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JATL AT LINGOLN GENTER LIBRARY Cottontail Music by DUKE ELLINGTON Transcribed by Dovid Berger end Brent Wallarab FULL SCORE This rasctpon wos mode expel for Exon Elinglon 1996: the Thi 22a lsc Crier High Schoo Jozz Bord Competition ond Festa NOTES ON PLAYING ELLINGTON Se ne ee ee BEruptray Said ements Bee Seer ese ee eon Sig pemue arm imanai manta hey ensigns prea a goa caer sees pare inne mise Ses Sey may ae go fro ‘oy bt one on band pine Clg “Cove Bee Clap Bite soi a Noolp Ege yar yy Teflon il plemenee ceo heat my lg i, [oy dea eis wb ced ont bs ido atrnance er whe low. Geralyn doen tinea ttt ig tc tr hg ‘rth hw hoi nowy fn denon vere wl od oan ‘Sola mon ees Ser sence nw ‘ifr esi nde» Setoneltc ware macnn relma ei ie ees Revenge sip Ts nema gr be gems on ahr ha on at mane he ‘Suing SS kone raya oy a 2. Goma ig shsing The pl ed prs aids hr tons Respect abeaellar eaten cedebopuebest is Ersseeedeeepteesgaty ledge ec eater Ere ee eee fom Teter eh and loeb he, ‘ord hn on lst avi by beng woh ar coe Hepsirepet rater taecinenie ee gd lap nr cera ci iheagh bw nn oo dopa payed te same ume and wit he ig inaten ea prea para a wen at pans et | vlad au 9 gwar op tr, Snes vk mo eee ep ‘ered o's ing poy ay ae a menses nm age ear dra rg to de ped wih oo va, ePOSat eT mach ped vate ns ely lye. he Lng mesa ‘Si pck nds at ano ag ah Eph oer ed ‘She scp es Glove ota aftr nce Mie ane Ra oh Test Ser rately au ale a de he (Seppe Fa pare ohm soaig ote omni o dates nto gente cee eee Sai wii con ‘Tee celgeyied sta” fiensealony ine mage ae eRe, Sen ea a Re Soivia See use abot nil On pan pep — do et deb up cae rigs Seon aps oer ed sept wos ian be al ln ‘Soltero bles fe br” Wis’ gtr wad todd Eo ow tay, Spe gle Samat bracers movie ltd pn ont i; ree ns ve ya mind the {Rng conrad at verge, bode od nd Spc, Soyoway ow mono They pono sn of abc aa seats rg lt per oh Somers ara co dicta pl esd he cin of prior opr acenponne SESE Aree ceed cemeceiceren Signa Tipo sngr f na e nge Rraitoneypaarece cay ares Sa Trond feng 5 aeoeron peta seers ton tipuron bop Oncgs icy Seng some aha, SPIE ce aaah gett esac entice gta cy arcoe ating hese alice pase ea cla ee enema deb nti0l 4 pom cock Me eee pe dan dea a hg wc a ot dtc Re erate eng LB oulre helen don hy ‘pearly nob) on oth bet Ths scale eather the bas dum pow 9 Spee itae tens omnes oe oa Soe ieee dea omovies Sane ah ‘heard The kay thi ayo fo ae Ari con cw rpc SP ESCLENG Misi is raglan re 16 fen gle ol br ar en a. Tyler arate tte et oe ‘Siar pebtpe ond hoon Se a 16 Ho sel phy dow cheno taka ein. rayon sould gtr and steer” aa Sone pps e pep 17. mat vey ci whe loin hr le, Noe mb ppd wi ogi, seinen 18 Aloo panda lant ne i, Ashe oo mi fot dr” Go ter ey Bogor eu samp in Tae aon Sop Fai ga ha ng” GLossaRY Ite flowing om ems which cite eenon fos gaan, Won! New Gteons aa Sonam orga oxciangs tna ome hoch ‘shen ox he ongeten ctor wih ane shoo pai ane ng chen morgen Bay Boer ee alg enc oa” Tao ond cto ve ome ts ie ech ymin mated i terrae pa ge ae tecbaet Pa Patseeriea aa oa ese The gly lon he conn pa otre Ti atone tomcat me Sena gong sed i bon ore, “onbol oble shes re mandonred (ice iam tty at a) wedded fas that pr Sp my led Ingo tor br hrodton Eo ee Som tin ey he meine Was 1 oped neon Vy ah Bec ebtinewih sghtasos wi iS Sge Tec i vie Shout thus ah ro ou eae “ck ca toi hore a Tpit a se enage cme chat and whe be sex inten ag va ‘eiogplyenpoted wo nes nee ton be deen poy ne ea Theta dst enbonce tv bt dis pro ees oak ‘Ta centis npo onto tee Thctceferd nag ae ap eda ed ana oer eee Bip iat eel orate pron yo hn ee sca adc on at ala vp ch Ft Ebevaine ‘oe oth ti wing en ih on ha cond wong id ob9 ond 2 Tei ihn Tied coe ow wo ete deen ‘THE FOUR ELEMENTS OF MUSIC The elwng at ae nar recap nae. We dn prpecie moaegeies acne ‘naib ring SecheSaTGn = nranen ode ck, vd Be e Fide bad it