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Welcome to


Ms. Alishah
Room # 503


About me Personally:
I have been living in Houston, Texas for 20 years.
I can speak, read, and write in 2 languages. ( Urdu & English)
I have three children.
A 10 years old daughter, a 9 years old son, and a 4 years old son.
My two older children are in the Gifted and talented program.


Houston Community

Associates in

University of
Houston Downtown

Bachelor of
Science in

Houston Baptist

Masters of
Education in
Curriculum &

Learning Climate of My Classroom:

Speak courteously, politely, and encourage my students to greet as they
walk in class each morning. Use words such as Please, Excuse me, and
Thank you.
Describe school and classroom rules including the consequences.
Develop a relationship of trust and community among my students, so
the students see them as a whole class instead of an individual.
Encourage students by providing positive and constructive feedback.
Define my expectations from the first day of school, and keep reminding
your students for my expectations.

Promote positive learning environment among my students by

integrating group work and active learning.

Develop self confidence among my students by appreciating

them to take chances, doing their best, and try new things.

Intrinsic Motivators
I will integrate the content area subjects to students
daily life activities.
Include hands on activities such as growing your own
plant to teach the life cycle of a plant.
Integrate group work so the students learn from each
other, develop communication skills, enjoy what they
learn, and be a part of an active learning environment.

Home Work policy

Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis. I
would recommend to spent few minutes with your
child each night to check his/her homework. Also,
encourage your child to read for 30 minutes every
night. I would highly recommend to use this time
for family readings such as listen to your child read,
or read with your child.

Extrinsic Motivators
I would use home work passes to encourage my students to do
their home work every day.
I would give a sticker towards the end of the day for displaying
good behavior.
Using verbal praise such as Good Job, I like your idea, or great way
to show your thoughts.
Write praising comments on the students daily planner for getting
good grades or having a positive behavior.

Ways I will use to address my students with

Limited English proficiency.
Combine my instruction with visual aides for better understanding.
Assign a buddy who can speak the ELLs native language to help the student get
acquainted with the school and the classroom.

Use model talk ( accompany actions with speech for better understanding).
Include the English learner in every activity to avoid the feeling of alienation
among the student. For instance, when the class is working in groups the ELL
can be material manager or the illustrator.
Integrate art in my teaching, so the ELL can express his/her ideas and thoughts
visually as well as with speaking, reading, and writing.
Have a word wall for my class including the English learner .

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember,

and involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin