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R8 - Disability Novels- Annotations

As part of our goal to learn more about living with a disability, you will be reading a novel
in which one of the main characters has a physical or mental disability.
You will divide your novel into 3 sections with your group. Mark these sections and their
due dates in your novel with sticky notes (due dates will vary for each group).
Annotate while you read. For each section, you must have at least 8-10
annotations. Make sure they are varied (for example, dont ask 5 questions and have 5
connections). Your teacher will grade your annotations on the day your group meets.
These annotations will demonstrate your deeper thought and analysis of the section and
will provide you talking points in your literature circles.
Here are some ideas of what to annotate:
*make sure you put the code (KP, ?) on the sticky note.
Key Passages (KP)
Where does the author write either description, a flashback, or a scene that is central to
understanding the core themes or messages of the story? What are some really interesting
passages that you feel are either examples of amazing writing or that include details that are
very important to understanding the story?
example: "Good; I need a backup goalie. Grab the red shirt and go to the far goal." "I can't
describe how it feels to get another chance." (101) This passage identifies the theme of "It is
important for people to get second chances."
Important Quotes from characters: (IQ)
Example: In The Outsiders, Johnny says, Stay Golden, Ponyboy. This symbolizes that Johnny
wants Ponyboy to stay young and innocent--like a new sunrise.
What quotes do characters in your story say to each other that really adds to either the
character development or the plot (story mountain) of the story?
Disability Novel Example: "Victor kicks the ball out of my hands and scores. Then he pumps his
fist in the air for victory." (107) Victor does not want Paul to succeed to be a starter on the
soccer team.
Symbolic Objects that define the theme (Sym)
What objects or physical items are described in your story that have a deeper meaning to either
the characters or the plot of the story?
Outsiders Example: In The Outsiders, long hair and madras shirts symbolize the Greasers and
the Socs. Long hair symbolizes the Greasers rebellion against expectations and the Madras

shirts symbolize how the Socs are connected to conforming to the fashion expectations of the
adult world.
Disability Novel Example: Paul's big glasses(2) - Paul has these big glasses because he is
visually impaired and they symbolize how he is different from others. They also symbolize the
larger theme of the novel about how we can be blind to the reality of events around us.

4. Disability has an effect on parents/siblings (P/S)

What effect does the disability have on people who are close to the person with the disability? In
what ways does it change daily life for all?
5. Society's response (Soc)
What does society know about the disability? How well do they understand it?
6. Friendships (Fri)
How do peers treat the person with the disability different- for the better or worse? How do
friendships work for this character?
7. School accommodations (Scho)
What accommodations are given to the character with a disability? Is he/she in different classes
or perhaps have an IEP?
8. ADA
What evidence of the Americans with Disabilities Act do you see in your novel? Look back at the
document on my website to help you.
9. Theme
One of the main themes of your novel with have something to do with the characters disability.
However, there will be more than one theme. When you believe the author is teaching you
something about life, love, etc., write a note about the theme.
10. Questions to discuss or research more about (?)
What questions come to mind when youre reading the novel? What do you want to talk about
with your group? What do you want to learn more about?
11. Connections (C)
In what meaningful way can you connect with the characters decisions or personality traits?
Have you read/watched/learned about something that has a significant connection to this book?