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Video Conferencing

and Education

Virgina Moreno
Yussef Barrientos
Pamela Gmez
Jos Cifuentes

What is Video
Videoconferencing (or video conference)
means to conduct a conference between
two or more participants at different sites
by using computer networks to transmit
audio and video data.

Video conferencing
apps and software
Webex.com/MeetBetaWebEx is a web-based
service, so you can use it from any computer
(Windows, Mac, Linux, or Solaris)
megameeting.com Video and Web
Conferencing Software
lotuslive.comIBM Conferencing Software
vidyo.comHD Video Conferencing
dimdim.comFree Videoconferencing
cisco.com\TelePresenceCisco Video Conferencing

gotomeeting.comFree Video Conferencing

lifesize.comHigh Quality Video Conferencing
att.com ConferencingAT&T Enterprise Video Conferencing
hp.com HP Virtual Rooms Meet for Face-to-Face
Conferencing with Free In-Room Video & Voice!
tandberg.comVideoconferencing Basics A great starting
point for video conferencing Free Guide!
fuzemeeting.comWeb Conferencing, Online Meeting, Web
Meeting Software
megameeting.comWeb and video conferencing software
for online meetings

Advantages of video
Reduces costs in transportation.

Eye contact
You can connect qith people from different places
at the same time.
Variety of resources .

Disadvantages of video
Physical Prescence
Quality systems are not free
Bad connection
User familiarity

Three ways to use Skype in

the Classroom

with other classes, no

matter where they are


guest speakers and invite them into

your classroom


a virtual field trip anywhere in the


Sample activities
1- Working on a history project using Skype
This is a story of 7th grade students who have used Skype as a part of
their history project that resulted in their collaboration with the curator of
the National Museum in Canada.
2- Using Skype to help a classmate join classroom from home
Read this post to learn how a 4th grade class used Skype to help a sick
classmate become a part of the classroom from her/his home.
3- Connecting two classes using Skype
learn how this teacherbroughttwo classes, who had been tweeting all
semester, to finally get together and meet face-to-face via Skype.
4- Using Skype in classroom language
Find out how this teacher used Skype to help her students learn a foreign
language from native speakers of that language.

Skype in education

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