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How business and marketing are changing

Customer empowerment:
Company empowerment
Heighten competition:
Retail transformation: Changing technology:
Industry convergence:
Dis-intermediation: Consumer Resistance


Shift in Marketing Management as a result of the new economy and

rapid globalization and rapid technological advancement
i) From marketing does the marketing to everyone does the marketing
ii) From organizing by products units to organizing by customer segments
iii) From making everything to buying more goods and services from outside if they are
cheaper and better than other.
iv) From using many suppliers to working with fewer suppliers
v) From relying on old market positions to uncovering new ones
vi) From emphasizing tangible assets to emphasizing intangible assets
vii) From building brands through advertising to building brands through performance
and integrated marketing communications (IMC).
viii) From attracting customers through stores and salespeople to making products
available online
ix) From selling to everyone to trying to be the best firm serving well defined target
x) From focusing on profitable transactions to focusing on customer lifetime value
xi) From a focus on gaining market share to a focus on building customer share
xii) From being local to being global Both global and local
xiii) From focusing on the financial scoreboard to focusing on the marketing scoreboard.
xiv) From focusing on shareholders to focusing on stakeholders
xv) From overpromise, under delivery to under promise, over delivery.
xvi) From no satisfaction measurement to measure the satisfaction and retention rate.
xvii) From focusing on the customer acquisitions to focusing on the customer retention