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STAFF NOTES OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY DAILY TREATMENT SUMMARY : WBATEG8162015 | TIME: _16:45 FRGCES _ Eval of Functional Performance Skills 7 Focus treatment on: BATA: __vew referral ___no change (see previous note) 7 Goals: Using 2 variation of “twister” activity to stimulate cognition and improving comcexeration ACTION: Attended: VAM for 30min, PM for _ Imcerventions: __ Eval session: __ self-report _ ACLIADM __other: __Therapuetic activity involving: __ money management _, self-care __ family education — communication skills © social skills = parenting = home management ¥ relaxation training pain management = problem-solving __ relationship skills time management W self-esteem /self-competence _ vocational skills __ self maintenance __ meal prep/clean-up cognitive management s management __ other: i Other: 7 awended multidisciplinary treatment team on this patient participated in family session “patient received written or audio tape information on adaptive coping skills : Cooperation level: 7 100% 75.99% 50-74% v 0-49% __removed from group Was observed to: V focus attention for 20 minutes distracted by internal stimuli __ be distracted by environmental stimuli redirects self back to task requires verbal / physical redirection by staff to refocus RESPONS| The following behaviors were observed: Being able to spin the board by using the index finger; being able to recognize and call out the color that was pointed by the spin; being able to throw the bean bag to the direction of the target color, reached the target color 100% ofthe time, Affect/mood was: Expressed flat expression during the whole activity; made jokes that make the whole group laugh Social conduet exhibited: the client was be able to answer what color when the staff point tothe spin board and asked “what color is that?”; interact with the staff with jokes. General Comment Although the client didn’t show any facial expression, he is capable of being social by making jokes. A more social activity that require clients to take more is recommend for clients. Plan; ¥ scheduled to return to OT on __Apr20__. __-scheduled for discharge. Summary to follow Cos > OTAS SIGNATURES: