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Jordan Johnson

Mrs. Sintich
Advanced Placement Biology
November 2, 2015
Properties of Water
Water is essential to all living things on Earth and processes four special properties. The
first property is cohesion, which is when H-bonds hold water molecules together and adhesion,
where water clings to another substance. An example of cohesion in the natural world is the
surface tension of water which enables some insects to walk on the water. For example, a bug
may be able to catch food by walking on the surface of a body of water. Another property that
water possesses is temperature moderation. More specifically, water is able to moderate
temperature by absorbing heat from warm air and releasing stored heat to cooler air. This is very
important to organisms living in the sea, because they have a consistent environment. If water
was highly effected by the temperature then organisms would be exposed to extreme heat as well
as extreme cold. For example, fish wouldn't be able to survive in an environment that drastically
changes temperature. Additionally, water provides insulation through the expansion of ice. When
water freezes it expands and floats to the top. Once this top layer has been established the ice
insulates the bottom layer of water and makes it possible for living organisms to survive. For
example a shrimp in water can continue its normal functions in the winter, because of the layer
of ice. Finally water also acts as a solvent. For example, if you put sugar in a glass of water it
will dissolve the solute. Overall, water is important to all living organisms and has several
important properties.
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