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Oracle APPS -Demo


Application Object Library

Module Overviews
Oracle Reports
Oracle Forms
XML Publisher reports

Oracle APPS-Roles
1) DBA Database Administrator
a.Installation of Oracle Applications
b.Applying patches
c.Maintaining Multiple Instances
2)Functional Consultant
a.Interaction with the client
b.Gathering the requirements for development / customization
c.About oracle applications what available and what wasnt available.
d.Example invoice form fields- Or develop a invoice form from scratch
e.Preparation of FDD (Functional Design Document)
3)Technical Consultant Input FDD
a.Go through the FDD
b.Prepare TDD (Technical Design Document) Logic, Tables, Procedures,
Forms, Menus, Packages approval
c.Development of Component
d.Test the component
e.Deliver to the client


The Customer is running there some home grown IT

application which cater most of the company need.
Now management has decided to go for any ERP solutions,
then the question what will happen for data which is already
in the existing application?
Another situation is already using ERP
a. They want to upgrade to higher version presuming the
structure of some table get changed? Lets say to R12.1.3(version)
b. The company is acquired or merged with some other
company, and the whole data need to move into the parent
or child company .
c. They want to enable some additional modules within
existing application.

Oracle Forms(Oracle Forms 10g)

Mandatory Skills: Need to have

knowledge on Oracle Forms
Form registration process
Form personalization with example.
Form personalization Using Custom.pll

Oracle Reports (Oracle Reports

1.Reports Development
2.Report Registration(Deployment)
3.Report Customization

XML/BI Publisher Reports

1.RDF based reports
2.Based on Packages
3.Based on Data Templates


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