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Wonders of

Modern Architecture

Oh, the wonders of modern architecture! The

geniuses of architecture today continue to create
design masterpieces that could make one proud
of being a citizen of the 21st Century!
Enjoy the beauty of these modern
architectural masterpieces!

Cybertecture Egg - Mumbai, India

Grand Lisboa - Macao, China

Bullring - Birmingham,
United Kingdom

BMW Welt - Munich, Germany

Experience Music Project - Seattle, USA

Mumbai University ASK Foundation Convention Center

The Sage - Gateshead, England

Air Force Academy - Chapel, Colorado

The Universum Science Museum - Bremen, Germany

The Fuji Television Building - Tokyo, Japan

Gherkin Building - London City, United Kingdom

Lotus Temple - Delhi, India

National Theatre - Beijing, China

Banknote Kaunas - Lithunania

Le Palais Bulles - Cannes, France

Tenerife Concert Hall - Canary Islands, Spain

The Conch Shell House - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The Torre Galatea - Figueres, Spain

The Crooked House - Sopot, Poland

Ceramic House - Columbia

Cathedral of Brasilia - Brazil

Dome House - Flordia, USA

Earth House - Lostorf Switzerland

Eden Project - United Kingdom

Chapel In The Rock - Arizona, USA

Druzhba Holiday Center - Yalta, Ukraine

Ferdinand Cheval Palace - France

Olympic Stadium - Montreal, Canada

The National Library - Minsk, Belarus

Wonderworks - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Steam World Museum - Gramado, Brazil

Piano and Violin-Shaped Building - Huainan, China

Great Mosque of Djenne - Mali

Elephant Building - Bangkok, Thailand

Dancing Building - Prague, Czech Republic

Kunzthaus - Graz, Austria

La Tete au Carre - Nice, France

Porto Stone House - Fafe Mountains, Portugal

Ripley's Believe It Or Not - Ontario, Canada

Snail House - Sofia, Bulgaria

House Attack - Vienna, Austria

Hang Nga Guesthouse - Vietnam

Habitat 67 - Montreal, Canada

Wooden Gagster House - Anchangelsk, Russia

Cubic Houses - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Solar Furnace - Odeillo, France

The Flintstone House - Hillsborough, California

Wilkinson Residence - Portland, Oregon

Bunker House - Chicago, Illinois

Beijing National Stadium - Beijing, China