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Ashley Baker
Parker Jenkins
Sambat Jerry Kim
International Relations
12 October 2015

Homeland Security: An Annotated Bibliography

Arcos, Cresencio. "The Role of the Department of Homeland Security Overseas." The Heritage
Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Oct. 2015.

The attacks of 9/11 reinforced the notion that homeland security does not start and stop at
a nation's borders. As Secretary Tom Ridge of the Department of Homeland Security
(DHS) has stated, "Homeland security can't stop at a nation's border.

We didnt realize that an attack could happen to us. Our country simply wasnt ready.
Many Americans were passed during this attack. Before 2001, Americas focus wasnt on
security that much, but after the attack, we realized that we have to be more secure and
more ready for action. We need to protect our citizens in this country. Its not only
protection of the air traffic, but also the borders.

I believe if we were more alert and prepared, we can protect our country and its citizens.

Baker Jenkins Kim 2

Demmer, Valerie L. "Civil Liberties AND HOMELAND SECURITY. (Cover
Story)." Humanist 62.1 (2002): 7. Academic Search Premier. Web. 12 Oct. 2015.

In this publication, Demmer discusses ways theProvide Appropriate Tools Required to

Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act, aka the PATRIOT Act, has impacted societys civil
rights. Written in a serious tone, underscored with a bit of sarcasm, Demmer arbitrates
the ways in which civilians ought to become more acquainted with what is taking place in
congress. I sense a bit of slanting toward one viewpoint; however, she does touch on
some poignant issues brought about by the rash launch of the bill.

Demmer declares, that following the September 11th tragedy, came a time of McCarthy
like tactics, implemented by President Bush and his conies. In an interview, Rep. Ron
Paul (R-Texas), who was 1 of only 3 Republicans not in favor of passing the bill stated,
in essence, that they (Congress members) werent allowed the opportunity to read the
provisions of the new law; and that the bill hadnt even been printed before voting
ensued. Signifying how abruptly the law was pushed through by the Bush administration.
Demmer continued to quote individuals throughout her article, recalling stories of exactly
how people such as: political figures, cartoonists, media moguls and average-joes were
impacted and even ostracized by the new law.

I feel this article brings forth an opposing viewpoint and highlights the ways in which
innocent people were shaken by the enforcement of the Patriot Act. Including such

Baker Jenkins Kim 3

information in our report will allow us to present both sides of the argument in relation to
the purpose of Homeland Security, its affects on our Civil Liberties and freedom.

"Department of Homeland Security: Key Facts on Fixing Our Broken Immigration System
Through Executive Action." Council on Foreign Relations. Council on Foreign
Relations, 20 Nov. 2014. Web. 12 Oct. 2015

DHS will put into effect a Southern Border and Approaches Campaign Strategy to
change the way in which we distribute resources to the borders. This plan will employ
DHS assets in a tactical and coordinated way to provide effective enforcement of our
laws and interdict individuals seeking to illegally enter via land, sea, and air.

Homeland Security is very important in this country. After the terrorist attacks on
September 11, our country had to getting strict with its security. We are trying to prevent
it from happen again. Weve not only secure the southern border, but also our air and
water ways. This way, our country is more secure and mindful of what could happen.

I believe in the past, were not really focused on security because we thought that no one
would attack us, but they did. So now, we are more prepared and vigilant in an effort to
protect our country.

Baker Jenkins Kim 4

Giuliani, Rudolph W. "The Resilient Society by Rudolph W. Giuliani, City Journal Winter
2008." The Resilient Society by Rudolph W. Giuliani, City Journal Winter 2008. N.p.,
2008. Web. 12 Oct. 2015.

This article went into detail about what the Department of Homeland Securitys job is
and why they were created.

According to reports in the public record, there have been at least 14 attempted terrorist
attacks since 9/11; this is partly due to increased vigilance. The DHS was also created as
a central barrier for communication. How much information does the CIA and FBI keep
from each other unintentionally due to barriers? This article discusses how the DHS is
supposed to help the FBI by acting as the center for information.

I think this will add an interesting element and provide necessary background information
for our project.

Jaffe, Alexandra. "What Would Happen If DHS Shuts Down? - CNNPolitics.com." CNN. Cable
News Network, n.d. Web. 12 Oct. 2015.

Would Americans feel the impact of a shutdown? Communities that have a large amount
of people staffing the DHS, would be the first to feel the hit. Local fire and law
enforcement offices funded by DHS could be affected with longer response times.

Baker Jenkins Kim 5

This article was written in February, so many of the examples talked about what would
happen if a deal had not been reached at that time.

I did find it interesting that the article touched on which agencies could be affected with a
shut down. Many of the government sectors would continue to run even if the funding
lapses. I did not realize how many departments were linked to the DHS.

"Surveillance Under the USA PATRIOT Act." American Civil Liberties Union. N.p., n.d. Web.
12 Oct. 2015.

This is the official website of the American Civil Liberties Union. The site serves to
inform the public of their Civil Rights and Liberties. In this section, the topic of the
Patriot Act is addressed. The underlying tone is that of importance and a sense of urgency
for action. I feel that this website is also a bit slanted in their viewpoint; however, it
addresses valid news.

The site lists the ways in which civilians rights are fundamentally violated by the
sanctioning of the Patriot Act. It also argues that the law breaches constitutional rights.
The ACLU compels people to become civically engaged; and to further educate
themselves on the influence of governmental power.

Baker Jenkins Kim 6

I feel this is pertinent material that people need to become cognizant of. By including this
information in our presentation, we are able to expand our knowledge on what Homeland
Security is, what our rights are and the effects of the Patriot Act.

Ashley Baker

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Key Facts on Fixing

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