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Adla Othov


Lesson plan Rhymes

Whats the weather like?

Whats the weather like? Its sunny. Its sunny.
Whats the weather like? Its rainy. Its rainy.
Whats the weather like? Its windy. Its windy.
Whats the weather like? Its cloudy. Its cloudy.

Age of students: 5 7 years

Number of students: 8
Duration: 45 minutes
Task: learning the vocabulary and patterns connected to the weather
Objectives and goals: The students will learn a rhyme about weather and
through that they will learn learning the vocabulary and patterns connected to
the weather
Prior knowledge of the students and context: These learners are beginners,
who are getting used to English. They are getting familiar with the structures and
use of another language. They learn mainly by games, songs and rhymes.
Direct Instruction (15 minutes)

I will make a poster showing a window (a sketch below) and put it on the
board with magnets
I have four transparent foils with either raindrops, flying leaves and bent
trees, sun shining or clouds in the sky (something similar as with my prop)
I put the first foil on my window and ask the children: Whats the weather
Its sunny. Its sunny. I answer (I repeat this with all four kinds of weather)
I repeat the whole rhyme again, but this time I stop before saying Its
rainy/sunny/windy/cloudy and let the children think of what they should
say then I repeat the phrase several times and make them repeat after
We repeat the whole rhyme several times together with the learners

Guided Practice (28 minutes)

GAME: I choose any of the foils and put it on the window. I ask the children
Whats the weather like? If they know the answer, they have to stand up.
The first student who stands up can say the answer. If its right he or she
gets a point. Who gets the most points after first 5 minutes goes to the
whiteboard and asks. Then the children take turns at the whiteboard after
5 minutes.

Closure (2 minutes)
Repeating the whole rhyme again all together few times.
Independent Practice
As homework they have to choose one type of weather and draw it on a piece of
paper. They have to bring it to the next lesson for the revision activity.
Required Materials and Equipment

The window poster and the foils (the prop)

Assessment and Follow-Up

Were all the students able to say the rhyme? Did they understand the difference
between rainy/sunny/cloudy/windy?
At the beginning of the following lesson they will show their homework the
pictures showing a type of weather. They will have to ask each other Whats the
weather like? and answer according to what is on their picture.