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Teacher Candidate:

Brittany Larkin, Brittany Guerrieri

Cooperating Teacher: Dr. Varano

Group Size:


Allotted Time

Subject or Topic:

Coop. Initials

45 minutes

Body Parts of Bees

Date: 10/17/15

Grade Level 2nd grade

Section: EEU 205

S.K-2.B.1.1.1: Describe basic external structures of animals and plants.
S.K-2.A.3.1.1: Describe a system as being made of multiple parts that work together.

I. Performance Objectives (Learning Outcomes):

The second grade students will be able to identify the parts of the body that make up the bee.
II. Instructional Materials
- Are You a Bee? Book
- Activity Sheet (see attached)
- Markers
- Scissors
- Construction paper
- Glue
III. Subject Matter/Content (prerequisite skills, key vocabulary, big idea, outline of additional
A. Prerequisite skills
-Knowledge of insects
-understanding of simple body parts
Key Vocabulary
- eye

Big Idea
There are multiple body parts that make up a bee and the students will be
able to identify characteristics of each body part.
B. Additional content
IV. Implementation
A. Introduction:
The teacher will review what the students learned the week before when
they were talking about insects
The teacher will now introduce the new topic of the week: Bees.
The teacher will show the students what words are on the word wall for that
Hook: The teacher will read the book Are You a Bee? by Judy Allen
B. Development
The teacher will then show the students a PowerPoint presentation on the
different body parts of bees. The students will fill out their guided notes
sheet as the teacher is showing the presentation.
After the PowerPoint, the teacher will have a drawing on the board and the
will point to a body part. The teacher will ask the students which body part
is which.
The teacher will repeat this for each body part until all body parts are
Then the class will do an activity that will show their knowledge of the parts
of the bee.
The teacher will hand out the worksheet that has the parts of the body on it.
The students will glue the cut out body parts on hard construction paper.
The students will figure out how many legs they need, how many wings
they need, etc. to make a bee.
The students will use the glue to glue the body parts together to form an
accurately portrayed bee.
The students will then need to draw where the eyes would go.
C. Closure
To conclude the lesson, the students will individually show their bees to the
They will explain why they put certain body parts on and how many body
parts they put on.
These bees will be collected and graded based on if they got the body parts
right and if they were in the right place.
The students will be allowed to then draw their own bee on construction
They can make it as crazy as they want, but they will need to include the man
body parts.

The teacher will hang the paper bees around the classroom.

D. Accommodations/Differentiation
-Charlie is a second grade student with a visual impairment. He will be given a
copy of the PowerPoint in large print and/or braille so he is able to access the
information. He will also be given tactile pictures of the parts of the bees. The
teacher will make the parts of the bees tactile by going over them in puffy paint
and using fabric. Charlie will be able to feel the pictures and compare the different
parts of the bees to determine which is which.
E. Assessment/Evaluation Plan
1. Formative
-The teacher will collect the bees that were created with the separate body parts
and it will be graded for accuracy.
2. Summative
-The second grade students will complete a test at the end of the unit.

V. Reflective Response
A. Report of Student Performance in Terms of Stated Objectives (Reflection on student
performance written after lesson is taught, includes remediation for students who fail
to meet acceptable level of achievement)
Remediation Plan
B. Personal Reflection (Questions written before lesson is taught. Reflective answers to
question recorded after lesson is taught)
VI. Resources (in APA format)

Parts of Bees Guided Note Sheet
A ______________________________ appendage of the head

_____________________________ section of the bees body

The middle body section of an insect where _______________________________ and
_________________________________ are attached.

The _________________________________ (hind) body segment of an insect

The flight appendages of bees; bees have a total of __________________________________