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Creative Mind and Success

Ernest Shurt effHolmes

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First published 1919

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bout the Book

'Although similar in title, theme and structure to his book reative Mind, this is a completely different book. Creative ind has more of a focus on "Mental Healing," This book is rincipally about what is today called in New Age circles 'Prosperity Consciousness", Holmes discusses how to focus ne's thoughts to create monetary wealth, as well as increase ne's personal charisma to garner circles of friends, This little lassie of New Thought is very similar to its successor, Think and row Rich, optimistic, self-empowering, and confident in its

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bout the Author

rnest Shurtleff Holmes (1887 - 1960)

'Ernest Shurtleff Holmes (1887-1960) was the founder of a ovement known as Religious Science, also known as "Science f Mind," a part of the New Thought movement, He is well nown as the author of "The Science of Mind" and numerous ther metaphysical books, and as the founder of Science of ind magazine, in continuous publication since 1927, His books, ad io broadcasts, and reco rd ings conti n ue to reach an a ud ience f several hundred thousands of people world-wide, and the rinciples he taught as his Science of Mind have inspired and nfluenced many generations of metaphysical students and

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viII .....

teachers. His influence beyond New Thought can be ee in the self-help movement."

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creative Mind and Success


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AN inquiry into Truth is an inquiry into the cause of thi gs as the human race sees and experiences them. T e starting point of our thought must always begin with ur experiences. We all know that life is, else we could not ev n think that we are. Since we can think, say and feel, we must e. We live, we are conscious of life; therefore we must be and I e must be. If we are life and consciousness (self-knowing) the it follows that we must have come from life and consciousne s. let us sta rt, the n, with th is sim pie fact: life is a nd life is conscious.

But what is the nature of this life; is it physical, mental, mate lal or spiritual? A little careful thinking based upon logic, more th n any merely personal opinion, will do much in clearing up so e of these questions that at first seem to stagger us with th bigness.

How much of that which is may we call life? The answer wo have to be: life is all that there is; it is the reason for all that e see, hear, feel--all that we experience in any way. Now nothi g from nothing leaves nothing, and it is impossible for somethi g to proceed from nothing. Since something is, that from whic it came must be all that is. Life, then, is all that there is. Everythi g comes from it, ourselves included.

The next question is, how do things come from life? How do t e things that we see come from the things that we do not se ? The things that we see must be real because we see them. 0 say they are not real will never explain them nor answer a y

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creative Mind and Success

question about them. God's world is no a world of illusion but one of divine realities. The truth must at explain away things that we see. It must explain what they are. We are living and experiencing varying degrees of conscio sness and conditions. On Iy when the why of th is living a nd of 0 r expe riences is

Jesus understood will we know the lea thing about the truth. did not say that things are illusions. He said that we must not judge from the standpoint of the see but must judge righteously or with right judgment; and He eant that we must get behind the appearance and find out w at caused it. So let us not in any way fool ourselves nor allow urselves to believe we have always been fooled. We are living in a world of realities. Whatever we have experienced is a reality as far as that experience is concerned, although if e had had a higher understanding of life, the unpleasant xperience might have been avoided.

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IN the fi t place, what do we mean by life? We mean that which e see, feel, hear, touch or taste, and the reason for it. We ust have come into contact with all we know of life. We have al eady found what life is or we could not have had

any of the experiences. "In the beginning was God" or life. Out of this I fe which is, everything which is is made. So life must flow throu h all things. There is no such thing as dead matter. Moreover, ife is one, and it cannot be changed except into itself. All f rms are forms of this unity and must come and go through so e inner activity. This inner activity of life or nature must be so e form of self-consciousness or self-knowing. In our human un erstanding we would call this inner knowing, or consciousn ss, "thought." The Spirit, or Life, orGod, must make things out f Himself through self-recognition, or self-knowing or, as we w uld call it thinking. Since God is all, there is nothing to hinder im from doing what He wishes, and the question, "How do t ings come into being?" is answered: God makes them out 0 Himself. God thinks, or knows, and that thing which He thinks r knows appears from Himself, and is made out of Himself. Th re is no other possible explanation for what we see. Unless pe pie are willing to begin here, they will never understand how it is that things are not material but spiritual.

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creative Mind and Succe s

BUT where do 5 man come in? He is. Therefore it follows that he, too, s made out of God, since God, or Spirit, is all. Being m de out of God, he must partake of His nature, for we are" ade in His image."

Man is a center of ad in God. Whatever God is in the Universal, man must be in the individual world. The difference between God and m n is one of degree and not of quality. Man is not self-made; he i made out of 'God.

The question might rise, why did God do this? No living person can answer this que tion. This is something that is known only of the Father. We ight suppose that God made man to live with Him and to enj y with Him, to be one with the Father. It is true, indeed, that t ose who have felt this most deeply have had a correspondin spiritual power that leads us to suppose that God really did make man as a companion. Man is the individual and God is the Universal. "As the Father hath life within Himself, so h th he given it to the Son to have life within himself." Man's min is made out of God's mind, and all that man is or ever will e, all that he has or ever will have, must partake of the Divin nature. Man did not make it so, but it is so, and he must ac pt the fact and see what he can do with it. If he has the same ower in his individual life that God has in the Universal, then his discovery will mean freedom from all bondage when he Ie rns how to use his power. As God governs His Universal world so will man govern his individual world, always subject to t e greater law and life. This could not be otherwise if we reali e what follows from it, for so realizing we

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..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

wh ch w thought Wi!!!re liviog.. d,gO\l'e rns n

tea I I w as re It, but fir.;t by i" ner kn owi"g leal f Ilows. In e same way, I'I\iI govern'S his

e-"S-S kh W~ w II ca II, for want a bette r na me,

is tho ght.

M n ''S in er I if@ is one with the ather, Th@r@' no

-S~ ratio, for the ~1f-~rJ.dent rea n that the re is; se rate I m from od, beta use this; not hing b sa a ratio (If two hi rl8S implies ping a dfffere n

ham; but s there is oath i d iff@r!!nt fro

of od and m n is firmly estab lshed forever. •

I a Oneil is simple 'State nr of a great s

eived I ife as it ally is an d not f m the mere sta poin of

point that man as the same Ilf the sa rne eraa ive process, Ev on ,com from th sa me so u roa ;iI rem rns aga in t hi g-s w ich .3 re s en a re not mad of the things;

ap nat we s e come-s. from hat we do not

rh expla po siblf!

hO~8ht ke'S -world.,. an d

t hi gs, so does ou r hought rna Ice eu

all h@!!]( ~rie-n~'S havs h did. By

t hi g-s '0 e into CI life, a nd ~ ar limited beta uo;

no kn n th e t ru n; we nave th

to troll us, when all the time we

(I- 2010 ~~ ~ 'INW'rN.r~~jJ(I~-II'i-



Why did God create man created U5 in such a way hi"8 that was not of our divid UOII5 at all. WI! sh ou Id t we are indi'Vid ua Is. we a re j~ ~ di~co\leling the

t "is. the greatest truth in r 0111 q uastlons, H@ will be: . He will perceive that he to work, to tI1 in k and to reate r law from ope rati ng

@ss of h is percept ion a nd ls power w ill he provi de wn Ich God may operate, sense of paration, but in rts place h@ i5. 0 n@ with Goo, a nd uffering. whethe r it be of



..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

an ind ivid ual .a individ ua Illy: th n wa ms to do: h

su bje ct i ng the success,


t 112 right of 5112 lf-c Dice wh ich const itu 5 II s that he ca n 0 with hi~ life IN hat t e e out of H imse that wn lch he wi'5t1 'So. eedom is wit" i law a ... d new r outs - e .,!!: diso be~ itr it has to act as lawr.il d n sh Mm. Th i-s; he c n not cha nse but m 'St e Si to the i!'lld iv- ua I from U ndersta nd i 8

I" , .and canfor i~ to them, there

, to the @nd f hea 1m, happmess a d

r~ing (III th i "gs. b

hys leal Dr m at~ rial hod of ope rane n. e whese sole i mpulse is. -s.ic a ... d ref using no e. term, watch i nc. ov r, love, vet, jn orde r t at ie, all is govern d by law. And as fa r 5 d this; law j§ a twa menta I.


T is ea

how it is th i nd

em, the funct on of an this and snsss. TI1 i5 th

~asv for the dltlon 5 and

ere we wi I stop to as',:; the q est ion: If ntrolled b tho~8ht by wha , then, are

-n -s.ay tha ntrolled

at .iI re ci u msta nCf!5f Arl! h ~ causa

u rse they a re always effe : ev~r3Vth ct. An ect r.; scmeth ing hat folio aling wit ea usat ion 0" tv; ¥fects de t they are hf!kI in place by i nd, e r COl U

not a n.,.wer vou tho~ ght, in eve r aga n nd

eh ind everytl'1 ing hat is se e is the -s.i!ent

.iI ra t nat ca U'5.e. The:re is n 'S exce pt as m in moves it. love. yet you r lit i~ govern r I ives of cond itio s we are

ur life yo n hing ile God I

e activity of ou r mind no ug ht.,

are a tways th in ing. At a II pushing


10 ',_~"_

t ne ord a rv in d ividllJ 00 nseious its eHects,

ss goe s on witnout his nee of tha la w will

mec ne will !!iay. -do u th in k that I th.oug t fa lu

ou rse no . Yo u wou Id be fooll'S to t In

reason r ttl ingsr va u will find that ya nd. or Ia • t hat casts back at th th i ke . th at he t in ks, If t niSi were not ue, a idual. I" ividua lity ca n mea" on Iv th h ink. If th itt thought to .a as to be somet hing that wi I and bound by law ttl ug ignor.a" ,Ttl is law is semenrn called "Karma, 41 it i the 141 t kat bin the ignor.a n


ack 0\I'0E!: r th r.ded by a d. everytt1 i be an ind

abll ity hi nk what

power ou r live'S th n 1: he re

man ife'S it, Some a e Ii mlted

mind; and j ca n retu to us on Iv w nat we

it. No r w nat we may do, I w will always ebta i n,

tkinki ourselves as poor nd nf!f!dy, than min ha n

t 1:0 ret urn at we h v~ thoug ht into it. A firit th

arc! to rea liz , but the trut h will reveal to t e 'S k r

could act j" 0 other ay, Whatever we th k is- th e bu ild@ Jesus, real iz ing th is n as you have be li~~d. - Sha II

t h I'S great av Sho r knew what ne

about? d He not say "It rs. do n unto you" 7 What a ~It is done u a you," Nothing to worry ab '!!Iou,· Wit h tre men eus gr.a s:p of the pow r cf ru nought, JeSiU even cal d 10 n h bread from teet e


nd at not i m did He eyer i to dernonst te that wtl n i!!! is fref!d by h t kn owl!:!



u ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

the air. It h d to somethi I1.B a pearl ~ c reatio nil is the

invis ible I Wa net t

orne from s IIl@thing not phys;ic::al g from noth g th at ~ se-e. What me th i ng--t e vi5ib Ie appearing f is pne "omen n (I ereat ion?

ccurrlng f!!Very day. We sh in it. In the case of this en an aeti - of t nought molded fo

form, e IS!!: h w [ uld th i5. g h have .1 pp!!:.a red? T

noth I ng ma ni b t t hat there' a cause for the ma nWe ion.

I.,w~jgation prove t hat be hin every con d ition, whe h r body 0 r envi nme r the re ., as en sern e thought, co s -0 us or un ["0 nscki 5, wh h produ ced that: cond ition. In the thi~ woman he t ought wa.., at eenseleus, But c

he ti ; we shou rea Ii Z~ th is a nd Ie am to

at th re may be c ated for us the th Ings

desire and n ttl that we do ot wa nt. I s it a ny won

t ke Bible sa a II thy getti get u nde rsta ndi ng "?

Jesus unde to do what food. He und

d a I th is;. and .,;0 It wa.,; no more effort did ha n it is for s to breathe or to d, t".at is all, Bet.iJ USe" Je-S:U$ did un d

reat ive con u'51: be Gad. And IN e te-d av

pie dlink that a ir Ie has

'5. n God. He W:iI'5. the

. -I ~av that "Ie are High."

g p@ 0 wi I be 00 rnpellsd to ad

th at ere tion s ~piritu.al. t hrc u,Sh

ph~ lea I n tt5

iousne S'5-, oll'K!tni ng en perof God;

• In view all th is, I l.aw. and then

Man d

@,ilt@. He uses crest r he is the creatlve

o In goes, there is; '3.0 10 bri"g forth into

find it. T @ trou b I@ ( in a 5 uga bowl we stic k to ou r petty




He fiM th Ing 0 realize mil n ire ~sarily 101 snould


pe rson I SiIJ rro nd ed by 1 atmesp ere is he direct ames he di

thought at osphe ,TI'I Is $ult of thoug t wh it

r the ca use that

business, eve ry Ia ce r eve

tmosp ere of It..,.

drawn to it. For insta nee, you never w a

sue - h an atrn O'Sp ere of



1 Certa inly not wrt" the on that we hall @nou of th.at a If Oldy. But wkat be LIt

u-s; with ur own rth? Ah, he is t e ma

time, efore eve r we reach him.. i n O~ r near, en to he r his voice. do we not feel stren meet u ? Do yo t nin!k that h is rna n who h 5 'Such power f att raet on wlll eve want for frle nc:l ? Will e to look up a p ition r Alre dy so many p it lens

him th he is iy, i"g in h s mi nd wh i c:h 0

; hf! ;i I rf!.ady is

Suet:{! s I peop SUC1:e"5-S. A S~

wit h th t 5 ubt I@ math in.g

does han mosphere paopla e: we are plj~h; we the press



why it is that such u wh ile ethers eem t

o do we II ke the bette r

hlch do we

pre ses us; @ m n wno

~ "II tum


n or pove rty a n egat r a II time. Som body u going to do ith th

witho t he Ip 7" : a t housa nd

that is in all men, They

must • tBt.lt



'INW'rN. ~~jJ(I~_II'i-




and rea lize wnat life i s. All th e c ha rity on ea rt h away wit" flO'ln!!ny, a nd no!:!V@( will; if it coukl \NO uld tl ave done so; it tOU lei net, theffifore it o a mOl n a tho usa nd time s more good to show u eed t ha n it will to tell him he needs d'I.a rity. We to a II ttl e ca la mtty hewlers. Let ttl em howl If it n good. God has given us a power and we mu-st o me re toward sav ing tne worl d by proving th is ch arity has ever give n it.

, n he rna nifold -world to-day, ttlere is more mo"ey

i io tan t he world [.a n use. Nat @'It!!n a fr.action of the world i!; used, Inventors an d dis;CCI'It~ re rs a re alt h every day: t ney are t ne rea I people, e ut in p nty, su J1'(I un tied by a II the gifts of heaven, rna n

!!.C r his da i Iy bread, H@ she uld be taught to r@alize

h s ught th ese con d ition-s upon himself: that i nstead

J rna n or the de\lil for ttl e eire .. msta nOO5 by u r eu .,ded, 1'1 e sheu Id lea rn to seek t ne t ruth, to let ry their dead, We shou kJ tell @v@ry m.a n who will ........ , .... ha h s rea I nature is; sh ow him how to overcome a II him COIJ rage~ $how him t he way. If he will not -II net wa Ik in the way. it is not eu r fa ultJ and

n@ al Wf! ca n, we must go ou r way. We nuv '5"fmpath~ p but never wit h trou b Ie, Ii mitation or mtse ry. If II" ~j u pen hugging t he Ir tro ubles to themse Ive 5, a II t e wo rid will not help ttl em.

h t God i!; that si Ie nt power beh i nd a II th ing'S. t -s-p ring Into e >:pression wne n we tl aile provided r h n nels, wh i ch are reeept ive an d pas itive fa ith in f th i n.g!i not saen with the physit:a I e-ye but

eople are maki de

ki ng the ones th do n a ke with their p r sent

venue for it as t

Il!!SS of au r affu i rs. f

I eu r t ink ing. the n th t

oth r hand, we r thing.

I"st rat lens, daslra, but t rs; of perce -


l' ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

LET u.,;. see th at we- U'Se th we do, filling eu rse Iv~ S1;re"gti1 that a II tnougl1 any thought of 'We'.1 kness shou wea k? It life Is not wea k a nd ~ are not never we ra, and n ~ic kly r d tseeu nlged t nought t h mind.

Ight attit~ de n all that

h such cou r g an d wea he 55 I S

No I Life is strong. a nd yo u a I"fin ite; forget a II els.e as yo 51: rong a nd ('An 5.1V I AM. Yo illusion; now you are d I'S III usjo is- using tne law in a eonstru 0" e:" t nis is stre ngth for the

We can ..,0 fill CI urselves wit h t nat it w ill become irresist ible tom i"g to t ne ma n who kno pclW"e'r th.at creates a II from it5 he Id s all th ings I n the I r places, Let th is ring th rough you man that he18 ht that. 100 kl ng. 'See";',

e same moves a II w' h n its;e ,.a nd yet m CI ne with h Inti ite Min d. 001

must at ~hould ust t ink only d ca '5, back at

In order to be s ure tha t we treating t e right

me ntal .at rJlC5 phere an d so att i ng what IN

first watch 01.1 r th I nkjng. le'St create that

not hke to see man ire-st. In 0 r words.

wh.ii!t we wisn to e:.q)e rien ce. A s mind. a nd


II • I I


which he tni.,ks- N hing ever ha

as we are een cern e , we 0 urse s is th rough the powe: of ou r t houg t.

I n a 'INC rid of nis own making, a

ak only s ch words a"d tni.,k only such tho g as

to 'S@@ rna if!!st@d in h i'5. life. W m ust no! he r, h in k. d or liste to limitation of .a ny L~n d. There is n way ven whe by we can t nin k t kinds of tho~ t and ne re suit: t is i mposs ible, and t e scene r we soon r we shall rriv@. Th is doe s not !!an th.at w@ id to h ink lest e ere ate th e IN rong i age, b LIt it do 5 mean

the y mese p ople t nin k ca n prod ce noth Ing bu f il~ re:

is w y '50 few s ceeed I

n who is 0 s ueceed will neve kes, He w II forgive the p.a ~ in ople. If 11 rna kes a mi~a ke h o long as t1@ desi '5 any good, rse anyth ing that 0 poses him. G or a nyt ning; man

II en li\Ie s

r@ is doe:~ and

not ma ke thing'S by com pa rin

er po r. God k ews thae when He s

f the divi

master ef

aptain of soul. M




'- .. ~.


will a I wav.; a r ct to us, in 01.1 lives a nd co d ItioM.

ac-cord ing to mougnt. T i n8"-' .a re b t oute r

rna "ifestations ." ne r mental ncepts_ T" ugitt is

form of ill I t i ng:;. Th!!: r nd ition'§.

ttract will corre nd e-:.:actlv to 0 r menta I p res, It

ite neeessa ry, the, nat the 5~ cc ,,-,'Sful bus in d ep his mi "d on ughts of ha pp ne-s,s, wh it" I @s;s instead of !!: ression: he s h u Id radiate f~lled with faith h pe and e)!pect ncy. The-.,e heerhJl. itudes of mile to me ne who

w "15 to do tni ngs i

is with you; fe el tt, kn rt, and

rue I Th is men I (lttit ude a one will

e, a II false beli fs, a II ide.a t at rna n

Ie. U.,e that ndeml po r of wjll

use to ttl ink fa ilu re or 0 deu bt

pe rience, a nd look at noth ng else, the old tho U8 t retu rns, d stroy it

r ave r you; k it sq uar Iy in th e

II it to &0; it dees not belong to yo~, a nd you iLk to it-rth.i!t you .iI re now fiee.

II ths f.a ittl of a n@ W 0 kn ows what he is. de la re that yOLI a re on IN ittJ In fin ite Mind. Know h t n n get a way from th is ne Mi nd: d1 n wherever

J th re, rigl'rt beside you, tti ng to be u-sed r is a II t

thar is. in t n@ whol@ un ive e. When you real iz@ th is OW t at in un lo n with thi§:. he on 1'1 power r you .3 re n e , yo u are more tha n yth in.g that ca never ha

'Same p cess take'S pia [ . It ' power, t wit h th ~ usi of ttl using it s rt is. made to b thought

stream attract stream ma"ife

driven he shall



(on seieu Iv what we wis. ,and 1'1 ink of t nat on iv, a

sha II be ra wn sile ntIy to rd it

rm i nation to tn in k wnat 'We wa nt to

o te r @vidl! nee to t h@ ront r e U nseen, The king of lsr e I Linde rs iI.I n tt1 e adva ncing hest of t1 e e ne my. e 'Sa

ight aga iMt th ~s great com ny. but ou r

• pc n t ha One PoW4!'r.

i!l1I1! sa, Tni!i g, selfe pe n whe will cain tne


(I- (110 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN.r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


24 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-



HIE rna n who h lea rned to love a II ~CI

whe th V may J will fi nd plenty CI

return t at love 0 him, Th is- is l'IIot m e


not don II! his, bt!g n to do so at once. Th n.! i .a ore-

than bad In peop . and see 1t\B t he .BOO te d

. Love is t e grea st hea I ing an d d rawin p the very r ason f r our bei"8. :lind that e~p ai s wt1y it is

people: shu Id h.av something o r 'SO me b y I v@,


nat we rs without friends. t one to send a r tho I,I,C t out to the whole w

Ie and affect on. I( n that t hls tho ug ht wi m ~ de ires

of me othe r person 0 Is; wanti ng the s me th t\BJ a in

way the two w il be drawn together. et 0 r th i ing people ~ queer. Th.at kind of thought will 0 tv pro

(I- 201 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


erstanding and cau ink of ths whole wo I as yourf land: but yo

friend of the wh 0 ortd. In 11 is way (I n

practice you wi II d ra ill be too she rt to

to you many trif!n h t the

joy the m all. Refu~e 0 s the

se to let urself m is; and

be morb - K"ow tl1 o"e


you to have the IN! 'affirm th i whef"@V@'r

LI will fin d th ingo; j ust you wish them to be.

The mesphere c mated so

I t hat sh hough his he r sho rt (] mi f\gs rna

world will love him i him who I

wlll be forgiven." pie are '11lng for

J for someone to tell t em that ey are all r

de 'IN@' Ii k@ the b@ : ths on wl'1O is .a I

and fa I.Iltfi ru::l iog, or e 0 ne w look!; at t

nd a nd loves It? The sticn do '5 not need 'S ked; rnpa ny t ne pe rson W (I loves

The 0 tv rease n we thi nk th ey 0 not 11 appen to th i n litd@, tty mit uda and !i.@@ hat he wa nts to s • 90 me ay e:< pe rle nee j n the witni .

er people are "queer" is. s we do, We must g i ngs in ttl la rg@. Th!! @ re,sa rd Ie$ of what a p ter what e 11 as .,;.0 fa - f

use r this

Ifi~h motives ale ne, to find fau It or to ha a ny living soul, The of the rna n who is n to Lind to be tI'I e g

.and co-o est b usi ess prin el pi 0



We. will ma ke u r un ity with ;jJ II le, witn a lif!!!!. We

aHirm that God in s is unified wit G d in aU, T is One is "

drawing into 0 r I' all love and II ona with II

people. wit h a II hi ,Ss, with all life. As e "Silen ce t e

voice of all h u spes ~ to me an tl e IOIle tha I

hold out to it-

Ttl is great love ha I now fee I for and it is; felt b betwe en becau t ern is n eeh ing

I u ndersta nd oil II pie an d that un @

to me from all e pie, I help. the therefore I a m pI" eel. N ottl ing ea r ttl is poe myse If (I nd my re tio ns with tne w rid; it is who'@ truth, an n tni n.c but t ha If th, I a m now all lov~. all f ie ~h iP. a II com ion~h ip, I hea Ith, II

hs ppiness, all "5 C SiS. I am one w th Ife, I wa it I n ttl e ~Ilen e

while ttle Great pi it bears tnis me 'S

aU. Not jng cernes n ve to co e in betwe

0201 F~~~


rus c


the as king. He - to U'5o@ bLlt not his 0 h have as much of It a

rcl his: though ca n have a nd do and to do; e rything 1'1 hls for member that hateve r he g s flowing by

oil re r@li~'lted of .a II h u.c ht of clingi to oil nybcdv 0 r

h ing. ca t1n ot the re rlneiple' of Life reate for us fa

e un i\Ie rse is, inexhs u5ti bit:!!:

and ";(1'5- no co fi nes , We are

!!: !!:ndinc; on i3I ~ed itse If. for a II that e power. or a ER, All that we a

again; it is this ar1d ;(I

once, no m

ming wit heut aie rity of the n II! no fa il ure in th Divin@ Mi nd r nd h ch we are depe ding.

just beca use we d,ink tnat we do ugh us rf we will et u.g.h we were su re of u n to act in fa ith.

u..,t I1c .a!f 1v~'S. Our p.aI is to believe, nd

(11 0 F~~ B-o-ob


Jes s went to t he tomb of La arus

Go W.ilS 'NO in,g th rough im. n we av

wne re 0 do somet nin a nd we rnu Sit k ~

18 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

c re We powe of tne un ive

'So need n ta k@ the wo

wil II M ake k n INn our reque

up n ou rselv@ , bu wi:th ha n k~gi\l'i

ever ye p '5. hOI II hOI uths that

new hat pos mold to nd of QocI

the pan of th ind- idual thare is n n POLl r iUelf to h in to rm. In rrect mold, the true there is" t always tf1 is t e kn

t hrc u,g h us, othin ran be dona us; un @ ss

we .a re po~it' tv recept ive, ut wen we rea I ze t e law

It work. then we wi I p - de th at om ete I

so dCi"g we p rm it he Spirit to do t e wor



To the S1 d nt who has re alized ttl at a II j~ i evervth i 8 is governed by law, t here co theught: it '5- that he can ereate, or h.ave ere fro m h is own hiking. He- C.1 n create such a

atmesphe re s ccess t hat Its; power of attra irre~i~ i ble. He a se nd hts thought t hrc ug hout t ., ave it bring b e to him whatever ne warns I He pl.a t;@ of busfn ss with the powe r of success tha fro m fa rand n r Thought will a IwaV'" brl ng back t m~ st dea r our tho~8tlt of aU f r those whO' be lieve; a"d to t beliE!:ve it: will c m true in th I!i r livt!'S.

Witho~t menta c ea mess on the pan of the th in

be "0' rea I ere wo rk done I As wate r will reach

I~IIJ@I, so mind arc always g wa nt, 0 u r thou to"d itia ns, ;(I n

retu rn to U'50 on tv wh.at WI! fi rst what we be Ileve b~t not a Iw s has ttl e power to reach, in the ce rresp onde!'llce to our inner e


By t hjn king. yo I n motion a power ttl at erea S,

exactly as you t k, You throw out into mind oil n id

creates it for u nd sets It on th e path of vou r I

th e n, as. your g est friend. It is a Iways, wit h you

m:ilY be, It n r eserts YOI,I. YOI,I a re never.a Ion

doubt,. no fear. n 'WCnderin&: you kn'Ow, You are use

th e on IV pOINe t at th e re is. in the u nlve rse, '1ou u se it for a defi it pu rpcse. 'fou have alrea dy fixed

in you r thought n 'f01,I a re going to !fpeak it fort '

'INW'rN. r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


iO ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

You <Ire spaa a"d yo ... kno mada your u yo~ r aff.airs .


You aregoin 'Success that eve rvth ing b Mi,ghtin ess 0 lock to see if

esta b ish i" your rooms s ud1 a n at osp ere of i II be rne an irresistible power; i will 'SINe@: P e it s it r~alize"S the greatneoss nd he AIle On Vou are "50 sure, that vou III n even to ha ppe"; you KNOW.

h lch i~ one with the I Min ite to be

trust. It is to be ra ken up, a effect is lf1 e patte m an d p

!!! I"Sf! tf su ITO U ndsd by the th n.g t at yo u

n this yo~ are the th ing that yo LI esl r . Yo u r bll,,-,t1 i s it foreve r; se e th is, feel it, no It. Yo u assed by perfect life, by infin tte a iv" • by a II .a nee Ttl!!! pow~r at the 'Spirit is d win up plyi g yo~ with all good; it ls fill ng leve,

And nOW-YOLI spoken in cal , is to be eper t ke (@SU It. "{

desire. More

are !"ow en power, by all .all people; it all life , t rutt1

Wait in perf!! then you kn tni~ word th t ney a re spin

it for ur own good. Vou dasira (l Iv t at -0 Iv the good ea n come to . Y wit h ife, a nd no IN Iiff! is going. to ne I

i leone wh il@ ttl at i nn@r power ta k '5 it p, And hat it i!; done untc YOLi. There goe to h from

r the I nfl nite, liThe wo rd s w Ich I s pea k,

d tf1 e are life I ..

ord, s po n to n h I nee creative mind, is d with pow r of e :w:pre ssion, ~'8y ou r v..rord s we "fied i;U1d b eur 'WCI rd'50 we are cond e mned, t unt of pOW!! r that w@ put i ntD it. roil.lgh effort 0 r stra In but powe r r f.a ith. It is like a I itde messe nge r a nd knows. j ust ., ow to do it. We

o r ords the int 1I~~nc@ wh ich we a re, .a nd bac ked er Intelligence of the Un I've rsal Mind our word w IJ me the t ing 10 r wh leh it is. spoke n. J esu s .s fu r bette r t a I'll we do, I" deed. He absoll.Jtely eon .1 nd !!:.a nt1 sha II pa 55 i31W.1V but

till all be fu Ifille d . II

ble from Absoll,lW Ir1te Ilige nee a nd oweor it must follow that .a II word 5

S me 'WCI rds ay h ave a greater powe r th an

to eu r co vid ion. but a II "!NOrd'S: have some

I, then, sheu Id be what ki nd of words we

o rove that rea IIv a re one with the Infi n ite

u r word." h ve the power of life with I n the m; j a Iw.a-ys. wit us (I nd neve r fa r off. Ttl e WCI rd is wn me 1.Jt11. e: ry time we spea k we a re using

in mind witt1 the whole iI.I n ivers.e; we are aU n ed n ttl i'S mind ith rsal power. It is- ou r own Ia u It

if 'We do not use ttl OU r5!! 'In!! surrou ndi!!! all-se i a"d a U·kn

ewney; of I iff! a nd of

who re ally be heve. " wa ke up to It'Ui! re begu n to I N!!, but t @ ti

s are u'5ing th is gre t t1 ing a nd wart I ng to the

pray We mest be I'lle. OLi

o mu en asking God f r th i ng ;[II readv h ave the t" i ~ t" at re, t:h is ill ready-be I ie i ng is I!!:C

a nd until we have p ide-d that

a nee we h ve (It mad e a me Id into h iet! m nd c rou h wh leh it eou Id rna n . !it."" - pes l'IIe

ntial to real crll!'.nive rk; an if w do

It hen we must develop



, oil nd whoilt we erm matte r, or th I!!: vis ble, is r will freeze Into t he form that It is; POLl ed. 'iCI ify only into he rms that our ttl ougnt kes. T (I ug is I The i" d M u al rovide5i t" e form; ., e ever e eate

is power is. .a ready to fo that IIlOSI: q u k:kly that

er. at


rovlda is .a VI!!:JY poor on ,.and ch.a ~

ore like a motion pict re tha n a nyt j ng

Expre"$'Sion C oil the wron uce the for (I C USe and effe think of it

he OWer; it is the gift of th Most its

But u r ign ora nee of its use h as ca to

fur ,whit; h in its tu m ha

whj h we have thought jnt It. Fro IN

w may neve r hope to esc pe~ and whi We a ard t hing, at fi~, ~. wnen

out, No 'r~ated. of Divin possible, are the

pewers e about c nothin,s we could

We can one-pol

lute justice without wnich t d wid ual life: at .d II. BeCil use of u r may have to wait our recogni ion

os. ne SiS win CI 'We I to re mem ber th is- an d so to rm t nat tf1 ey i II will ing to receive what tney "5

ht of d i5. u rnent or disorder s hou Id @V@'

nly pe!;iti e as'S ran ce. ~rong thought§; of 5 LlCC

Ivlty, the fee II that with God a II th I n~

Ijef tn at we a One witn that Great M indo T

aling wit h one a nd not with h dea mess. We are ., ot tro IJ


into it.

@ now @ e nti I it is that tho ught should ba hat wt! s CI u kI th ink. a Iw.ay!; an d on Iy u pen hat r lettl ng u rind d'We lion a nytni n.g e I~. In his works th ugh s.


r is, a nd mind ~sJ a nd life k-; order to express .n ou r Ii obeyed befor as natural i!I I.a. i3I Sa me I rttelligef'l n you w.11 get d1 around whicn h

ricity; ttl gnt fo h th@'i .a ethough

r a s rt: ,go as, bu t it does ot ls to provide- that a I rea 'tfr m ha rd at flM but we it .'5, the on tv way thet

t ttl ey have to flow thro gh e a re deal ing with law; nd -II work for us, Just rea ize ny other af God '50 laws, nd at yo u wou Id U"Se the la of ired resu Its. We prollide he M ne ene rgie5i play a"d to e-02 SSi3Iry for the fu Ifill

a treatment t k- a II that we tI.ave to do.

re we ca do eve n tt1 is ve to cI sa r 0'-1 r mi nd'Si

a , of eve ry sen5e of wpa rat n f m t ne Divi ne Mind. La u we must nforoe it, or U5 it,. ou r ow n I lveS. Not hing

a pe n to u t hat is; not fi a acce pted be lief ~n OLi r

ieusnes . We may not a iii! e ~Wa re of wnat is- go i n on

- in, but p ttice will en sb 1,1 0 cent rol ou r thought m roe


pacify of knowin it must b con'SCiousty deve al'lld by wllll'llgl'lle".;".; to learn a fa r as we ave go ne,

ls the one who h nee, a nd to w no hls life.

need more t i n.g whicn wa it in with it all tl1-e p

ne and ss wis:h bone. Th

eu r reeogn 10 n to spring into r in the un" ersa,

JUST Imagine yo tf s rrou ed by mi nd, .,;0 pia

recept i\ale, that it eceiv s t he slighte ~ i mp ssle n

thought I W h~tev you nin k ta Ices up .a

VOU, Ev@ry thought i acted U flon, ot sorn

th oLJghts. Whatever provide I t at will e 01.1 r

demonstration. If an no get r tl'l inking t at we a e poo r

then we wdl still re il'll pc r, A$ on as we be me ric in our th ought then 'W@ w' I bl!! rl h in u r @xpression T hess re not mere wordsj but th deep st tru h that has ev r come to the

tl u ma n race, H un d s of ttl ou nd~ of the ~t in. lIigent

th in kers (I nd the m pie of ou r .ay are I"O'IIing

th is trut h. W@ are h illusions bu with .a liti@'§.;

pay no more attent I he rldjc:u les t e..,e Ide s th an

you wou I d to the bl nd.

In the cente r of V become. to accom . h; k.e p it silen-ce of absolute c viet- n kn. as much done, as vou @xp!!rie-nc@ it in

wa Itt to be. See CI n of the ot he r. Stick am that th ing, • reali

Un iv-e1"5.a I power of

ch ocse wh.a you nt to

YOLlr.;e tf, rv da I n the

that it is no is ju~t w"en



to Ie ad hi h~ n !!:~d no longer act, 0 d1

many tea he rs but is not COM I t IN

Un less we 11.a d ttl is privilege, th is r of

boe i"d ivid als- Wh.at we do ne ed c hoose th ugh us. But wh@n th is pa It. file tho ugh we say, -I wil (noos.ing; eca use 1Ne are cheesmg

@'SCa pe the fact th at we at eve rv p life is; a consta nt ehoi to select nat we feel to be right

will never de"y us a nyttl i ng.. We eh

she uld @n @.1vor to c hoose that greater Ilf a nd W~ must re mem see king t express love and bea attl,l" ed t ttl ese. ;(I nd ;[I re working. i bar r, w@ n@!!:d have- no d bt a

We must know e>'3ct Iy what it I.., t at perfe ct m nta I pittu re of it. We m u t Ii now h;iJv.;! t a nd never do or ~JilIf a n

s 'Sue he has the o t ink that man a as ed the Spirit ~ 11'1 is fa ught by Ind ivid Ll3 Ihy. e 1NOuid not

n art on our we are 'Still

lsh and get the bse ute Iv ttl at we

0201 ~~~


AmeUa Barr she wrote Baker Eddy attended to plane to a hi wt1owa,,-, gone, a nd ttl made him a m5perou wa.., neve r fore in Is life 'So hap inte rvie-wed e S:iJid ttl t 1,1"-' in ess w.a

th at he had at begU" I Eve ry day

dai rns more activity. H pea ks the

all t he time. If t his we at true the-

and not yea .,.., ~ m n or worna n

she u Id be r abl e t emonstrate

t1 ou Id t1 evolved a

.n act iviti~'S auther of t ho thoiIJgt1t him tnese

wrote a that a large ere lat ion. Ma I'Y a~ her w r~ an she til she pol d fro this i~ book. one took man mane€' f 5i1JCCe os t1ad

rd .a nd rea i zas in

at be rth

th e livinc.. hat is .a f

th ese fa lse I'll tlo ns .a word com :ilbout it h.av

ute I., what

are jU'5-t (1'5- 0 as we t in we are, no mbe r

of yeiJ rs m.ay nave be e t at we t1.ave I ed 0 n t his Ian et.

nity? We petition. In . The pee

uSI ge over e tnJ h the who think



40 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

LL emonstra ions ta ke place hi n ou rselves,

is; em any fl wing ttl rough a II t ings,. The law - we. ing fro that i" "er patte _ We do not r

ions, W use prin t: i plas w ich c r@at@ 00 d· io

ca n men al tv encompass ea n accomp Is ~

nard it y seem from the uts.ide.

extern I th ings re but th~ outer rim of a Ivlty. V u can ea Ily prove this for yourseH. If yo bu in ess, doing

su pp ss some ~ co mes ale n.B a n savs to vou:

matte ? Why a you not do ing ore bu si ne",,,,7'1 T is is

ut wh t ne ans ar wou Id be: .. Peo Ie don It see m 0 to s~11. 4' Or perha p5 somet ing I ike th is: 1'1 .1

pete with mode rn methods. Or eve n: "We I.

II th is rs. tive thought.

m yo u are ta Iking aid. He k OW5 that causat io ls in mind a n

m err an he says: "The whole thing i in your own n; t e

tr uble w h yo~ rit t you don't reel th t you are a sue e ."

fore; if 50 you will n@ is talking a ut a nted that you are

@; in retu rn you ;iI .aske-d t is uestion: I' Ho did

into be i r.,sr T is sets th in ki ng an

lim t hat ttl ere en noth I ng e~d ed st have come f m

LI 0 not see m LJ be d mit that; a nd nat d 0 admit. Then his

yo LI ,going to do ime that you ha



.Ill ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

to rs place it with streng rad ia going to 5 ak act ivity i 'See n oth in b IJt activity a usi n.c. Un' rsal Law. din d s su c you th ough i as su ra as the thought of od.


It fills you You a re so fill ed witl1 a cti people th -simply toe

ul. You are a ge tha v.ThoE!!V ev will

ne n you meet beg in to wis h el uplifted.

ss, Peo pie will n 5w@r will be

let tne rna who is speaki him d.a itv s @ th rongs of p ople noth i n.s el . H ~ wi II eJCp~ le nee

. Lst him see

Always re from witn lif~.

not take 0 n false

orld ls fu II of o matter how

(I- (I10F~~~



you. All fea r "a s gone and owe r in a II thi!!! Universe, H.i3 h gffiatest (If a II truths,

the: m n

The w ole h ing ~ elves ltse If into OU r mental a il ity cont

ou r t h ug t. Tne an wt1 0 ca I'll do th I'S. can nave nat he wa n J

ea n d t he he'S, and beeernes wt1 at he ills, Lire, G

t n~ race- problem. Ho shall WE!: cq u k!! make it,,-,elf~ a nd not ejng -s.elf- reat I'Ve

8€' nind it mlJ~t be the u se ttl at

who h i311oJo@ i3I mon@v 0 ...... ~.CI ......

of It. Pe ople who hav It as a su rea IhV n tI'I e I

as an e>: pression in t e i r pocket People who

me ntll Ii keness don't i" the ir eke ,

to acqul

may see m very m ria L but

maten.a I·~ rt is. sp irinl.a We need I,Ir u COl n n !!:ve-r do t:tI is wh il WE!: h ok! it.a way f m us; 'We havefl't it. let us e a nge the eth od.a d be unity with su pply by a ily decla i ng th.at .111 th Un iver.;e is da Ily bnn ~ng to LIS II that

presenee of su pply. I( that it j you rs n

Mak~ you rself feel t h you now ave. and to yo Work with you rse tf LI t II there ~ not hin ~n yo

Money ca n not be k Clway fr m the

t kat all is Mind, a nd t t Divine


II. ot

Ion of fe. nt of - in it; th is

it his

(I- 2 1 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. r~~jJ(I~-II'i-



r perfert su p ply. e full possessten

I it to bs YOUI"!i, it now,

se 10 t I po rty or lim itatio n. lck to i1 that VOLI .a rich,

n dol a r ccn sejeu sness, here I s no other w y,.a nd erytni ng that yo do,

om in to you from ~IIJ rv source .a nd fro eve rv w tnt eve ryth ins: is. WCI king for yo ur good.

h@ pr@'S@nce- of a Om nipct@nt Powe r 5p!!!ak I that It respcn d'S 0 you r .ap eroach.

anyt:h ing or any whe m you thi k ha 5 once aff rm that (] u hav@ the sam th ing,

an that VOLi have wh t is h is, but that h allJe

ea n.,. hat a II you nee d I VO~ rs,

lUI th n k a bout a nyt hin big, at once- 'SiIV n th i wtJV yo LI I~arn to 1.1 nity yo Llrself. in t cept • and aeeerel ng t the way th at Law rod u that thing to r yo

4'Th-at Law, rks, it

01.1 bt for even a in ute, AhN.aV"i be 0; iti'Ve p watch eve r tel., ne r 'INCI rking-s; f you r the L w will do t ne rest.

46 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

THe u We rse r.; teem I

eve here. Noth ing

from ind, If we W;(Int t move, Ttl is esn't mean t h we mu~ be willing to do through us.

Gad C.1n do or us only .iI'i Int~ Iljge nee- lves u s Ideas an

01,1 r work is longe .. done in

know t hat are d-eali ~ 'IN.

mista ke, W@ proceed with .1 t rust ina PO r t hat Is In fin . Be then, is a gre t purpose, to Ie t

Th@ LAw of aivity rnu 51 be: to ta ke tI'I e ay of cute r a may tta\le to

-s;ometni ng never fui Is,



ctjyky we mu bus in ~'5"5 pla es that W~ go inactNity. p d uce S~ ch a d

all intel"5t i what is goi ng . We d n't feel I ke buy i

leave ttl at lace wiI; hout a y ap re t reaso .a nd 8 into another. He W~ feel that al i life, all is metio r all is a wily.

We feel con dent that this j t e p C oking r. We

will buy her we fi nd just w satisfie wit h

01,1 r p urch as a nd go aW;jlY c h

2010 F[)ft~ ~




usin ss a nd in eve no does not


Id alwaY"-' be ing. People h ind it will that alwa",,!!i as the likeSi action, c a nge,

a store th i nk

"0 h t ni"gs were a ppe n i eve ttl ough they

. K@!!p tni nd s on you ~II

he r sh. Activity is g niu'5. H a the ore'S th at you

u "-' epy before yo get out and u feel.a s tho

fast en ough, he other ha If a are

n 5 IN 0 are- doi n.c th business of ttl

n he is act lve ~n nis tho~ ht cI esn't have to stt by to t ink; tl e works hi Ie he tl in ks an d so tom pI" s wittl wh h has to wor ttl rough i m. n@ t" ought of ctlVny

'S hi m move, a nd th th ough of nfidence rna es his:





'- .. ~.

and not g@t into iffp::!i'e nt, an d VOLI u are takl.,g the I

; alwavs ba doi g II fi nd I ife becomes a Ing part.

@ tiresolll@ to the- 01 -ve mind and body. t WCI nd er if we wi I rver get enc U!!:h of

pie get I., such la2Y me ntal bits t nat a new k:I a

nd entra nc - Great t nirlCs are 0 ne by people w c

g at tho ught an d then go out i the worl d to I'I\i1I

d re I1i'S come t Lie.

oms a nd ttl arlce t e V!!! in the parlor a d rt scmethi n.g movi s p. The wide awa e he hasn t time e n

ot as .a slav@ but 01'5. a in life. if YOLi wa nt I to be intererte d n you. So wi II you .a




from the Un rsal Mind e efin it€' idea. 'lome g dan ee, some nformation, e ad ing. How;[I re we go g to do this? F rst we must n inc~d t nat 'IN@' ca n do .

a the invent ions come on ;[I bout el ectricity? h Un i\r@1"'i@? Ewryth ing s direct from Mind. Th

E'IfJ.!ry in n ion is but: a d &O\I'@ry althol.lg 'IN may not h ave seen It. music from? Where co uld i Does n

heard, If we 0 do?

When a wtJen a WfOU8h is thin b

all"e'.1dv is, harmony of t in Mind?

is @oiIr is attu ned to J1T1ony oil nd h catc hes it

Life it-;elf a nd I nte rp It to the w rid. We are

the m uste of t he "iiph es but few of 'I ever tatdl

illed with troll ble that h ~ Divine rtAel y j~ n eve r

we 1::0 uld see, if we cou Id r, if we cou Id un de rstand,

rallIed the presen ceo he All. wtJ at uld we not

thought springs up i the mi nd of a individ ua t

t poe m I§; wrltte n, W en a great rk of a rt i~

by ome receptive a rtios,t, - s os,i mply a sign hat the veil "If en; ke ha s ca ugn't .a gh p!fe of rea lity.

BLIt to InO'5t of us In spi to ba de: n ed on, ;jJ nd

must t ke th e slower bu ss su re et od of rece ivi g

51: ri31igh from t ha I nfin it . Th@ met ad is a si p on!! an d

eff~ct' e. When you nt to kn a certai t ing, or how c

begin ce ltaj n line of a

until you rea Ii th e pres: nee of a 0 nd you, of ttl e Mind tha kn om. of just what you desire- Yo esnn ot w wnat it is Y u w.ant,

I Min d. s:aying j 'it what ... are wa

that you are re ivlng it a d wait. A e t nat you now k ow, even ough yo

!!t in t n@ dept hs 00 nscic Sn!!S5 yo

io n, Give than ks hat 'You n w recei u get some d ire Ion. It is s

before gOj"g to leep I

'50 -. ~

o u must be: qu by any oLltw"a .3 ppe am . Tney did n't rna ke the o centra d ia: you I

Never, afte r yo LI have

been n you, The ti e will co

form. Wait for - and, wf1 e

e gotte n u nde (I nd ing, knowle

ursaff, 0 must not e, Never be erne- dirt u r s;elves; a d ave no lnte ...

e I nte-llige n get a perf picture unl in touch wi h for. A-s;k for

r@[.@iVf!d t eth is eve-rv d V od d'.lng to 0

d i rectilon oil LI re that we a the mome

au r lives w in be controlled ing.

u prsme i do a u ndsrsta nd-

(I- 10 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN.r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


'5l ..... ::"

'- ..



r ople. Vou have st rengt of

neu h to do all t nat • ., neees a ry. lan ed gen i us witr.i n t" e sou I of

!!:@d to do is 'to ILl nearth ne f rth, We ?rill never do t k, w lie anc . 10 tni ne own ",elf re air, ttl ou -s;ha It find Him th

wn that is; g rea Imig"ty has i @ve ryo n and what WE!: gen lus n d Cia Lise it to s we look to ot hers 10 r gu t hou wi hi" the sile"-te d

All th e ower and jnte II wa iting 0 be uti li2ed. T blaze of ., e livi"C F ir-e of

the U n lverse j~ a I rea ne SpiUk m u"it be fan n d il.rin ity,


will spe k in eerms that more t an i" (III -el-s;e.

rsnn, within his Infinite U nde e are simply it. Wr.en we

wn oul, i'5. in direct rornm nic nd i g, When we depend n e ir light and t ryi ng to i,ght on 01,.1 rselves we are d pe n , !iP~.1 king in and th ro

to all there r.; in God .. God

o w here 'IN'f' r~oo&n ize will have to let HI

Every p witt! th people pat" w-

r an wait, t Tnis is .a statem LIt e, the I nd ivid ual, must ht nd we are the guardlan r ~ will find that the Divine

nea r p sence of powe r; door, T I§ door ls our th when w do open the d

Itt at han d, wa iting, n belil:!Vf!.

n yo u have .a real th i g abo tit, J List know in yo r and keep rtill about it. so e big tni ng we begi" kno all the power saarn

odor k@e wn mind n when o talk abeut]

is, whae ha ppen s, CO" ta Itt strea m of tho rna ifest; if it baeomas ma if~rtat ion. If it is con tl1 is. rs, accord In8 to t ne d1 a ge that La w- Too

t I a ghi ng about it,. a t in . Of course this: but when we will lose th at rv to good

Wn I'll you want to do a rfe n; know just wn you rse H. pass it" r to the cr s, wait and liste I'll. a d

it a5S~ ra nee. Oon"t t I

u will sucoaad



On~ In ot er 'WCI til kes .a way f

n t fll ndamenta Ily p hV~ lea I. rt ill not be hard for us to ta an tI 5pirit ua I proce 55 we

s ut with ca u ses, ca uses of ife. T" is i5 net stra nge as ,0 ~v!!: n of lif@ itse H. W~ do es Th Is we call a cond Ition.

t, .1 nd r ttl rou h II! pov.t@r i nh ere nt withi n

a cond Idon. It follo~ that

r to ru Ie in CI ur lives.

a bsolut~1y th t we are dealing with a a right to ea with rand bV lea rni n.g IOU able to subject ttl m (I au r use, just as Ediso n il;ity. ta is but we

Th@ subst a nc t we ofte-r1 are, b

I with, in itse:H, is n@ I!!! r lim ited, but

raw 0 nly what we be e,

are- necessa • pDWf!rand su

Now this, Ii becomi"8 is m rough m@

n ellJe r Ii mited an smaller In s;1 e. COr1s-t ieusnes ,

to us 0 nly th ro ug that Spi rit into e ~re-5S n in eu r lilies ugh! that w@ give to ,In itself life is st a s muc h life as an lepha nt though re but one of

We are not abo ut Iffe .a n th e Infinite-,

a Ll3 I be LJ nda ries:. bu by fa k.e ide.a s o rec.og nize ttl at we re dea I ing wittl

pen nc of the race, but it i s ot the fault of of an' perceptio n, An d to ve t nat th is is; a k he ends ofth is fa tse se n e of hfe an d ne ss !!SS a nd le:ss lirnltatlo , It is .a matter er dea,

People often d !!cided to b NO. you are been foo led,

th V are told tbis, "00 u think ttlat I sara ble; do yo u ta ke @ for ;iI fool?~ t it is q Line poss:ib I that '!fOu have ..., have been. j kn ow of no one whe



'- .. ~.-

has scaped t hou hts of pow t hou hts that ha

you may not hav but a tha '5.E! m ti rna you may h

prod uc d it. Just ten ttle- precess

ow ma y tirnas a :ily you th in k scm that OLi wou Id n want" ha p pen, 11'1 is will o;ati~ yo be watcMu, t nat yo r t nought nee d$

Wha we n eed to do ls to rev-e rse t process of OU r th i and ee to It t nat th ink on IV po~itl ,(;on~ructive tho A ca m dete rrnin t ion to t nin k just wnat we wa nt to 1!!'5S of con rtion5 wi I do much to put us; on t n@ hig

reater rea liz ion of I'

Of curse -we will all. of c be g ing, Daily will .and great~ r con pt to Dai we w.11 be

d is not easy, but ill

he (reative Mind :iI !! r

t into t he life arc LI d IJ'S • at lve tendency. We 'St f all (I ur thougnt a


rse lves, never be rcorne. Feel that yo r .a nd a kind Fa!


'INW'rN. ~~jJ(I~_II'i-


tf we (Ire t

n is praying fo r th ing befc r!!: we n come. he


em r j~ that we me tal ability to from witt-. i"

thin . In order to own ho~ght, Thi~ e f1 of life into

we must be lie-ve us t at something

(our idea of t in h is affai~, st h V~ it with In h in : there rnu 51 that he wa nu; he

U rsefves as rnu of a yth ing a'S we

II reach on I'y OW1'1 !eve L 'SO ou r

rod Ute on IV ou r ner a lizations ,

n will always draw to h ju t wnat he is. But

to rovide with in the im of wh.n we desire a d so

def "ite way use the law t t wnat we need. I at firs.

do ot h ave a great r!!.a I' t 0 act ivitv we will h

h.3t we do have • .3 n a OU outer eond it.on'S me u

me ttl e in ner cause, we " I fin d1 at it will be m LJ h eas I en I rge the inne r recepf - fo sernet ni"g greate (I nd

h wh i k!. Of one th i n& be aSSILn"ed~~W.f! m st all

whe re, .a nd 1: hat 'SO is wit hin ou rse 5. In

in we mu-s-t make the irm tion, .a nd there. to , we

he rea I work of rea I i:z t" n,t the first the way may 5 , for WE!: a r!! consta V onf nted with that loll kh se P::!, a nd we are not I 3'{$ U re of ou rselves or st

ug h to overcome. but rese content I I'll th aS5~

we are growing. Eve day e will be provid i (I b-

con pt of lif@, a nd wit t @ i n!!r Growth w@ w II hOI

en I rged power 1:0 spea k hit he Cre.at.jye Min ,with

res It tnat we shall get a f n i p~1s.e and be doi gab"

t ni g for eu rselves. G re real ization a rn a ys

old race "-'"uggest Ion far a d poverty.a nd II m - atlon

one away wltn and da Iv we ust elea r eu r theu I1t fro

I lmits the Doe from S rth in ou r lif@.

ember ttl at you are d t - Tnjs will ma ke it eas

-tn One power, a ou do net have flow fro m with i n

a I'll go i ng to a new to n once beg in to att art to

ju wh.at n@ brings in hit 0 He sh ou ld 1M! ry ca

wh t he th in ks, H ~ 'She ul ow just what h P::! wa and ily

g it over to the SU p re in knowing tha t It "II wo r or

hi - Old ttl oughts must b estr yed, a I'IId new mus take t ej r

pia cas. Every time the old ttlouglrt co fuce i1 nd d@ cl .. rE t hat it has no p .. rt in you r power over you. Yo U 'State the Ia wand tv 0" it

of .a II @Is@. Dai tv try to 'S!!:@ more and u nda

eve roy day that you are be-ing eo; pecial looked ~pecia I creat Ion 10 r any In d iviil:h,l at but we a II 5 eve ry bme we t ni" k into it- F or all ou ttl ought is so rnsth i ng is always done with it.

A good practice is to stt and re alire Oi\tine attraenc n. tl1 at all tl1 ings are erning t

pOWf!r with in i5. go ing out .a nd d rawin& ack all t need. Don't argue .3 bout it, j u'St do it. and fl n isned leave It all to t he Law. kne ng that Oecla m tI1 at a II I its, a II love and

D@cl.are t hat you are now in t ha mid 51 !!n

th ough you m.a.v not a s yet se e the res

wt1 0 believe ttl e most a IwaVS get the a s

your frie nd - always looking out for pkrtety in it oil nd it wi II bring you r good

(I- 201 0 F~~ B-o-ob 'INW'rN. 1J"f1I[llt~tI'UI(l~_II'i-

I [[ I [ n

60 ',_ .. -;

PU: often ask if the Law wi II n d. Ttl is- q uestion 1NOuid nev nd e mood what U nive rsal taw ally will bri & us wh.n w@ thin k, A II law wi II 0 th law of lectrlcity will either light ou r he se or at we a re to do with the La . La w

senal, tI1e

pu rpos 5 if WE!: always u ~ it for the of life,

not use it for any p urpess th @xp@ri@ ell! ou rss IW'S. Th i s s hou kJ a ns natu re. Do I re ally wa nt the ttl In.s I as k for my'I If what I ask 10 r othe r pee p Ie? for evil if we desire tmly the good"1 W nat bot er about it, W!!: wa nt onlv the for the he Ie worrel; whe n we have t he La will set to work ca rryin.g out 0 a nd become afraid lest you m mista k all Law i'5. im pe rson al and ca re not:

bring a II j List what 10:; a I ready In the ir tI OLJg

Ie ng us; it ina destructlve way, to r it ·11 de pe-rsl'itS; ~n dojng IN rong, We have no re po Il§i u rs.elves. Get over a II idea t at yo h.ave all tried .a nd h;iJve II fai rating; in 0 ur ow n I ive"'i, prove t at th '=

as the at power be hind a II th Ings. T I~ j§ al

Eve ry 0 e must do the ss me ttl ing for hi If.

t keir d d,.a nd !ie-e ttl at yo u live_ In th - you a


harm as smd if p eple ns, Of eeu e it

that I willing t take we u se th Law

r ou~lv@ sation, at Never dThat is a

w real tv xists hat we.ca do. t the dead bu ry

not se His but

are si mp tv provi"8 that I w ave rns you r l(fe. II <:41 n do the

5.i3 me wh!!! ttlo!!!Y ro mE!' r 'In!!r;jJ nd none until !!!y beliE!: •

(I- 2 1 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


last f.a rth i n.c degree we a set law .n m

have two '5ta -s;ays. that we 'S!!:("o nd that What are th It mean s tha -way.


When esta bl i'lt1 ed i abouttne la

thls we are tak n out of th win ~iJV: If

? Is that bra

would still we-

y; but whe ink .a nd act in diff~re nt wa , t en 'INe W of the Law. It i 'StIli the same Vi biUt we ave , '50 t nat instead f Ii mit ing us nd u ntsh i., us, 5Se$. It i$ -nill the l;jIw but we h ve ha nge 0 U r

it. We might th r a ball at th wi dow,.a d if

d It It wall Ic:I b a k the glass H r.; Ia

me one eaee hes t he ba II befo it reach 55 'IN ill not be- br ke n, Ne ither he- Li!$$ no the-

Col use, th.at . changed the eha nged it~ fl it frees and .attitude towa noth I ng -;top motion, But . win dow, the-

(I- (I10F~~~


n, sc does t 1Ne have to do is to d r

d t ni"g fro ou r ttl U8ht. forgive

e must n@ r @-v@n t ink of it agai . l@t go of -

.all. 0 u r rJa r us ex rences wi II ach Lis I't\CJ m t trv to m otd II of ou r hougn~ a nd esjres, so th they wi I be n li.,e wittl th fu nda enta I pu rpcs of tne Great Mj"d, m !!)( r@'S'5H:ln of t at wh i h is psrfect. To fua r to rna k@

i 'S Lise of th L.aw Llld be to pa a tyle a II e rts of

f law wi II be ha ngedr rha

has; happen d in the P r so

ttl at it wi II 0 longer ha any .attr.a ctad so !!th ing mat is not r that we do. 01: have 1:0 k ~ P it. the time, an as tar re and can

e oorne to '5@!! t nat a I'Id tha all we hav~ to. do is t

hen, go 10 ttl rougtl us; o ur seed of nought n ths Mind 0 tha A bsohn ; and

ca n go OU r way re it ing in the Divi ne privil ge of with tne Infl ite.



a ny person'S who are consta nt un ha p

see m .a Iw.ays to be misu nde eee. Ttl

o use the law of attraction i" a" .affl rmati

a n un de rc urre nt of tho ught s w nate-v-er helpfu I t" ougtl~ ttl

their rnome nts of gre.n@-r strength,

very nslti've. and wtJ ile th I'S 1-:. aqua I

m ere - e wh n u nde r control. it .s most de~ r uno trel r be C" se it is. most ehaene. They sheu law nd s~@ how it works, .a nd then reo a II sen s:it lve ness, Th ey 'S hcu Id the w rid is a fr~nd. and prow t n is by k i" d a ny o!"lle or about a!"llY one. They

s s@@ .a II J)@OP Ie as p!:rfuct bel n.gs I"I\aId@ i the Divi @

seei noth iflg else I they will Ifl time be a ble to

lse th way that aU people see the m. H 0 in.g th ~ hei r r they will destroy (III "!!8ative t ought; (I r which is a Iw.ays in a s~ n'5.itive 112 rson, centre I, they w III find th at life ~s: hej rs to c y plea e, the 'Only req u ire rnent be i ng t at as th

they a lse rea p. We all k now that a nyt ing that i§ is of s ort d umbon. but a nyt h ing that e bod ies t e God, ver pre-s.ent an d Etern;jll. We fr wunder wh ich we first bou nd ou

rv i n id~ al un know.nglv does sem y pess bi lity of getting good resu tts in

· He affirms h good a nd makes his un ity ht, but hi!!! d 5 not stop 100 k i wro g a nd is; the ea se of confusion I

te .a d d!!ny it in !!! sarna breath.

nt a nd we wi I never be able

In see ing what we do not wa nt.. 0 matte r ea n not be he that someth ing i pw.;ib Ie lieving the sa e for eVf! ry ind ivid al,

atta in me nt is, of a necess ltv. til

g to see all a the true sons of

!!! dear oes not 1m into ne may the will wtJ nt more th a compelant is that thin ~ shoulc ploy i ng the same Ia w th at

'So attain th is an itude of mind i!! n th.at manife~ation will never be Iort, r it IN i II law of God and cs n not be e'Stroyed .......,,~~.rt to len ow th t we do not have to rna Ice ivi n@ love is .a II th t w@ will rked bra in an d t e fagged e 'S-tl and know tha we a re One with e ALL In

n, if at one nd the 'Sam e ti s and betl oldi the boo m j n our

obstruct the

all in I Shall

d divide wh ere d has so C refully unite ? ow n tn. ngs when we do this and soons r r

hrta J ustic@ that ighs out 0 eacn ona

alan ce the acco nt, and th n 'We 5 ha II e

the m lsta kes we haw rna d ,God does; posed it n 0 U rsefves

lova .a II ings;iI nd 10 k ohhe Fat hr.

66 ..... ~

I. _

saparata .a dividingou ~ law of Ab

l.ater jl.lrt oblige bring t is agony 0 from lfish mct- s alone, we m u upon .a I thing'§; as g d, made from 1

on Iy hope to bri"g to ou rs

of Iov@. We m u th in ki n.c .a n

st a ny sOU I, _get on as poonib e •

.a nd 'SoU re way. 01 t d1 e 'S-upre e

ask ttl at the F ne r forg· all tne wro g

to Him? Shall w su ppose nat \Ii@ ca n 0 If we do not at the pre5e t ti me Iov~

ust learn how do It.. .a n the way

n is gen e oreve r .a.,d

od is good a nd is Lnv!!!; mer@ t ha n t i5.

hough it m saarn long and ard at tim s we sooner r

it, and 0 ce done it ls do e forever Eve rv sre pin is an Ete a I ste p, and wI! neve r ha to be ta n bUildi"g for a d V or aver. but we ;iI nd for Et@rnity. So we will bu ild ths m stately man'§;Io n u er 1:tI e SUpreme wisdom a d the LI nfail i g gu ida n e of t he Spi It and we wi II do nto .a It e'IJ n as we WCI Id have t em do U nt us; tI1 e re is no other way The wise -II

listen, look wh they know be he

on ht way th in line witt1 t ~ Divin wi II an d pur sas, 50

shall all see t at ad is good an in him is no evil,



6' ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

remember as law it contact it

(I- (I10F~~


S OMI: peop Ie vi~ua Uze eve ing that t many tl1 in k t at it i 5 impo~~ i Ie to ma ke unless t ney essess the pow r to visu.a Ii

se. Wh il@ a ce rta n a mount of vis on is n ~c

and it m ust be re mbered t hat are eea

at is Ii ke th e 'Ioi of ttl e groun d, h icl1 win en we pla"t se - tt does not m en .a plant lik~ t @ one that is to s the seed and i nd j~ the so II,

in k po~@rty .a nd at the sarne t:i erso n wa nts to vi ua I~ze let him d so, a nd If II pcssession of is des i re and k ows that 11 -II ~ke hls dern isua I ize, then let i m simply state hilt: he w.a be Il;e\le that he s It and the re-s: rt wI! I a Iwa

em-embe r that y !!: (1 nly w.ay tha rgue over it, Th nvinced of the nd mort ~n peace,

a re always d ling with la a nyth i ng cou Id come into means th at V u have no ruth or you wo Id net it rg


I ..

10 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

DOlES e 0 nstrat Ion ta ke place In the pra - 0 €or or in the mind of God? Let us the i d of God a nd so it must ta ke p1.ace h

he mind of God or th@re- wou kI Ire place I n the mind of t he pat God, '5CI what does it matter plaee 7 We 0 n h a.ve to project 01,.1 r thought,. be

rig Itt at ha n n n@v@ r l~ilve'S U'50 at any ti 1"I'l@. A! I t

to do is; to w with in OL.l rse Ive-s. a nd, when we w II haw mad e t he demonstration,


As far i31S th convince hi power that attitude of ot t hat fil' quleker we $impl e, d1 il gre.ater fa it

t iv-e iI nswer t us u ntilt he j hope or beli

. h n h igher power? Of tOU rse it isr .a WI!!" i31V@:, th~ @-asi@r it will be I cel'Ve an answer 10 our prayer. jf Ii e fa tth rt win prod Ute; but it SiI'1 I h "we kn ow sernet ni"g of the w I WS, then, that WE!: sho u Id r by U Ith t hat we sha II never fail to g

a I of nu r thoughts. [at::h victory e will come when we will no Ionge , ut I know.

(I- 201 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. r~~jJ(I~-II'i-


0201 F~~



T HIE way to lve a t r atme nt is; first 0 bel ieve that you n be lieve t nat you inte a rea I c tiv P we r, wt, it h (It on bE!gio'5. to cperate pen i ; f I that 10 this p po 0;'" Ible, It kno~ at hjn b t It..,. own powe r t wish es to do, It eiV€'5 th impre".ii".; of yo ur UPO" it-

n ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-

It ~"i n eve r s:afe to ha ppe I'll. Ttl is mean must first be willin to re

Be lieve the n t hat V Power; fe el it".; gm into it; ;(I nd de cI(I do ubting in yo ur 0 dlrected,


anyth Ins that yo t1 t yo~ would wan forYOl,lfWH.

rei ~s: to be acted LIP J in and through all just h t you wis h it to n mi d but that it will d

by an Alml hty hing".; you s ak for you, n var

All t" at (I pra r:t ttic do is to convince im'&eHr to k oWr

to b@li@v@. and t:t1 th in ill happen to him hk h he

On e of th e flrst th I gSI t en I.., to be defln ite;

Ii keness of the thin that desi r~; to kn ow XiI ctlv what you

wa nt, Th I".; mental ke n • h is. .a bsc lute acce nee of the fact

t nat rt n ow is. mus neve b overlooked; with a ceo mphsh,

We sit down of ou r own U J at peace IN Ith t world. at p ace witt1 ou rsefves: \We rea liz t at we are d 11M lin witt1 '5Om ing t kat is a reality, so et kin ry to ,get;jl lea r


I •

that rea ratio n, wh i Ie the

ted done nto us; WI! have h arJ.e reee ed: neve r aga i n nave ~ated 111 e persc n whe



14 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-


T HIE i ner rna n I.., Iwa'f.i. In 1m rnedl te co t1n ~ctl on

I nfin e of u nd and ing. We.a immersed in

irnel ige"-ce; are su rrol,l" ded a Power tha

for ~ In Him I iI.re and 'It@ oil nd have o r be ing. I'

If ou rout r thought time s d raw om this: I gu id@d by I .a nd n@v!!: t he ~mooth s urface of

ere n ever con sed, we ShOll injte sou ree of k ow-ledge; we s rna ke mistakes:

Ia ke, un ruffled

But witn

t of 1,15 tn i s not the ease:

t n~ {1 ute r 5 th at the s rface ot the mi n "lea rand t a n-spa re Itt, nd we can not rea I gu id an €o, an d we et thi ngs w rc ng -clearly.

The devele me nt of t u ndersta n ding ilea rn ~ng to dr the Infin ite u nde rsta n ing; we ca n nev r doth is w hi -co"fused in eu r th i" ki

The fir.;t t hi g to do w be still a n listen to moments; i the ..,il already kn ,a nd en larging it

n we wish a we ter un de rstan

he i nn er YOke, wit hd roilw f

nee of the so ul ra kl ng he re alizing that a mater inte I r

i-Iere we In that we ar hold thi-s; u

e the pattem , and ask for, a I'll ght and try to b

ou r thought, t e th In ht;

th til livin k"OW'5o

guided; are am guichn8 t:t1 I! 5e:c of the AI

Placl! of the ighty.

rs me I.,te Ilige nee and ght .d nd brmg ing it 1:0 alee no rnista k"e; we h 'St High, and a bide un


N we find ou rsefves co n ronted to beg in. We a re not 'SoU e what

no way to begin a l"Iiyt., in . see ., i nd ou rsalves in th is posl ion, hu

know I ng h ere to tu rn. tI'I en of a 111 mes ust

lsten: d1 e of all times we must t ru d.at t e sa sta rted all tl1 ings wi II alse $U rt us i t tw rig t roa tI, rio r po'W@r 'WE' sh all '5.Uf@ f.a il.


do; we egin (In;

king.. not uiet and p wer that o without

do people in t he busi ne n. They rea Ii:z:e th.at SO eth ing ,gt!:t the id@a to 'WOrk out

a um that methlng ad gone . F;jIilure

ust wa rt an d know that the sa niverse i.,to be.ng (:(1 n a I th i nk into bein It knows .a II things; it ca n not fa i I we wis.h I n some way

that will n r fail us, ".;0 that we ma

a Uze th at t he r~ is; somet ing tha an ife'i't and in th is real izat n w.a it

not come t flM, but we mu'St be t~ent,

waiting rh sin fa it 1'1 , it will come.

a b usin ess rna n who w.a ron n been ve rv su ceessfu I. ~t at t d that was ca asi Il8 the to lose 0 . T on for a Y a rand tnings; we re going from b d to



nsent, H@ WI! nt I aiming 5L1prem u ring th Is time o t ne exact m

busi n '50. H!! rstu rnsd .a n d tokJ hi 5 pia partne .

th ~V la he r 5aV ing it coLild not be do e in b smess: c uld

be don any way: It uld not work. EI t agal t ney co se

know-. g it s t" is or

on a laugh plan t sat in

IJ~ I., e"S.'5 and de o tne 'Sa me 10


n did an one can do If e will follow t isa

simply wa it ou r reco nit ion of it, to s ri n.c i

an LI iling .ad i nit a unerring _guid.a ee, T

on d1 e ever outstrete ed a rm of the I nfl ni limide

wait and I is en. then go bout 0 (I uter business wit h

n n con'llktion at we a re ~jng I!! nto i1 more p@ rff!ct

n of I ife. A II ., do this-




e do have the rlr8ht lejJdin ide us te lis us that we at it a ppe ars like, we mu

o r inte-lI~n ee is do ing th thl n.g n hing to contradict it.

d 0 ~ometni ng tnat seem the- race, This makes n a nd .a II adva nee a 10 n,S any ine ha s e e:< pe rie nee of the race in ks is;

ones W 0 et i3I vlslon and then,So to ork to

com e tr e, neve king to one side but w· hone-

r ination. st ick tel the tnj nCo til it is

is as s

atl ence i3I d a g .. ei}'t de ~I of fa ittl. but he end a uprerne Bei"g itse If.

Never hesitate to trust In th t in ner lead lng, never fe but It will b right. We re a II in h mid 51 of Su preme I nte Ilig n ce: It pres i31gjJ Inrt t doors ur thought, Wa Iting to be known, We m '5t be ope to It a a ti mes, rea dy to rete We d recrien

and 00 c.u id ed j to grea e t rut" !f-

(I- (I10F~~~


80 ..... *:-.

'- .. ~-




t bought the 0 .a nd nope: to

be very elea r I ou r th oLJght. we wi...,h to see a njfe'rted in 0

we think Into it is ta n liP an..., that as ~ think rt II be way one d~y an d d1 a"g the des lred resufts. W@ ing out on Iy 'iii ch th oug


H@ r!!: is sorneth ng worth r!!: .......,.~H@ring. Un Ie ssw!!: .a re

with pe ople W 0 thin k as W J we had be-tter be IN Ing

alone. One 5t am of thought. n though rt may not be ve ry

powerful. will 0 more for U s rna ny poweriu I strea that

are- at Vii ria nee 'I'll ith !!:.aeh oths is lIl@ao'50 that, un I !!:ss w

su re that we re world ng peo pie who ha rrnon ~z

would better crk a lone. urse ~ ea nn ot retire

bus i" ess simpl baca use peop not agree wit" U'5-,. but

WE!: can do is '00 k~@p ou r tho to o U~ M!'i. W~ d D not have

to leave the rid in order to t rol ou r tho u.s ht but do

have to lea rn t at we ca n sta ht in t he world .a nd ...,till h in k

just what we nt to t ni" k. r


One sl ngle stre m of thought. will do wonde . Wlthlr. a year will nave comp tefy changed

se nt out into ueative person wh 0 will pra ctlc nd rtions (If life.

The way to pra ice thi!i is da i and in me nta I see ~11.B jlJ'St wh it is wis he dan then affi rm t t kat wn;jlt has n ~;jIwd i$ ttl

spend some time in th i king wa nte d; o;e.e the t hjng J 51 as this is now done. Try feel




.. I I

Words. a nd affirm - e ru. s.i not creatil.re. Fee I g is. ere - into the word the graatsr owe doing th is we th in of the on d' tl1 i31: follo~ IN h t we t ink.

It is a g reat help to re ali '§.trei31m of thoug t and censta ntly goi ng

thought: they are fee li"g that it". put c'lt!!r cond ition!i. In nly as n effect, sc met hing e Ip fo Ilowing ou r

es into express ion I

t all ti mes a gre.at th rough us: it is ake" up and acted am 0 thought j ust where ny ti e to act wh ~n the mU'50t ever be negative. It re d ea i"8 wit" sometni"g a i e, but he power in its.e H i!i

ereatie n is going m ust be b~Ii@Ye d '5. n!!Ye r ~ lie

th e great rea lity; t must ~ fe a no ether way to 0

ite rna wa

as tar as we a ecneer ed.

people may Ia ugh (It thi'50.

02010 ~~


stream of tho ught p lis.h!!s it!i pu rpO'!i@. Try to

you I t hat it is give n to

bout the way that r eond itions wh en 'So (I re made; there eth ing for us I This must be known .a!i Prese nee. There is

W-I! must ta ke, .a nd, is menta I. Theugh oes 1'1 matter. ~ He la~gt1 50

t he laugh last. i, We know in .. What we I ieve. a nd that

wil b 5ufficif!n



o R


ple get only oil 51'1 rt W an than seem to t beyond a eerta n pc I t; th 'i ea n 0 much n d no more. ny is it ttl at .a pe on i bu mess d e just a Gut '10 m uch e- eh year? We see eo pie i" .a I wa I~ life. ge i"g so fa r, n@v r going b!!:vond .1 t: rta in po in, Tn~ to r eve h Ing; noth I ng ha pe ns. if al j~ g me to' no ottl er c ndus-

ca n never sta 'StIli In 0 r tho

be 8 rowing or el e we wi II e goin attract to 0'-1 rse 5 CI n W:lIt we-

r it follows t nat· 'W@ Ide larger though s, Th

ry that too much can n

When why th~ togo b ., is tho

look i ntCI the m ntal ..,. happen, The m n wh and ttlat point is ill go hts to take ., im

oond itki 5 00 I'Il@ up to his th oLJght he stops growi ng, realizing me re a nd still m re, h to rm of h~ng'i he !NOU Id be 01 r.g

Tnere a One of

in th outer

201 0 ~~ ~ 'INW'rN. ~[llt~tI'UI(l~_II'i-

[[ [[ I


'- .. ~.-

m too old to do bigger tn nwo- II There II sav. "Cornpeti ion is tOCI l7e.iJt~; ;jJ nd ops; he carl no fun r ttl an nis

con ive of.a sti II b is a I a'{S a g reate bey nd wh at has c 'Seer even ttl ough it Iwa"fS practice 'ng, every me

e ~naU becom

o on .a nd on, .a nd nev!!r st P CJowing. ci rcu msta nee if I iff! is; hOLl1!: ht. we

r ttl ings. Tne is no re sen IN ny a

we II ~hou lei "0 be able enta Ily to nd itia n, Wh at if we are a -'lIE? Th@re peso; i ble, We ca n still see a little

re. Th is I~ jus what 5hoLlId do, little beyond ur fo rme tt,OU8 nt. If will fi nd that @ !!ry yea r 'W@ shall be

ha II be adva nei g an d.a time gees re at. A.." t here 5 no sto I ng in that ttl e lim itless i witho ut beu nds, so ss ibi lit ies

e parl'&io n of

omers i3I d ~ s hou Id ndsaeor to

y. Wh en we h 'lie s;irty we s hou Id Is s heu lei ne see p; he re is; no

, drop e'llery1: i ng else from you r more coming 0 VO~ th n ha 5 €'\le r Min d is. est] b I ning th i unte your and hen go ;iI bout 01.1 r b sin !!SS in ths reo ular w.a , N@'If@r see t he imitation: nev r diu pen it. and bove a II th ing-s else nev r ta Ik 11m itat 10 to none; th I~ is th on Iv wa • an d there ~ n other way to row a rger ttl ougt, t. he rna n tth t ne big

ugl'Yt is ways th e rna" tha bigg 51: thi n.c that yo Iy see it and 110 you r5!! tf that r

s big t h. ngs in life. Get he Id ink of nd cia im it fo r you r thing al i:ldV done. and you out bou ds.

0201 F~~


86 ..... *:-.

.. ~-


HIE RE k. no reason

u late- more .a nd she ul ~o enlarge that it eve n houg h, on th e oth eve r istributi"g that wtl for ha ing ls that w!!: l'Il.iy

tter whae big thi g h pp ns to U~

ing more ;(I nd mo I ne I'll we tl1 in

last a ived; right at the had g Yen u-s all that 'We begin ing for ~till greate r

tter how 101 rgt! t he pi The reason why s tney stc p i5 that h growi g it'll tne ir own mi d



sheu lei sti II be t nat we ave at as 1::h 0 gh Irfu let it b~t a

on Iv th i that a nd we 'Should