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Answer the questions about the Disneyland video

presentations. Say True (T) or False (F)

Disneyland Paris video 1


Mickey is part of the Entrance clock.

Mickey and Minnie go in a Fire truck.
The first area you see is Fantasyland.
Goofy makes some photos.
Big Thunder Mountain is a fast roller coaster.
The boats name is Mark Twain.
In the Chaparral Theatre you can see The Jungle Book.
Phantom Manor is a spooky movie.
Adventureland is situated in an Orient Bazaar.
You can fly on a magic carpet in Adventureland.
Disneyland Paris video 2

Indiana Jones is a one-looping-ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a fast roller coaster.
Captain Hooks ship is next to the Skull Cave.
You can see Peter Pan in Fantasyland.
Its small world is full of animal toys.
The carroussel is dedicated to the Camelot Knights.
Underground the Sleepy Beauty Castle you can see a
big brown dragon.
Dicoveryland is about the space.
Star Wars is a very fast roller coaster.
There is a funny 3D cinema in Discoveryland.
Buzz Lightyear is funny because you shoot.

Disneyland Paris video 3


Walt Disney Studio is dedicated to the cinema.

Studio Tram Tour is about Special Effects in the films.
Rock & Roll Coaster has Aerosmith music.
Armageddon Special Effects is not a ride.
At the end the narrator has a very special photo album.
The video finish with a day-light Disney Parade.