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| Dichung nach Motiven der lies | | HEINRIGH BULTHAUPT | Solostimmen (Gor und Orchester yy {; i a i, ia ALT] ay Auffiihrungsrecht vorbehalten. Das Auffiihrungsreeht dieses Werkos oder ¢inzelner Theile daraus, hat dio Vorlagshandiung vorbehalten. Die Concertvereine, Gesellschaften und Direktionen, welche aasselbe autzutih. ren deabsichtigen, wollen wagen der Bedingungen gefl. sich direkt an dieVer- logshandinng wenden. Zor Auffiihrung ist in erster Reihe nothwensig dio kéufliche Erwerbung des gesammten Notenmaterials: Partitur, Orchesterstimmen Cucbst Doub ~ letten,) Chorstimmen ond 5 Clavierausziige ais Sotostimmen giltigy Das Abschreiben over jede sonstige Vervielfaltigung vu Stimmen, sowie der Nachdruck des Textbuches oder cinzelner Sticke daraus, sind gosetaich verbotem und wird ausiiicklich davor gowarnt Gegen Zuwiderhandlungen wird dic Vorlneshandlung stew Rechte sofort ge setzlich geltend machen. N. Simrock. Notice! Right of Performance Reserved. Te right to perform this work or any part or parts thereof ix reserced by the Publisher. Directors of Concerts and Societies mbo wésh to make use af the work will please communicate directly with the Publisher in regard to terms. for a performance « necessary condition sx thit we complete work be purchased: Orckestra- Score, Orchestra- Parts (in full), the Chorus Toive.- Parts unt five copies of the Piano- Score, sor the ase af the Soloists Ll persons are hereby warned against copying or in any way reduplicat. ing the parts ax wet as reprinting he Text- Book or any part or parts thereof, ax the same is forbidden avcording to law. Any violation of the Publishers rights witt be promptly prosecuted. N. Simrock. 548.8648 Personen. Achilleus oe Ey eet enon: Andromache . . . Hoher Mit, Hektor . Bariton. Odysseus | Polyxena (Prinmus’ Toehter 7 . Sopran ‘Thetis Agamemnon . 7 Bass Priamus | (Die Pause ist nach dem te” Theil zu machen.) INHALT. CONTENTS. eof PROLOG (Chor) { jaa erverte dus dah den Laut Nine ines te yar fan reven her ere} ERSTER THEIL. Part I. (Neun Herolde) .,dem stab des Herold’s gebet Ehr! SCENE Nine Horolds) “oie honor nate wet Hertttay?™ } , »j(Am Gestade des Meeres) j.Unmuth im Herzen'— ) - SCENELOn the sou shore) (Achilleus).t°¢ieum in my heart 5 Tier unterst in Mee . CHOR. | Zphiensin ie deapest se Des Sohnes Stimme: . RECITATIV (Thetis).| 27hy yoice J heer} (Thetis und Meergittinnen) ,;Tochter des Nerens*— . SOPRAN. SOLO mit FRAUENCHOR|/7jeris anid goddesses of te sit) “Donghtrs of Mere RECITATIV und DUETT (Thetis und Achilleus). 2 Yom Meete steiet ein biulieher Dutt" © CHO. | Zine on the see be ms is rriingA -) 5 ey mares thon” ZWEITER THEIL. art I. Ne 8. SCENE (Andromache). suet surance toy nd a=) INGESANG der TROJANER: Wir brinzen Opter \G SONG OF THE TROJANS: “We bring Thee saorifi Gober and pray Ne 9 N10. DUETT (Andromache, Hektor). {x}, Malerund alin os wie side Wosen—y No 11. QUARTET mit CHOR. { 23)" kemet-mm Kemet} [Om ont om, on? Nv 12. SCENE (Chor).| er sabe dort allin?- io eons there tone} DRITTER THEIL. Part TI. Ne age) DIE LEICHENFEIER DES PATROKLUS. NOUB") FUNERAL RITES OF PATROCLUS \RINGKAMPFER} Gefallen ist, gefallen im Feld ‘He's fallen, on the field e is fell” 5 WAGENRENNEN || W (U_EHREN DE’ HARIOT- RACES \ HONORS OF WAR TO PATROC \DIE STEGER | Ne 184) 7177 ICTORS \ Durch die ambrosisehe Nacht" NOW. CHOR:| pire ihe umtroan night) Ne 45. RECITATIV und DUETT(Achilleus und Priamus).| “yer my vorve, hear son of Peleus!”—S NY46. SCENE (Andromache).{ 2m eee te sre ee a} NUAT. EPILOG (Chor). { 75 ewe ya the greet one?) — a ,Pelews Sohn, hix'meine Stimme!*— soa an au 313 any an7 a6 307 393 sn sine ttiioan sw CTI LLEUS, eases bye Mies foi Morgan 13 Mn. Morgan {Cee ot the Hien only tents na Prolog. ‘eas a Wig BC (Der Chor.) Max Bruch. Op. 50. Moderato e mavstoso. (4 «#8) liten. 2 Hoboen, 2 Clarinettew in Be 2 Fagotte, A Horner ix Es. Trompeten in Es. te 3 Posaunen HBeAg aba.) \ a fT | Pauken in Es.B. Vitine ee vintoe 1. Bratsehe. Sopran I. Sopran Tl. Mt. ‘Tenor. “pass 1. Bass TL. Violoncelt. contatas, (DES Moderato © maestoso. Coryright 1885 by G.-Sehirmer, New York. ‘Derek Ree LAE npr SS lomre Rew - nt ie" fines ISron = mal Me fae ial Fines ‘mal Pies Seu — al Mine” Fite Swe = mol dr Nine Hines the { - [ose wollen | oe. Db i Silom ‘pesanle aeacte das [abe dew | Laat Teeter A= [hit = er gw [rnd =teges | Heer —| Seo! has row fect her bourses Since Mes “Whos an, ab” [Passeer ut hash the [aah dn | Lint, it der. A= fot er ne foal = topes 1 = ped her [courses — Since the A |rlew rn, a "| poner Pad ‘tee flnieten | Laat = fala ticgee y rtag 1 fearon [eons 5 1 ossner ad fr=te das Pir ate | Cal Seu tase bee der (cowrse, i 7% sti der Jeb = oF me =]val wc \ Since the M-|thes an, [power dad pwr he area es wars te dhe dale den Laut, Sit der = eh = er ge = wal -tieate Sear hes bree jail her course ———— Since the Ho che san, a” powwrersful fer vender filed — wath, tw Pir frumis home, here ie firm sonder [iter mathe ‘ar foams | hose, her in von der | Wel — math. im ler wonder filed ~ sat te om as das Best Be * ‘von der unt Som his fer vender Wel > ey tw Far fram tis home here’ in yo == sete [Lav Wee =” Fi Hany iyo = 1 > seen awd iro.” un Maw yo 1 — sel [tam r=” “jan han tro techen [and ion >= ene fant wo ~ iron] Land, i “jr =f Tran dash ra erode pred roundel | toe or ine a das heh fy = ened Spvualrnn ih foe orig, tn daw hook] ra = Er = de Spria/rowndi tow = "er > tg ord soma reac ee = AP ge ra dew back = racen=de Sprndvov gh in adashork Spread. ronnie lowers ing| a ne es orld Cane ine Tas = ela Chane ine ora Chante Clan ins ve = eel Cane ne st nd a aa serps ets ar =e? tashinchis bracsen | net! eobrr-ws Nett ee = sean? lashing his brancen [net to hercurs Netra =p lashing hig brancen [et rons Nez ae -fepana using his Draccen [hel relwr-are Nvln_ae =f cuasing his Braczen [nett Crabtree Netz ge spat! clashing ts bracsen met? Tre-devnd Hlaming he dread Hlamie Matic ern torn vat -[brame=te die ee iS toate vat = [brame—te ae on iRind feat lyeann ‘ie lain ty the ry te wat -[orane-t6 die fi 2|ind tae the eat = brann=te aie o> Rind ted the Fa eked tes Fas chet tovehe Fa oh fava sel Invehes Pas cl lovches wer” For “a f ries, um ein wan For “a Kriegs, em ein wor, for “a ab ie ‘ Te=rish ton safe ‘ie dine de PBand—frevelnd ae[riss. ened heim=Hinetfer ‘tte Boles fas Tiana fe brake tit in fit seer ithe beintige ste aw trevetud aee-fas Shathe hocttcest [tie Waatow 1 broke, ale dae ‘ Tread at Hiawton = 285 Fi afi. find Mel: Ya vend ohr-beiss, «drm cliche ete 7 te Vorly lied fo flights sere? pron fie das Weitz ste land resend erp, toharthe wot flies Manton tv [Broke, pet to diedias Geie igs ste Rand frevelad ver— tins, ‘ued au vim =tineher Sivtie dosti est tie Winton 1 broke, aint bo flight sven Flocbt sieht dem Jeri nen Ver [fu rer ae fade flight, to binthe Wruntoons Se Jducwer give [rar Flere sich it dem fut non Wer [Fuhrer et — fran Hight, to Winathe [ianuicone — Se -|ituezer_ sare lowe? ise ses at dom fob nen Ver-[fh= rer aes fama? Mitte 1, hiowsthe Peanicous Se Nduecer — guce leurs Furi sek mit dem boh= wen Ver ffth= ver ae Sgt to. bimathe Yeadeans Se Hane" give ear Flues seh wit dem boli wen Tigi, 12. hinsthe Prunicuns —§ agree [eae —— + = = Flt seb mit dem sch nen Ver fh vee 1! inmate Bnwicons tut - to mie oe ec ia ——— a 2S] jon =, tn» wer fo a hak the | par ts ~ ~ rs on the = —_— i cide tie on SSS he cies t on her lowed fern vind > track pat Tract “Yptat to Irach "of fas) urmiga = bene = ors Wonsespor [ole = ten die wyaessinruing \fol - hata ~ Wo-geuspor [tole ten dle saesrming [fd » bac a= TF Wo-gemp on back o the eicagsenrming fol li a ASS] Richer “nr flict her tice thr flint her ieee he fll her Iaeter ae fener her Rieter thr sngers her ticle ihe rags her fick, er-arimmt ch der Petmach an ite Prriged the Pi suit iach, fy er = fgrimmt ob, Fa Prea eae. eh, sf, Pi, Sorth rast. nor Jail hoty rishit oso ail, Sait he lassSrith, Bx ~ ie ee me sd forth =| Cre ae er the am am fuse “igea] is ~ tos ‘att vr-avingteh der etwas |a a ly |Het © tas stron, BSc By the [se ar nats ait, an [erage dex Joell - won. [het-t = ew | el= am Kran A= forth rashtaccall, etl ho ty.” faat ho = ty \it-tasstivnatht Dat reprint der|Sehmueh! Biroresidby the in luc = ew fiter-tos Kran es [isi ho Es ticles strenethy at Vio bran = ate des fick = tigen te = toe frat vastil| forth noe all, fall ~ oely| Hel = Ine enelh ff, ‘seumaet, EE ein ob er Setimneb Er- grimnt tne = sul, Brcragd by the ines sll Brag ty 9 io = ber ash Bui on the pit = eat ra = ha mt ‘on the der Seam, the Yin sat ao fact by rinmt ob fee peed is 0 grim Mer Seta fue = te = hae is sa, Siarm = ing rs : a= Tie der Reiwarm der i [ane feone = ers [fol tomd tor | fist sr, ber aot |ptat= to ser. | oad Bot on the lone ofthe Vath tse | Wor ata ee Kral, — dee | tei - ge ‘int ob der Schima Sin far YA ain, orange ei Stina der | Rice, dr Sener. eh [ls eh folg - te thr hawt, feat ob der seerm = ing fer Vests Bucract bythe fog teder Sehmarm ————— der Ssweminga = tees Tere fol = by —t ose des ve al! bre in = sult | rast Sp = = ra fetwach an = brats des hei = | ae fin = Sully Sorthrustitall| ho hy lant bate Sete, gid tv the “eo ‘ll, all Jal? hots Jal hoy for = liken Jet? hoty ef. = des foe It- mew Ja howls. |ster. lee. 2 ff ane a= Ter feinach ao > brn -e dee Weleli-gee fel the sili orthrashdno it hosts, Hit. ~~ ie. a0 # agee wath, ve art ob der Sash Brg the 2 = f= seute = ~ ‘tas | igh ld the i 2 tae Re _p fee tom eran | 2 ansteneiat] Ie Rent! Es = das Meer, 2 lasstrengint "hon sigh the sas 33 et. oon Faompito ompre ‘dritte der [Br - de (Grud, Sturm = wind fin - tedus [Kampf - qe-rirel, domernd er sounded the | earth, the [earths Sturm — wind brung thelon’ [oat - te jery, und Pings made ardhnte er | Rr de (6rd, dorm = wind tie ~ fe im [Ramp ~ ee-Petvea, ioonernd er ssonded the | earth, the earth, Movm — sind rang thelond Vat te lery, id ring: made dviinit der | kr de [Grund surm = wink [iin — tedns [Kempt ee ee ee sounded the | cart, ~ the Jearthy Morn 2 scind rane Uelond — |Oate = the (ery, At hand ring made “greainvoll witte der | Br “wieSturmwind | tin = te das [Rampt - ge-Bebrel, mach ~ fdonsernd er ‘eful reepowaed the Testormecind | rang the iond| bate = He leryy” And Vhundring made Ss ~geminvoller-flrdimte der | Rr = de Growl, | wieStarmnind ‘in = te das [Kampt = ge-fehevi, nach - [lonnersd er = reofonnded the earth, the earths | thestormecind | rang thetond| bat the Tory,” Aird Vhund'ring made ‘rain - voll vrdribate der Br = de Grund, wieSturmwiad ‘in te das Kampf - ge-sehrel, neh ~ donnerad er = vic, Jud resound the, earth, the earth, thestormctnd ring. the Loud bat ~ te ery, And thundring made seen Schall de shout The ta = set -til = gen [ir as uniensandscitcar=rionit fs =| : heb-te dem tremble the ate dean tremble the ‘wu — seud-stinani ata, [Irie vlschow Sehatt div lionseanilthewsandecthicar-riontibe shout The tt = ge ty = sentxtinataeey, via rheen Stall Jewsnaitonsandzetih tries sho The eb dem tremble the tow = sendestina gen, [Rries® risehon Sehall die Wiems-and tsar acid scurrioelihe shout The dem | he ce treme wer the tm - n-dimaiur ivegs risen Seale Dente Whows-anidtaerandscati|ar-riotty shout The ‘end-stinim er Ms andjtensioaecnc fee tremble the The Ve = ste des [tlimmes im [frst = mess uf |Pharsen in lim fast = ness of |eaven in Ve = ste den first = ese of immed im Vreaven in Ve = ste des fllimmels ion [fast mss of [Pleaven in Jas ness of bisnmets im Heaven th Se dex Himes oe Sast-ess of Heaven in [wie = ech ich Wie = ch = ‘er [oa avr - fo. ing? ‘er =f ‘er = 0 ling? Wie = ch er ~ hall det Gomera et = |beb-te dem — | tau — vend fatimani-gen Krieg? — risehen (Sohal We - te des thamtring —ynade™—rvntte he | thousand, [honed tifroer rior (shoud [jest = mss. of te = ~ —_| Gomerd er - [bebete dem [nw - seml-fotinmiogen = reba We = te dee thamérine made” \trenbie ‘the | thousand, hound ref 2 Hntihe Vea fast mess. of tem oa -fsimaigen fee «sehen beta tw des wate” |rentie ts fuoneand ite sie ist = mess downernd er bebe dem : Ve = te tes thundvis— mate \trvmibe the 7 z 7 [fast = mesh Gomera er = Pete dem fin = sd fetta in = riven” feta Ve > ate dew handing — made” |tronbic the | tons nd [mand eiticer. ratte Read i fst ness of = —S ao Geumved tr = bnbete dem tan ~ sa lini thuntring made tremble the thous trasand tsar “es _ ees poco rit, nme iw Teaven in isei® im Taran in =] tae “ine 7 Dor bask wie ela fal Bit Kvn as a fold S lo svelte fell pnevels ey uct foemmate der [trot - seen [tel = den [Sohane It wr. apap them the | Tro > iow Yaosty bes . sb i waunate der | tran 1 — sehen | Het Inet ad eppsponed thn the p - ‘muth-voll den dae dew Sehwnr jon Paws Bid brome as a felt Dock siark wie ein Wall hewm-t der tro=1 - sebem Bud strong asd wail mel ened opposed them the aah somes paar eer eo Pr ten Gtelipo 1. resante Se Gieioh im [foreht ba - rea [Wehr -[ epiet A beat Wet farhal | play ih tm [iret — ba = veh | Wordnet =| spit = one ts in their fardid | play Ll pesint eich im Jfrekt = ha = ren [Wrrbsed-| spied sehwe= Fe ony in theirlfarhd | play swing Seal Tiron Sawalt.——f — thre: Swat throng P= ifm | fb Betalen ae areadscates of Sehaten dex arabscales_ a Senate des dnadseates of bien to yo ‘ie to Aicel| aber ined! Tre (a =" hua ir they ‘nie ie auch fans Ft nese ach dio dere ‘wie ale mth drs Ser they nie eae anne br they wir seach oss ert ingen im Rivelt, ficrels marine, rin-aen im ret vcs ma trie, Fin-gea im Ket, ficnerts nay arise, in-aew_ im irl Ljivvevts mre fare rin-avn tm Bevel Fiend: men Sierte may tree, ns oh Princesa Princesa First unt [Princesa W Firs wnt Princesa Pisin ond Princesa irsten od Princesand Vir flers vit - [her Wart? fiers ker dnt 2 Wonse Val = fer wna > Wows a a tea wi fhommen ter [Toe a | b--e Some [re at fe woe” | atte : : is == Le ale =e == lent wirt fbommen der [Toe dn drs | beige. | 1 tiom fun -[ent—t Sonat [arn a? est tae [echt | Hen (ai Ma | A 5 ; JSS Pa 7 len int fom cer [meu te 1 Senet grey Yat her |e to Sex —T fi ep 1 tieam Jain =k —h Hin Mehl Jal Pat a inst wird Juommen der [Sour Hm tne me the [day oll at fest hen Se ; : mils 7 Bee a = aes a hin [sion en Jat! a Fo sempre p. ‘amos foitat und tes [vous dex [ranczenkon-atzen | Pricans [too and the ole, the fel teknce td Mon lng wd das [Voth de [an-zenhon-dizen | Kis Too and the Wath, the Jottafthtence tae Mom tnt unt ds [Voth dew [aswereohan-stigen | KS Peisamns [oo and the [thy the Volbof Meee trained Mow Prt-amox_feliot und daw [VoIk des [lutearakon-digen | Ko Pricamas [too andthe Yolk, the Yate tine tosied Mew Prichmos feist und dns [Wolk dex [Inn-svehun-dlgen [ Ri Pricamas Vtoo andthe York, the Yoko Oeiwcetrained Mow Pri-fimo= selintund das Volk des Ian-zeabuncdigen KB Pricames too and the Jolt, the folie telencetrained Mon ERSTER THEIL. PART I. NOL Scene. Allegte molto maestasa, (d < 108.) : E SS & Posawuen und Tuba. g 3 Tendre st Be BE 2Bisset. Ki 8 Bisset. Pauken in C6. Sab tes on = one « a fon monarch com > 5 ee CHOR. (Grice \Grorks Hore Mark! durch dle Gr fark — ‘0 the Ssh] rth dle Ge dark — 0 the raft ce ar alls to lattes aor Cats a att es ‘als it to and des = lrutt ex aur | Caits “a tear raft re aur Cats a. pate Spetena| Behlatt, 20 mee te ‘Seton racam Werder = aramid suranducs-truc = tion? ween Ver=ier son es saa ge ep aniead Ct ~ ‘is wc eaisoy ae tory eS b Se Uuiten dir fevot, tans nkt der [Muh Broken our [por curcourage atte? f= —— z pe =a staat ie | Katt, — ‘wsslnkt der th? Verges ot Broken our | pow, — our courage [fas Obi alin 9=F +S sz cae = scp “in porn tral Wregeh = liebee Otol! ~ all in Iaote racgen ae Prout tora ihe Iatit = die eafcots Int de pos braken our == ss labt die Mi Shon Broken our sense = liehes Oa! "aon Buin SSS eae = Gtteen be «fest. a fe ~ Boring \eodsare they [bleste eee SE te nhs | wont der ums Yen le are [auts. aur] cour ace Lathe [0 rules i Math ter’ Moshe Verge — lice = ake Jails, files Ooi! atte : L, Ye fp reel + a fsorz raga die [Muacery 1 PProudtontrall te salvo I? \ wenge — Tees [oitiat Oro” alin leant ey i Tenge = lies [i', wok Moke der Moht — pintet fy verge iches | Min, — tune sinkt der Moth! Manserw lod alt ourvour - age fst sof { be SSS O fruit less fa ~ hour! tw slit dep Mahe ‘our courage fails? pm LF pesnnte ‘peste svar das outhe wactersonr Rio ses zs! an denebittn de madman Scarce moo". ‘St Dp gwee, 7 | = : fs oy Vou tri = geriwel Scarce moo” ed [By ‘modern de ll the eahies ae| ee ‘do moatern de fll the ca bes poco ‘mollo erese. ‘motto evese. === ae il ee fibre uns 2a| To us fibre uns tu} lead ws "Ot ene lt be a0] tind ws a het wos tu 0. te TK = tlsge unr ae 7a Rais, Oke _mufano in Ba.B Fits rik, Tabre wos aufrie, back; 0" lead we pack, ek fir wis wofriek, ach, lead ws pach, Paks fire des fa-jrieky back, Lead us Pack, ick, thet fos fa=nieks buck, 0 iead ws back ae F Rect. Mh Fi Ps Agameltils a eS | ee voi = BM brady FSU leat pers jnerys a oP: = ee 5 rt . = $ret Bip ae pata tee =e Toned the gods their heals, He noble Fallen,” Princes and nations, and yet mo end tothe fear. fui == & Allegro moderato. Agamemnon. Recit. be oe =p SHS Wohlan dewat ‘Soho met F F ‘ler ts obs Rad tas ear T loosen the fliers that Allegro moderato. a tempo (Wiesr0.) altompo (Meer) Alleygro.( = 104.) hagas pees HA 4 ogrod £ fa ker geet au dea lin = chor wetiigiven, to the Sp a Tndeaisenit — fen fo = Ker -wecplehetet, ru dea Thal the x Ishias a - fi an ~ chor weligiten, fo the : eeeatare ae cent ane an rfsait = ta fr = ker encitcte, end ie Vee ee elope (te wale le Hares pepe z Batty wie grist uns das Wortt fort, die An ker pen San 1 — = A £ audea Sif few Totheships, a 5S ——- poco rit. I == + = vis das} Wort, erie spr — tendie | FIG — gel ow hove =") | cont’ | filihe Tho, spread beings or a — Se a ad im ~ | veore —— | | rinat spel ~ tewaie| FIG - gut au | iden - Ii - ober] Home| ward! ———| ate ond Spread “"thenvings for a | boy ~ are ond rim = | ker! erist fam dw Home ~ | swort? coe As is rites dis neds ant Mest? Gt rs 8 ey lene eaten = ey Hd Sole alane et = pre) = teadie | FI — got am | gk ~ Gtr (Fuhr spread —“ierlcings for a | ay — ae orelet? Spt p ‘ie spred = Woden Fi. gel au glick — It ~ cber Fabri! Wie to. aendieWia ‘a They Spd thins Be ae het Teen areas nla! = fee (eg eer SEE Sore Et fee Srea eS =e Sapir Daaees re Pe ee a] die [arts unde [ri ge1 a | lick~ - aerfuir, o thd am 9 von ay [Slemn ds By | Brut Gs BP oe ROM B88 Bronte inn” ; — E ‘ yt = =f —< we fst tae [re — fet an Tarrant, 9 thd wm onde [Sen = des They | read hays Sor ce Tooptat "amas 0 ed oe = ae ws ae [aris tiwae [Rd > York 0 Wet am ‘om des |e > dx Sor They [rnd ““atilaias “a” [EO eyo, “ajay rome nea” pao § |e eo | fe fos —| Se PSE i= = =z = aa gat a eos Ree ong von de Sts = ds Bo 8 eae Phy Sprad her ains, “a 2 Bah eo O 5 res Fo To Wo > em Snand so bit. oss, ‘yon des Bera i | In = sein Ge~ dria = ge, ial Ge > to fromthe , the | great Wrong of | I%~ laisdo. the | sp ee eee ‘Strascdes Roope der In ~ sel Gee Arima leh cnond 0 eoaP eet gral tres of Hetty ot - ad dss? fans der is the i“ sores e owe der wild in ei lave der Ml Oa is sve ==} “em Sha > srault_— uns der Sheil an as. sine oe Mor-gra der] Wie~ der 02] Wie = ders marningel) our re-Marn, e | mariage nr re mn es eel i mo = [wie-aer - cts, Morgen deshWie er-febr, aur re = Sturn? morkingof| our re 20 peep toa iit 1 Xen Mores }nte= fee woe moti ems Mor- ‘Moraga er Wieder = morning : morning of ore ~ ae tun pogo ri 2? 2 tempo stringendo Stringendo | ar Ue aT lal. 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Scene, Am Gestade des Meeres. On the sea shore, 2 Piiten, = = 2 Hoboen. = = 2 Clarinetten inB,| = a —— 2 Fagotte, = t 4 Msroer in F ‘8 Tronyeten ink 3 Posaunen. Pauken in EC. Violine I. Violiue I. Bratsct Achilleus. Violoncell. Contrabass. . Andante con moto, (#280) 100, 102 rit. —foutane in c.c, | Recit, ie a § fSe 2 fee =| F TS ee le Peteas,, thon mighclyoney who gow me + wal deme re est ipo, po aac — mah Toren Allegro moveraty, 2 stringendo_ 105 atempo ‘amp. L, tae * dosh In. aterpo stringendo agitate eal z A |f ttt — ‘weeust du dtu Soho woh? kennst da den Soh _uork?— © Sire oie anos thou thy son? 0 Stipe with snort thaw thy son? fe dest da lie” Gio onc vies SS ee - & a ' == = = son colla parte. FS = _—— SSeS Wane Fis Thieh wie- der jourh - when shall Ta -Rtin with Joy,— autempo od In mriste Are inact Ars Lthenshall | em bruce thers —wheushallnue ars ee el ae cara non Recit. 105 —= Andante, Recit. laorvaad IP leona PP ae ‘Kommet iu, Tod? Tdi = ser derSchmer = ren, ‘wahm komuust diy Tod? ——— const thou, Deaih> — Balm forall an ~ gush, whencom’t RouDeath? —— Pena Andante. Recit. Durr daw Ha Tid the Pour of the $10 COM ‘Mecrflat deingt Waffen-ge tire ‘clashing of arms ver= lnstoaun Tish der Sehlacheatrom 18 tray tomes of the tramepet of fe a Recit. atempo c —. + wayl tempo C Con brio. 4-144) lise 3 i} 3 Sere Chand” “ring, ralt=eth the bras Sing ii = P eves. motto Perse. wilt pasha bins som te Tight = un = ern rol = tea die thand? 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Whom calles! thon companion? ronged earl, re. member hav iby rons the oe = fp _ Nop ys F Andanto, alla brove.¢ =52) Diry Pa-troblonsthiroe utd ely Thee, 0 Patroctussmay god all be — Cenfratins, des Uadanks der A toh den— arcrocanaey Wingra Hitadeof WA. ids Alirgeo axitato. rld_ge-sinater Goitdastrauie Huopil Din, Pateo . Klos; shir. ame guiadigein wilt gesianter Gott das nignand graciousgnastihydeny heal! 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Dhow falta troctus— =F ‘a tempo olla parte er BXilegro malto.¢ - 923 = ae tina! 0 Flach in thou, fda? 0 cane ‘only mur di, curse on me, yp una a for ris — ~~ oS re rs 2 ritard. molto ‘che a —- le rea = at Wal 2 sashof alt ritard. ‘tholto Phid teuto. d= “eo war der Beeund, das Haupt dir ta sehirmens shoe was (he friend, roleretoas the foiend, ound the, 10 guard hey my i string. as a = = 7 = at 3S 5 Sa fa Sear = 2 i i et Purebt tare ‘fureht_ba_re ich brachte dir comeon eee <= = ; = == “Triste des Tein to death Bins, rita wo wat dr Prise Hop dir we wha? Se inte dir Tain de sshretas ihe Jitnd'to” guahtine, © guanllos, ay uci tan Wo find? eh Thane indem wi thes . den damamer, der mie den BS there 10 bain forthts Sound” all" con suming tha oud my =e: aee tempo Andante, (Recit.) 5 Aim i Is s Tap t ah hi , a us deo Arann des graven Er fromthearmsof thshoar = 3 Manuante, (Revit) Frew. = Bolte reapers anf an dae Lieb — ‘Matter! Mutter! Em _ por! Jathan, rise to the light = Mother! Sather? past wae —————— 6 —— ff = == aw °3. Chor. $ E Andante sostemuto. 2 Fliten, [6 ae ~ 2 Hoboen, SS = = 2 Clarinetien in A. ie =a as tA 8 S| 2 Fagoite. 2 Hirer in E. | v Ainw 1. Violine U. Bratsche. fees Jeehtummert de slum bers the a Se edire Tiet-wn-terst im Doxonderenin the |p Alt. a —= SSS = al m eo : \ep_————+ Tenor. = — SSH Bass. Violencell. =| Coutrah B > Andante sostemito, (d= sn cee eee Hage ee fn sll-bermer in sil.20r.y sau gitzerade on glittering = are == FH Sa gaa i ater _ “in silvery fon glittering | pil - lowes A dream) though of | ae ras z see fs sil beraee in silvery ut gfitzereden| ‘om itoring f wi. to == eae berner eat run, eta Bil Toss, A dreams though of Pru, — ela A dreams though of inTeaumge — eu - Adreana 133° ran an hy | Lager er Wel teu Ge | win — rowan ir | Lager der Wel - en Go ah e9 her |budon ils towy | throng — ashes to her bod on Bil lem. a = — La gerder Wetlen Ge | wil, weit | der Wellen Ge | bal ov a illows --¥ | throng, — rush — | ~ €8 on Bildow . ¥ rust aw the | Lager der Wel tea G rns der Wellen Ge| rush = 08 her | bal on a Bil toy rush — | ~ e 00 billow - 9 rauseht_— an ihr La.ger der Wel.len Ge — wi rush «65 t0 her bud on a Bil tom.3° throngs Tit unatert i ce = grand om dren in the devp est sia | slum. bers the PPP et. | sebnnet di Drom dren tn the erp sed func bers the PP. 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Mei te at PI = fee S| —. ‘npoco string. fiom 2 a fom a oe Senate rae i= Set fe cup oF ef eu ‘iat = ten ork i voll firings "_ssoos, toe | Fi Jut — = = desea |S ten toekt | Phor ~ bus A - [pol to ail = Lata” linings Phoe 2 bus 4 | pots. to full Hier kewl di f a ave! sow a Bret it wo x pr zc the ies er ew gen "fers ha Phoe Poe bs voll =] =| Ja, [Jat test [ra - fj, To volt -[ ome = fy Jill,” | Jat Ji = sehen toned ~ sehen fins, “toned” [Sine sehenden Kien. tem Sot, — > ects “med jut ~ rawsetfaden fll toned te Silicon ad voll Sul, Traveled ills tomed 202 bg cane Tieb— seed. [hy oll = rac achat, | Riuaet ibe nd Jul, Juli ton 1d \Sont? —— White srt and : 45 al = a a —— st ta vd te and seve and siseed a a ee se ta fi = aman chen = dew lan stom = ed Sone — Jit. Unt liek) = Hey ant set 2 By ‘mt [lich aiilelswvet “Ty ihe | Mts = Ue er -[e- Set der | Me sen bold fe = Hinge wes “in tone ther en = fhoit-tagand er |e thei en - chanting an one, der |e - 2 te line ‘und [eb liek er [us and acet oy the | ius eb = ced = tut ad ma ont -ing aid