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Indian J Econ Dev

Volume 11 No.4 (2015): 833-842

DOI: 10.5958/2322-0430.2015.00091.8
Research Article


A.K. Brar and P. Kataria
The present study, conducted to examine the overtime changes in area, production and productivity
of sugarcane in India with particular reference to Punjab, has been based on secondary data. The
secondary data pertaining to the area, production and productivity of sugarcane for the study period
1980-81 to 2013-14 were culled from various published sources. The study highlighted that area as
well as production of sugarcane in India nearly doubled during the study period. The production
profile of sugarcane in major sugarcane producing states of India revealed that Uttar Pradesh,
Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the major sugarcane producing states of India. In
2013-14, contribution of Punjab to sugarcane production of India has been reported as 1.8 per cent.
The productivity of sugarcane in Punjab is less than that of India. The study further highlighted the
declining compound annual growth rate for sugarcane area, production and productivity for India
as well as Punjab during the later part (2000-01 to 2013-14) of the study period. Notwithstanding,
the declining growth rates of area under sugarcane, the proportion of net sown area allocated to
sugarcane cultivation has increased from what it was in the beginning of the study period, both in
the case of India and Punjab. Decomposition analysis illustrated the role of increasing the sugarcane
acreage in a bid to increase the sugarcane production in the country at large and Punjab in
Keywords: Decomposition, India, Punjab, sugarcane.
JEL Classification: C23, O47, Q10, Q18