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Liberal Partys Position on Foreign Policy

What we believe:

War is a last solution, not a first.

We should not glorify war as a means to solve issues that could otherwise be handled diplomatically.

Why we believe it:

! War has historically divided and destroyed rather than united and uplifted
! War begets war begets war
! American intervention in foreign civil wars has inadvertently aided terrorist organizations
o! Al-Qaeda
o! IS
! Americas intervention on foreign soil has led, in part, to divided and crippled nation-states
and their respective governments
o! Afghanistan
o! Iraq
o! Iran
! American intervention on foreign soil has led to inordinate government spending on military
o! Takes away from spending on domestic issues
! American intervention on foreign soil has led to the loss of life of countless American
! Diplomacy has led to a decrease in nuclear tensions
! Diplomacy has established international trade
o! Benefits all mankind
! Diplomacy has effectively circumvented violence and warfare throughout history

The Specifics:
Cuba: Morals should not restrict trade. Under that logic, the U.S. should stop trade with the Middle East,
China, Russia, etc. The only country we have refused to trade with under moral conviction is Cuba. This
is entirely inconsistent. The same standard is not held for the Eastern world. We must be pragmatic when
dealing with the trade and economic policies.
Syria: The U.S. should not involve themselves with an ethnic civil war thousands of miles away from our
borders. It is a humanitarian disaster, and therefore we must focus our resources on humanitarian aid to
those fleeing. Troop movements will have no real impact on the suffering causes by the conflict between
Assad and the rebels.
Israel and Palestine: The United States should remain allies with Israel; however, both Israel and Palestine
endure suffering. Both are at fault for war-crimes, and alleviation should be supplied to both. Do not let
religious conviction distract from the fact that Palestine is suffering just as much.
Iran Deal: The Iran Deal in its current state is not perfect; however, it is the the best way to avoid conflict
currently. In the future, we would support legislation to solidify the deal and close loopholes. As of now,
there are no alternatives. Opposing the Iran Deal opens the United States up to conflict that could be
easily avoided.


How we know this:

! The history of the human race
! The history of civilization
! The realities of death and war
o! As compared to the realities of conference and negotiation
! Philosophical Authorities
o! Kant
o! John Locke
o! Jean-Jacques Rousseau
! http://www.fpri.org/articles/2008/01/tools-statecraft-diplomacy-and-war
! http://www.britannica.com/topic/diplomacy
! http://www.usdiplomacy.org/diplomacytoday/values/theories.php
! http://www.diplomacy.edu/resources/general/history-and-evolution-diplomacy
! http://www.diplomacy.edu/resources/general/diplomacy-instrument-good-governance