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Analysis Unit Plan Cups (When Im Gone)

Bethany Hamann a1608384

Year Level: 9
Duration: Three Lessons
Lesson Duration: 50mins
Unit Overview:
In this unit students will have the opportunity to analyse the song Cups (When Im Gone) from the movie Pitch Perfect.
Students will listen to a number of different arrangements of the song and learn to use a number of different aural and
visual analytical techniques to compare and contrast the different arrangements. Students will also improve their musical
literacy skills by completing theory and aural activities, score annotation, and composing and performing their own
rhythmic ostinato.
Learning Outcomes:
Students will
Follow a score while listening to a piece of music
Identify and describe the musical elements of rhythm, pitch, dynamics, texture, form/structure, and purpose and
Use a range of analytical skills to compare and contrast different arrangements of Cups (When Im Gone).
Develop a practical understanding for annotating a musical score.
Compose their own rhythmic ostinato using rhythmic elements from Cups.
Pre-Requisite Knowledge
Basic note reading, writing, and musical literacy skills
Recognizing, naming, and building major and minor triads and inversions
Scale writing
Resources Required
Access to internet
Projector and speakers
Cup Analysis Workbook
Cups (enough for one per student)
Different arrangements of the song Cups (When Im Gone) See Youtube links below
Partially annotated score of Cups (When Im Gone)
Australian Curriculum Links
ACAMUR104 Evaluate a range of music and compositions to inform and refine own compositions and
ACAMUR105 Analyze a range of music to explore differing viewpoints and enrich music making.
ACAMUM103 Perform music applying techniques and expression
Time line
Lesson 1

Lesson Structure
Begin class by playing an a Capella arrangement of
the Cup song by Sam, Alex, Kina, and Kurt.
Play the example again, but this time ask students to
write down and take note of musical elements such

Require Resources

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

as rhythm, pitch, tempo, time signature,

instrumentation, texture etc.
Students then form groups of 4 and discuss answers
for a minute. Each group then shares answers as a
class and teacher writes them on the board.
Play a second arrangement of the Cups song by
Paint. Students again discuss the musical elements
in their group before sharing with the class.
Students are then given three minutes in their
groups to discuss three differences and similarities
between the arrangements. Each group then shares
their answers with the class.
Hand out the Cups Analysis Workbook. Explain that
the first task is an individual analysis comparison
activity of two completely different arrangements of
the song Cups (When Im Gone).
Students are to individually listen to the different
arrangements and complete the analysis task.
Handout partially annotated score of Cups (When
Im Gone).
Explain that we are going to listen to the
arrangement, and follow along with the score.
Briefly discuss score following techniques
Briefly discuss how the arrangement differs from the
arrangements analyzed in previous lessons. Discuss
musical elements such as tempo, style, texture,
expression and dynamics.
Students turn to and complete Analysis Worksheet
(Task 2 in Analysis Workbook).
If extra time students may begin composition task
Ask if any students know how to perform the
rhythmic ostinato from Cups. If so, ask them if they
would like to demonstrate to the class. If not, be
prepared to demonstrate yourself.
Explain to students that the rhythmic pattern is an
ostinato. Explain that an ostinato is a small
repeating musical pattern
Ask students to open to task 3 in their workbooks,
and explain task. Students may listen to a recording
of the song to help with questions 1 and 2
Students individually work on composition task
If time give opportunity for students to perform
their composition to the class.
Collect workbooks and scores
N.B Students may need to finish off tasks for


Analysis Workbook

Laptops/iPad, headphones, access

to internet
Cups Score

Task 2 in Analysis Workbook

Plastic cups and hard, flat service

such as a table.

Task 3 in Workbook
Recording device such as an iPad,
laptop etc.