 868-7465, sHows Ayla's Wonderful World of Beads ‘wrwwawwbshow.com, November 11 in Evanston, IL Bead Fest 2012, wwwibeadfesticom Aalington, 1X October 26-28, Arlington Convention Center Bead Mercantile Shows ‘wwvwbeadmercantile.com (423) 639-7919 SUPPLIES Easy Earring Cards ‘wwnn.easyeartingcards.com Easy Earring Cards Punch Kit. JewelrySupply.Com wwwejewelrysupply.com (666) 499-4227 Soft Flex Co, wwwsoftflexcompany.com (866) 925-3539 ‘ectobet/novernber 2012 81 REMIER CLASSIFIEDS P. » icone) Reser uy as re etc eo Pd BEADS Sy beet © STERLING SILVER AND MORE! 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Lve ak Ave. €8 sa EAH y tetera TI tu omer swateunepegon lib i “ues Wed m-7om Thurs tam-pm Fi 17 am-6om Sat 10.05 © Sun 12.5, deve what you bead! Join our free community f Peer Getetared witha bree Beck download hd ign vp fortes! ‘Tobe listed in “Stop to Shop” please contact Monica Turner at (800) 272-2193, x424 or MTurner@interweave.com. The cost is $65 pet issue with a6 issue minimum. Arkansas Beaded Lady—Benton Argenta Bead Company ‘North Little Rock ‘wuwargentabesdcom California Bead Inspirations—Alameda ‘witabeadnspietionscom Seedpeer yk ge fealty aed Trcic {Sea ange nt eolating ping hace Pad San Gabriel Bead Co.—Arcadia Beads Ete—Clovis/Fresno, ‘www Besgetcoline com py a in cay ‘tha an volgeecny, Just Bead It!—Concord AexdtotoL canara, orbaing bate Se Paty else 8 Ope Meee Beadtopia—t! 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CLASSIFIED WORD INSTRUCTION Metal Clay ad bead wean, Online stag sabe sesuabinditttn sn Order onie tale (8797 Uibciius fae aba dba Prodctions LLC SCHOOLS/EDUCATION WILLIAM HOLLAND LAPIDARY SCHOOL (As PO ea 36) Young Hues CAUSED Calfeinfrtion 706) 379.2126 lparyewindstenn et nanelapdagichoa. 1g Wes lng clases fom Api SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT 24¢hANNUALBEAD BAZAAR 201215, Sepen2029, 10-8, Sun Seotenber $0, L1-t Adults: 66.00 Cren 12 yaad Cavs Qe Lome evel SW lpmnwoid Ws 960665728 Precou ae Meta,Coyetl Craic Semipesc Se, lampwerk, aymer Clay and Seed Sead Tes, ook, Hundtnade s Hic Jewelry, Cllebles& Flange sich move Ait scooping ound 6, he NWS aren poe mankeohp ops ‘tia open fo snyne wil aries aba and be orks Te re dected to the stadyof beads beading {echoes andthe Watered andcleral lobed ‘aman Selmer, Our gle tofcaron ths sharingan Engel Bend era Vendors rat ennesbedacjony SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT esi, Ontario Annual Grand River Read Society Show Sale Handcrafted ites by aca tian, guy be ingen cle oral evel PRES demons, soa CiandRinstendScitjcom nore dala BEAD SOCIETIES Australia Bead Society of Victoria oBon S312 Prnead, Vela 349 Phone: +51 420200727 nai:inebeadarinycomits Webaddrss snrbeadsocenyctna ‘Meets batween 10am. and3 pm.on the 1st Sunday of ‘ach math at Geelong West Sei Calzone Cub. Au ‘man Set Gosong Wont sal the 2c Sua foc ‘ont ithe Bod Reemat Camel rary, 7 Sepa 2 Aver, Carnage, bth etluing Jamun) Beating ‘un, workshops ae eto New beaersavaye we one ANNUAL MELBOURNE BEAD EXEO, Nowenber STIL ingen iy Hal 575 tepean Hay Menai, ‘Viewer melbutnebeadepacom a California Bendy fan Diego cony whet a einen Central California Bead Society Clovis cA99613 eb dese anne sntalCaiomiaedson, ewe th Saturday ofthe mons JansaryAvput and (ctnben at Marit uid and Sut, SUN. Cae vie fe, Clo, fm 930-2. Wertaope by local ad tinal txcets. 26h Annual BEAD AND JEWELRY SHOW Sopenbe, 2012: Contact Jenner U3) BT oie, New Jersey South Jersey Bead Society Oa 1359 Meshal 308109 mal: apendoscuhjraybealocts.ng Webaddiess snaicathiabeadeore ong Mecing ar held the 1st Thursday ofthe month Sep- ie at Mount Laurel Fire Hone, 69 Bo Un From 9-2. STBSslo offer werkshoptaug lol and national teacher Formarelefoscethe webae Texas Dallas Bead Society Ema: infoadallnbensociy og Web address ane dalabeadeacizgcng Yahoo Grup: itadgmupeyaaosom/gcupdialas bedi Join DBS for camaraderie, neing ad sharing the ove beads. Meeuigs ae the ast Sturdy of he mont, ‘bjt to olay We gather st 10 mand ame short tmewing a 1030 followed by program. ringyour hich $day ater te progam for pen bad urd pn, het out tr webaic or an gr oe pee ‘meting date, aati nd grains DBS brings ma ‘Sonal teachers vie a jea ad eo! teachers mare Canada Toronto Bead Society See 4,158 Teo De (ato Ema ttostvertabeadaoity arg Web adden iorotabeadace.ng, Mescingt 2nd. 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BEADWORK you *New beading techniques sJewelry-making how-to videos + Loads of free beading projects + Beading Daily te ees pare recat ‘Sagwene Noroeseets rhe ate a cece eee ‘ectobet/noveraber 2012 [Cerone Pliny " BEADWORK »: pes he is CON eel oe a wis TBE! = we ee Coleone Duese hol} scinasiel evel The Battle of the BeadSmith Begins The inaugural Battle of the BeadSmith began May 14 with forty random pairs of beaders from twenty-one countries competing against one another for no prize except the admiration of the beading community. A panel of forty-one designers, bead shop owners, and editors of beading magazines, including Beadwork’s Melinda Barta and Jean Campbell, will vote for the best original work in each pair. The competitors will also vote for their favorites in every pair except for their own. After several rounds of judging, the public will be invited to vote for their favorite in the last three weeks of September. The winner will be announced at the end of October. Vist the Facebook page for voting details and to learn more about future competitions: wwwfacebook.com/thebeadsmith ADVERTISERS’ INDEX Nocknce at rght by Anna Haan a fst eound bead buzz Michelle Mach cont Baad Design dam Bendvorss redscom Bead Buddy GALI Bead Need, Beadaholique Besdalon Beaded Bungalow, The BeadEX Beadiak Badin’ Path, The Beading Heartof Santa Be, The Beademith/telby Imports beadsRfuncom Beaducatien Best Bead Show/Bead Mercantile Show Craftoptics Creative Caste Crystal Creations/Beads Gone Wild at Cynthia Rledge DelBe Designe?’s Fil Eas Fire Mo as in Gems & Beads Fusion Beads vlesalen as Gon 8 Lapidary Grace Lampwork Bea Green Gil Studios Innovative Beads Expo Interweave 22,44, 87,65, 68,69, 77,80, 84, £2, te Jehn Bead Cor. Gallery & Bead LanaiKinsky.com Leslee Frumin Lilypilly Designs Inc Lumina Inpirations/3C Studio Beads Manek-Manek Bead Merchants Overseas Miyuki Co. Led MK Beads 83 2 82 82 2a a4 2 Nina Designs Quite Pro Systems Ringe Things Rio Grande: Royalvood Lic sbriel Bead Company, The Scheal OFBenderavk ipomreck Beads, oft Flex Co, rman Ine Sun Country Tamara Tanbvook Beal 8 Trade mnt Designs. TiereaCast, Ine TooCuteBeade ‘Tulip Beading Neadles UBead Ie erpetics/ eae Bes Shep, Wire Seulpturec Wiymscods Gallery & Studia BEADWORK —_octobet/noveraber 2012 2 3 techniques PASS THROUGH VS PASS BACK THROUGH Paracas to move te ned these dae tion thathe beads ave Ben stn esac reans to move the nade in the opt deton. FINISHING AND STARTING NEW THREADS “Teoffthe oléthendhenits about lng make Ingenoverhand le acu previaus threads betes ‘ds Weave troagh fw beads ts ide theliotand ‘mmo ea dove wo dork Stat the ne zed ‘pingan overhand nt around reins threads beeen ‘beads Weave hough sen beads toad the knot and toreadhtheplceto resume heading FRINGE tm efounaton ow O ctteais erfabe Sting akngth tbe had Sing the latent gh thebestof ‘fags Pasa icon oworte BRICK STITCH Stitch foundation twin one oto none adr stich Song bends and pass under the doset exposed Toopof he funtion co anda through the card ‘bead. Swi] bed and pas under the ner exposed oop sdbock thigh the bead ast atang pest HERRINGBONE STITCH ota foundation row ofane or two ued ewer cunt ladder stand extup tnoogh the il bod String, bad, pss don tough at bead in thelr, snd ‘upthrogh the following a epeat to thoend ofthe ‘Sup upfor tener by appa the end ‘round previons thas toext up through tekst ead strung ofr the netting beads and pss down through the second to ast bead the previous ow std up hrugh the allowing bead Reps cing beads prsttch, passing dwn the p trough 2 beads the previo ey and stepping up at ore The ed Schl aus the beads to angen each clr, ikea hereghone 94 — beadworkmagazine.com picor Apletsa decorative ne, mast often made ith Sheds, (ued oembaishateadworkaurice PEYOTE STITCH Toronedeopeven-cont fat peyoteltch, string snevennumberfbeadeto est the fe OTE, Begin the thd ny stringing nda paing ack ‘hvigh th scond to lat bea tthe prev ete String athe bead and per bck hog te ro lasbead ofthe prevous rove Continue ang bead ata th pening over eery ter ead ef he previous ow. ‘Two-dop peyote stich sword be same as one drop pejtesthch bt with 2beadeatatimelnetend of bead or odécount lat peyote stitch, rngan uneven number ofbeadstoceateRews and Sing ead, ship the last ead stung and pas though the next beat ‘Repent acs the om ties Row 3). Toad telat bead rng I bead and not the tan working heat, lckngall beads ints place Start te next 0 (0 3) bypassing bce through the et bead Cnticin ete sth, turns fr eer-aunt how bore at tho endfthi and lawn mambard owe Attend of odd nunbere rs, atheist bead stig bead, ps under the ted opt te dg ofthe reins om and pas bck though thet bead added. “These basic instructions are fr techniques used inthis sue’ projects and are ftom The Beaders Companion \Uncerweave, 2005), Don't have this popular book? Cal (800) 272-2183 or isitinterweavestorecom, Bega midprojctpyote-titch increase by woking ‘sd ith bes hone oe Inthe eat work 1beadincch stich plting te puro beadsin the previous om. For sont ieee we very na08 ‘bad fr bth the two drop andthe one drop bebe. “Tomake midprojet peytesith decrease spy pute ead though Seals without adding bd Inthe ap Inthe nest row, worka rear ene drop peyotestch ower the dase Work ight tno toswoi bole For cal peyote sth string Sends andlnot he tall and working tress to form theft round; pes trough theft bead srry, Fo the second ound, tng beads and pas through the nextbea ofthe previous oun ‘epmctle To step uptothethrd ound pass though the fistbedofthecarent rund Porth hid on, ‘Sng 1 band and pes through the extend of he reous round: repeat around the step tthe end (the ord. Canine in ths nner alerting the previous rounds maybe necessary adjust the ead ‘unt dependingon te etive se ofthe as, tery thedrets, or vam count tubular pote stitch, stringan en, rer of beats nd kat theta and working teas ‘oform theirs rou pas through the fst 2 beads stra T wor Reund 3 string Led skip bead, snd pss through thenext repeat around uot youve ‘sad halfthenamber ofan the Birt ound Step ‘pthrough dhe at ead addin ths ound ortho Flowing ours work alin each stich and continue tostapupatthe and ofeach ound Workodd count tubular peyote atch he sane se counttubular pejcte stitch, bt itsn ncesay to ap ‘pattheend sfecheound. SQUARE STITCH String arowafbunde For the second rein ? bade pas through the second to st bead ofthe fst ow and throug the vcd beds strung Cetin sig ing bead pssng hough the hid wo ast bad the fttooy ad dough the bod tot, Rept he loopngtechnique the end ofthe ow. NETTING String abs wo 3 beads String beads and ps teckthouph the ith bead fom the end fhe see Sung another beds ps heads of tease, ad ass through the mest repeat othe en ofthe ro, “Torun, pos bc thgh the bat 3 beads (one of thelst ne String Sleds, pssbckthroughthecenter ‘bef he nert net, andeerinue CIRCULAR NETTING Swings mule of 4beads pss through them again toforn the foundation ount, Sting 3 beads, sip 3 beads inthe foundation round and puss tough the Eellowing bead to form 2 "net npent round the foun dation round Step up forthe nex round by passing trough Ue Est 2 boade aad hie ound. "Sting ‘Sbeads and passthrough the center beadof the pst ‘stan th previous round; opest to connect lt et fom the previous rouud Sep ap though the fret ead dl in thie round Rept from othe esediength TUBULAR NETTING Seng 1A and 1B spas though teagan 1 form the foundation ound. "Sing 1A 13, and 14 sip ‘an psthuough the lloning Bi the pres round to forma et” Repeat from twice, then ep up forthe next roundly ping throgh the fet? ead ofthisround "Sing 4, 18, and TA pas trcugh he ‘nile bed ofthe nearest et nthe prow sound Repeat Rom” vie, then tp up fee Werkeach round these RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE Forsinglenedlerigtangle weave ting beaded ps trough teat Sends ogain for thst unit. or the et ofthe ro sting Stas and pas ough thelast bea ete nthe previous unitand theft 2jurttung the zea path ecm seri of ‘iguoeighsatrnstingdectins wth each unt. To BEADWORK ‘gn the net ops though bsade to at top ‘esd ofthelat uni Sting 3 tea and pss hg thelst bead exe and the Git bad trang, "String 2 beads, pas ck hrghthe next top bad of the previus ror, helt bad exited in the previous unt, andthe 2beads st trang Pass thrgh the ext top ‘rad ofthe previous, sing? beads, pass though the lest ead ofthe previous nt te top bead steed, andthe fst badst strung Repeat from "to compete "hero then be a ew om as before, WIREWORKING Fors simple bop, ust no ples sae banda eat forthe endo {howe Us round nom pl t grep the {hebend Opn stele paspegeach adits ‘pening wih prof plore Dorp part nsend, ‘rtd opposite cts vothat you cn open and se iethout storing the ope shape ‘Toform a wrapped oop, begin wth a bendatlst 2 tr tv endod there Use ond ne est or ‘acinplelop witha al oveapping eben Wrap the {a iy om the ned the eto rte ts, “Twinthe ese to fish, Make thicker, eer eng rapped op by waging ace pee ‘the cols tos the op ane trinmingattheloop. 17 MORE STITCHES & TIPS! Watch free videos at bbeadingdaily.com to leam valuable bea: tips and techniques. cectobet/novernber 2012 95 bead Artist sy ucicterc r iy Teri Greeves is a Kiowa Indian who began beading at eight years ald on the Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Wind River Reservation <— in Wyoming. While she’s known for her beaded high-top sneakers, her narrative-driven work encompasses a variety of forms, includ- ing beaded paintings. Her work appears in a number of museums, including the British Museum in London, the Museum of Art and Design in New York, and the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. TERI GREEVES Q¢ [read that you beaded yous fist pair of high-top sneakers while in college ‘Tell me about that experience. ‘As The first pair Tever saw came through my mother's store When I was growing up. By college, Pd made key chains and belt buckles, but hadn't graduated to making clothing, the next level. My mother sent e the shoes, which I stitched with a geo: rc design using lane stitch, also known as hump stitch. My second pair 21" CeuryTadtiona Beaded Ti 96 beadworkmagezine com was pictorial. [realized that I could tella story with them: I could put ane picture ‘on one sideand a different oneon the other. Kiowas do not do pictorial bead- ‘work, but the Shoshones do. twasa very easy jump for me. @ People always comment on how your work combines the traditional and the contemporary. Explain. ‘A: Workcby native peopleis usually framedin terme of traditional or contem: porary, asif there was some linein time that separated them. We livin a contin. uum of artists just like any other artists Wechange as the world around ue changes, When youknow better, you dobetter. When we got cotton thread, ‘we threw away the sinew. @ Speaking of thread, do you have favorite stitches or beads that you always use? ‘As Luse nylon Nymo thread. [haven't found anything better like Czech cut glass size 13" beads, You can cull them and use litle ones orlarge ones. vs very ‘organic. For the tennis shoes, L use WAR MOTHER Workother two-needle applique, which produces a finer piece than backstitch. Lusehump stitch to 6illin the background. : [noticed that some of your beaded paintings have words on them. Is that new for you, combining words and imagery? Az I started putting text on my work about ten years ago. [had resisted using text because our cultureisbased onan ‘oral tradition, Bverything that [knew tobe true was notincluded in the American narratives, [like text graphi: cally and aesthetically. tell my friends that I would love to make fonts if | ‘weren't a beadworker, Q:Doyouthink of yourselfas an artist? ‘A: ama beadivorker. That’ how | continue to refer to myself, [am proud. that Ido beadwork Itsan extremely ‘lme-consuming medium —there's noth- Ing easy or fast I could have chosen a different medium, but this is my heritage. Its thelegacy my grandmother gave to ‘me, Ie’s worthy of honor. I's the medium thatlinks meto the past. + Beading Inspiration... Wherever you are. Now your favorite jewelry-making magazines are available in digital format, \ powered by Zinio, the world's largest digital Belle ae newsstand. That's expert instruction and , inspiration you can take with you! 4 ee ne a See Be on the go, but in the know at Zinio.com a Zinio" 26) rine AAOUNTAIN . Ney GEMS 2.44, “Friendly Service” Since 1973, ‘One Fire Mountain Way, DEPT CO27 Grants Pass, OR 975262373 1-800-355-2137 yww.firemountaingems.com America’s Favorite Beading and Jewelry \ supply \, | Company® & ia gs Request your Free 448 page catalog online ideas featured inside we ‘supply everything ' _ tg, elsel® Nikki Ogle, OR QueenBeeloved.etsy.com Bronze Medal GRAND PRIZE Winner 2011 Pearl Jewelry-Making Contest,