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Kelsey Dawkins

Billy Salyers
English 102
4 October, 2015
Same Sex Marriage: Scriptures to the Government
States are already making it legal for homosexuals to get married. It is so shocking in my
eyes. We come from a country where we have always put God first, including in God we trust on
money to the pledge of Allegiance. One nation under God is the most outstanding part in it
because we live in a nation where we have usually have always put God first until now. We are
changing our ways and straying away from the bible more and more by doing things that are
against what the God would want. Same sex marriage is making the world less judgmental by
saying we are all trying to come together, but it is not right in many peoples eyes including
The same sex marriage situation has made one of the biggest conflicts in America. People
argue over whether their state should be legal to gay marriage. Homosexuals make it a big deal
that it should be legalized in every state just because they want the same benefits that a normal
couple would have. Some Gay couples do not really care about the marriage part at all because
they know that they can live together and be perfectly fine without the paper work that says that
they are married. There are a lot of benefits behind getting married including unmarried couples
do not inherit property of their loved ones and they get denied for their applications on public
housing. They also cannot draw social security from there significant other if they die. This all

comes down to the fact that homosexuals just want the benefits of the marriage. (Freedom to
Same sex marriage is against the bible and most of society is based on the bible. We have
specific types of laws prior to what the bible says. For example do not kill and do not steal. There
are laws and if you break them you probably will be going to jail. The Bible says do not kill or
steal. We go throughout are day basing our lives on the foundation of the Bible if you believe it
or not. That brings me to the point of same sex marriage and how it should not be a part of the
everyday society. God made one man and one woman in the beginning and those individuals
were named Adam and Eve. Adam was a man and Eve was a woman and he said go be fruitful
and multiply (Genesis 1:22). If he would have wanted the same sex to be together than he would
have made a woman and a woman or a man and a man. The bible specifically clarifies that. Also
you cannot be fruitful and multiply if you are the same sex.
Another aspect that homosexuals look at are that they think that most people
should be treated equal and no one should be judged. Which is true but there are rights and
wrongs to every situation. Homosexuals use the phrase God is a loving God and we all come
from the same God and we are all loved equally. Yes that is true, but God has a specific plan for
all of us and he is a very loving God until you do something that he does not agree with. There is
major evidence that points toward why Gay marriage should not be supported. Gay marriages
usually end up adopting kids or go through vitro fertilization if you are a female (Yale Child
Study Center psychiatrist Kyle Pruett). The kids usually end up asking their moms questions
like what happen to my daddy or where is he. The kids will be so used to seeing other children
with a mom and dad they get confused on why they do not have one. Children raised by
homosexuals usually end up with problems like gender disorders. Religious individuals have

their own strong opinions about same-sex marriage, but they are not the only one who have an
opinion against it. Many other people are against it as well because of the same reason of the
children who are brought up into a family with two of the same sex parents always grow up
missing something in there life. According to Mark Regnerus who did a study at the University
of Texas states that children growing up in intact homes with both the biological mother and
father present to raise them are more likely to go down the wrong path and be confused more
than children with a father and a mother.
With all of the concerns I went over, it is no wander why so many people have a strong
opinion against same sex marriage. It is a bigger picture to look at then just equal rights for
everyone. Its the fact that the world would be in a worse place than it has already gotten if they
keep continuing with this process. Same sex marriage is not right in many peoples eyes. It isnt
right for the children that have to grow up in these families and confused by what is happening.
If we follow the scriptures instead of the government we would be in a much better place than
we are today.

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