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September/ October 2015

FFA Newsletter
Officer Team puts in work over the summer
On June 10 all the officers got together at our advisors farm for a retreat. During this time the officers
planned out events for the upcoming school year.
They participated in many team building activities as
well. Canoeing, baseball, and a homemade slip-nslide were some of the fun bonding activities that
took place. Most of the activities you or your kids enjoy in FFA were products of the officers brains in
overdrive during these two days. They put in many
hours of hard work and we are looking forward to a
great year!

First FFA Meeting of the Year

The Smithville FFA came together on September
23rd during W.I.N. The officers introduced themselves and shared their involvement in the FFA and
our chapter. Our members enjoyed a snack provided
by the chapter while our officer team went through
introductions and reviewed the goals for the year
and some upcoming events. Our next meeting will
be on October 20th at Ramseyers at 7 P.M. We
hope to see you there!
FFA Motto
learn to do, do to learn , earning to live, living to serve.

Inside this issue

Greenhand Camp .................. 2
Ron Becker ........................... 3
National Convention ............. 4
Veterans Day ........................ 6

Important Dates
Upcoming events for students in
October 15: Fruit Sales Begin
October 17: State Soils CDElocation is TBD
October 28-31st: National Convention @ Louisville KY
November 13: Veterans day Assembly @ Wilbur Berkey
Field house

On September 27th, 11 of our very own Greenhands

left from school to go to Greenhand Camp for 3 days.
When they came back we interviewed a few of them.
One of the favorite memories was Joe falling out of his
kayak into the lake. Many of the interviewees, including Joe Warren, would definitely go back because it
was a great experience. Many of the favorite activities
included, kayaking, the dance, and hanging out with
the state officers. Amanda Steiner said, Its the best
experience for Greenhands,

Fruit Sale starting soon!

Guess what time it is? That's right, FFA
fruit and nut sales are right around the
corner! It starts on Thursday, October
15th. This year during the fruit and nut
sale, we will be offering specialty
items. We have BBQ sauce in 3 different flavors, Sweet, Spicy and Island
BBQ. They are only $5 a bottle. Also
this year we will have Bauman Orchard
Apples in 5 Lb. bags, 20 and 40 Lb.
boxes. The varieties of apples that Bauman's will be offering are Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Jonagold, and
Mutsu. Thank you to Bauman Orchards
for your support of Smithville FFA and
being part of our Fruit Sales!
This year we will also be offering incentive days. These are special turn in
days that we have set dates for that if a
member sells $100 or more, they will
receive a treat! These incentive days
will be every Tuesday from the beginning to the end of fruit sales. The dates
of these days are October 20th, 27th,

and November 3rd, and 10th. The final

day of fruit sales and the final day to
turn in orders will be November 20th.
This year we will also continue to offer
FFA bucks. For every $100 sold the
member will receive $5 in FFA Bucks.
This money can be used to buy T-shirts
or help pay for trips. We are strongly
encouraging everyone to sell fruit. The
money we raise helps pay for scholarships and goes back to help pay for
our trips. We have set a goal to have
each student sell at least 12 boxes of

2015 Wayne Co. Fair

The Smithville FFA Chapter had many of its members exhibit projects at the Wayne County fair.
We also had members volunteer their time at the dairy promoters hard-dip ice cream barn.
The Fair Participants are as followed:
Tommy Becker
Brandon Sugg
Tommy Stewart
Megan Baltic
Willow Baer
Madison Lance

Turkey 3rd Showmanship

Holstein Heifer, Pig
1st Showmanship and Class, 3 Reserve Champion
Dairy Heifer
2nd Showmanship, 1st Jr Yearling
3rd market, 3rd Showmanship
4th Showmanship, 3rd Born and Raised
1st Sr. Trail Sr. English Showmanship,
1st Sr.Hunter Hack, Sr. English Pleasure,
1st Sr. English Pleasure,
1st Sr, Contest Showmanship,
1st Sr. Western Horsemanship

John Kelbly
Frank Becker
Brett Bauman
Tristen Stoll
Emily Horst
Ashley Welty
Jacob Studer

Rabbit, Poultry, Vegetables

7th Showmanship, 3rd Market

4th Showmanship Poultry
Rabbits: 2nd class, 6th showmanship,
vegetables: outstanding award

Rabbit, Chicken
Beef Steer, Beef feeder calf

3rd Showmanship, 4th market

3rd Market, 6th Showmanship
6th Showmanship
2nd Market Class,
1st Senior Showmanship
Pro showman (steer)
2nd Feeder calf 2nd Showmanship
Jay Rowe
1st place
Drey Crawford
1st place
Abby Stoll Beef Steer, Carcass Steer, Beef feeder calf Div. III res. Gr. Champion Steer
5th intermediate showmanship
7th carcass steer
3rd feeder calf, 6th showmanship
Ethan Stoll
Market hog, lamb, Dairy heifer Pig:
10th showmanship, 4th market
lamb: 2nd showmanship, 4th market
heifer: 4th showmanship, 4th dairy class
Joel Shoup

1st market, 10th showmanship

Beef: 5th market
Dairy steer: 4th market
Joe Warren Market
6th showmanship
Amanda Steiner
Market Hog
Talia Butler Market Lamb, Ewe lamb, Market Goat Market lamb: 5th showmanship,
2nd WCBR,
2nd Market
Ewe lamb: 5th
Goat: 6th market, 3rd showmanship
Tyler Beun
Market Goat
7th market
Adam Baltic
Market Lamb
6th market, 2nd WCBR
Noah Navratil
Showmanship 5th
Braden Young
Market Goat
4th showmanship

This issue produced and edited


Frank Becker
Jacob Studer
John Kelbly
Chris Tomic
Maddie Lance
Willow Baer
Megan Baltic
Kiersten Sugg
Thomas Becker

market hog, Beef steer, Dairy steer Hog: