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Deissy Martinez Estupian

Isabel Cristina Pieros Franco
ngela Marcela Rivera Romero

Escuela de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales

Programa de Trabajo Social
Fundacin Universitaria Monserrate

Octubre 27 de 2015
Bogot, Colombia



To identify possible root causes of domestic violence, in order to establish

mechanisms that leads to the solution of this problem.


To know the causes that overall domestic violence

To Build prevention tools to help mitigate domestic violence

As part of our research information allowing to know what the most common possible
causes and why domestic abuse occurs , in order to establish guidelines for self-care for
people who are living this violence and with which look we can expand the information
on the subject is taken .
Therefore it is necessary to know the meaning of domestic violence, psychological or
establish if it is given only causes physical causes. That is why our research talk about it
because it is an issue that still affects many people, perhaps for fear of denouncing or
simply a lack of information. It is difficult to talk about the ties to family level and even
more so when these ties are broken, that lead to the destruction and family disunity, this
is what makes it interesting to investigate this issue.

DEFINITION DOSMETIC VIOLENCE: Ley 294 de 1996 Any form of violence in the
family is considered destructive of its harmony and unity and, therefore, will be
prevented, corrected and sanctioned by public authorities Timely and effective
especially those in the context of a family are or may become victims, in any form,
physical or psychic damage, threats, abuse, insult, offense, torture or outrage, because
behavioral protection another member of the household; Equal rights and opportunities
for men and women. (http://www.col.ops-oms.org/, s.f.)


FAMILY: According to Angela Maria Quintero; Family is the first group of

socialization in which shared different experiences, emotions, feelings of personal and
collective social economic political and cultural level, either by blood or by analogy.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE: Psychological violence can range from jokes, teasing,

individual or collective humiliation, segregation participation in activities, hurtful
words, graffiti, anonymous notes based on discrimination by national or mental origin,
ethnicity, sexual preference, gender, physical condition. To this it is evident that
psychological violence encompasses several elements of social and cultural order where
the person is exposed to multiple traumas simple or complex degree.

It recognizes a wide range of situations, corporal punishment (beating, whipping,
pinching, slapping, even criminal injury or death); forced stay in place, individual or

It is proposed from the area of social work intervention strategies and designing a
professional profile that empowers address the issue of family violence. Also
encouraging family life styles solidarity.
It is important that social work from the following care services for victims provide:

Provide advice and counseling to the user

Make home visits to follow up the case
Provide emergency aid
Coordinate with other institutions that are involved with the subject, so that there
is a full accompaniment.

With this it projected promote and encourage the recovery of both physical and
psychological health, where they can transform attitudes towards family violence with
which they can develop skills to prevent such violence.

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