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32 7 pa tempo Ho do-lor de! Though I'm sad for pa tempo erese. Vr ; See so - spi- ri Sol_per me,_gen- til pa - stor, do sigh for me— a - lone—O gen~ tle one, a frit tuoi mar-ti- fi, Ho di-let- to del tua -mor, Ma se_ pen si your af- fle tions, And T'm glad for you af fee-tions, My. dear fel- bow, F rie . 26 Talian Songs and Arias Fa - cil- men- te eg tin-gan-nar, Bel- la r+ sa por- po-ri- na Og- gi Sil vio Ne'erbe - lieve it could be 50, See the beau- teous pur - ple_ros- es Syl vio plucks at 32 > poco crese. sempre crese. sce - glie - 13, Con la scu-sa del- la spi - na Do- man poi la sprez- ze=13, morn to - day, But be - cause.the rose is thorn-y Soon they'll all be thrown a wap FT poco erese sempre eres. —_ Do-man poi la sprez-ze-ra. Ma de-gliuyminiil__ con-si - glio Io per me non Soon they all be thrown a- way. If the words of oth (rs freeze me, Did me stay, no > =~ PIN = 5 erese, un poco se- gui- 8 Non per ché mi piace il more to dare, Tho" some blossoms fail fo gi - lio Glial-trifio- ri please me, Should I scom to sprez-ze— 1, luck the— fair? Pl fa 4 cerese, un poco Today Silvio chooses a beautiful red rose, but with the excuse that the thorns prick, he will despise it tomorrow. The advice of men, I myself won't follow. Just because the lily pleases me, I won't despise the other flowers. 26 Tralian Songs and Arias w@ 149 Patempo Wo “do - lor de? tuai_ mar -ti - ri, © Hi -let'- to del tua - mor, Tho’ I'm sad for your af - filo = tions, And Tm glad for your af ~ fec - tions, ‘@ tempo 2 rit, £ Ma se pen - si che. so -let - to Jo ti_cdeb-bari - a- mar My— dear fel - low, I can—nev - er, Nev - er—— smile on you-__ a ~ lone. rit. MS 9 y tempo —$——. = . Pa - sto-r = lo, si sogeget - to Fa = cil - men-teg tin. ~ gan-nar; Gen - tle friend, be not de- celv - ed, Ne'er be - lieve it could be 80, @ tempo PP crese. Pa = sto-ral - lo, Fa - cil - men- tea tin - gan- nar, Gen - tle friend,.be’ not de-ceiv - ed, Neter_be - lieve it— could be 50, _ 1 feel sorrow for your suffering: I feel pleased that you love me. But if you think that I must love only you, little shepherd, you are easily subject to self-deception. TaB W276 Tratian Songs and Arias Se tu m’ami Uf you love me English version by James P. Dunn Alessandro Parisotti (1853-1913) Andantino, 4 = 58 crese. rit. me,— gen - - lon 0 Idiomatic translation: If you love me, if you sigh only for me, kind shepherd, 26 Iwalian Songs and Arias @ 147 (pa tempo che_so-let- to Jo ti. deb- bari - Pa- sto-rel- lo, sci sog-get - to 1 can nev -er, Nev er— smile on you Gen - tle friendbe not de-celv - Pa tempo Fa - cil- men-tea f'n - gan-nar, Pa -sto-rel = lo, si sog-get = to Ne‘r be - lieve it could be 0, Gen - tle friend,.be not de- celv ~ ed, Fa - cil - men- tea 'in- gan- nar, Fa - cil = men -tea tin gan- nar. Ne'er_ be - lieve it—_ could be 0, Ne’ be - lieve it— could be 80, 26 Tralian Songs and Arias