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Aracele Melgoza

Child Development 259

Professor: Ms.Hearns

Introduction of Self
I, Aracele Melgoza have lived in Chicago for the past 27 years. Over the years I have dedicated my time
working with children, youth and families. My passion in life is to engage parents in their childs development by
providing new strategies and organize art workshops to engage together. Before becoming an early childhood
educator, I worked for Northeastern University at Chicago Teacher Center as an Art Teacher. I was able to worked
for different community areas those include Pilsen, Little Village, Bridgeport, Cicero and West Lawn. This
experience help me gain knowledge and new skills on how to communicate with a variety of ethnicities. The
organize art workshops was a tool that I view as a success in engaging families. The programs offered art, dance,
literacy and music. The programs were offered as a tool for both children and parents. I had the opportunity to learn
from different cultures. Many parents were encouraged to open themselves and share a skill they wanted to share or
even teach other parents. Those parents who were open guide those who were shy. Parents shared a type of dance in
their culture, sang songs, play an instrument and even shared an art technique such as weaving etc. We as teachers
learned about the skills each parent had and then gave strategies on how to use those skills with their child. For
example, using music to teach literacy and math skills will help the child keep engage in the material. Parents in the
program were divided based on their skill and then we brought each group of children to learn each skill. At the end
of the semester each group of parents presented their performance. We invited families from the entire school to
come and view the performance. The program was a success over 200 hundred visitors attended

the performance. The program allowed me to learn new outcomes of a successful family program.
Throughout, the process of working with families I was able to observe and hear parents challenges of why
they dont engage with their child. Many parents mentioned that is was due to overtime work and lack of how to
communicate with their child. Learning from the parents helped me learned the responsibility a teacher has as

working with children. As an early childhood teacher I maintained good communication skills with parents. The best
way to help a child in his or her challenges is to work with both the child and the parents. I encourage parents by
providing strategies and tools to help their child progress in his or her challenge. Some of the parents feel more
confident and open when you as a teacher not only say the challenges his or her child is having but also by providing
feedback and resources. While working for Northeastern University at Chicago Teacher Center, I heard parents
challenges in raising a child. The most challenges mentioned were lack of communication and strategies to help their
childs challenges. Many parents didnt know where to receive assistance for those challenges. This is when I learned
and comprehend that a good teacher should give guidance and support to families. Learning the struggles of parents
encourage me as an Early Childhood teacher become more open to parents and not judgmental. Every day, I
welcome parents to the center and give them a brief description of the activities we did in class. When I see their
child through a challenge I provide easy tools to help their childs need. I tell parents if we work together we will
help your child succeed its through dedication and patience. Like Ive always said, when you work with children
you have to stay committed with both the child and the parent. I like

going over the line when a child needs assistance in his development by even doing outside research. Creating a
curriculum plan for a childs needs will help him only if a teacher keeps on top of it. Teachers like me should observe
a child daily to see the childs progression. It is also, important to communicate with the parent to see if he has any
new changes at home.
As a teacher, in Early Childhood education I provide my class with new experiences daily and keep them
motivated throughout the day. Children are capable of accomplishing tasks if the activity is engaging. My
responsibility as an educator is to maintain a healthy environment and teach positive experiences throughout daily
activities. Lastly, engaging parents in their childs development will help their child succeed in life.