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Course Project: Character and Confidence Program Proposal

Wesley Harpold
Student ID#: L25631103
Course: EDUC 696-D02 Current Issues in Education
Dr. Michael Patrick
Liberty University


Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this program is to create a character and confidence
program for a high school. In our culture today, it is difficult for students to
develop positive character traits to develop confident young men and
women. Many students come from broken homes where they are lacking
either a male or female parent in their life. Unfortunately, some students are
often being raised on the morality of the different media that they view.
Often, that media promotes negative character traits and negative selfesteem. The purpose of this program is to provide our young men and
women in high schools, a solid set of moral traits and character traits to help
them become fundamentally solid citizens in the classroom and in society.
These character traits will promote confident individuals that understand
their role in relationships and in their family. A further result of this program
is that positive character traits should further reduce the amount of bullying
that occurs in school.

Program Rationale
Most anti-bullying programs for schools are more reactive than
proactive. Through videos, posters, and assemblies, anti-bullying programs
try to encourage students to treat each other in a way that they would like to
be treated. The anti-bullying programs often provide safe ways for students
to report any bullying that they witness to school officials. The school
officials then try to work with the bully and the bullied to correct the negative


behaviors and bring about reconciliation. While these anti-bullying programs

have merit, they do not get to the heart of the problem, which is the very
heart of the student. The rationale of this character development program is
to build positive character traits in the high school students which in turn
promotes confidence. If the program can change the heart of the student in
a positive way, then it could greatly reduce the amount of bullying that
occurs in schools.

Research Base
The research base of this program will examine some of the existing
research on bullying in our schools. What are some of the positive aspects of
anti-bullying programs that have had success in schools and how can they be
used in the character development program? Along with research in
bullying, the program will examine any existing research on character
development programs in high schools. Are there character development
programs that have had measured success in developing positive character
and what can be used in the proposed character development program? The
character development program will rely on books and other resources that
could provide a set of solid moral traits and character traits that will form the
framework of the character development program.

Program Application


Unfortunately, program application is where I become pessimistic in

my approach. I would love to see a character develop program implemented
in my school because students desperately need it. I also know that It would
be very difficult to sell it to my school district where administrators have
become increasingly reactive to anything Christian. Therefore, I do not see
any possible way of fully implementing this program in my public school. I
would like the program to have a biblical base, which would allow it to be
implemented in a private school. Unfortunately, the program would have to
be watered down with scripture references removed to be implemented in a
public school. The character development program would require time in an
already packed school schedule where standardized test drive the
curriculum. This makes it very difficult to sell to administrators and a school
board. The program would also require the use of public school teachers that
are able to understand and communicate moral traits that they may not
agree with or implement in their own life. Although I think that a character
program would be very beneficial to my school, it will probably only work to
implement it in a scaled back version in my classroom or in the Christian club
that I advise at school. By researching this topic, I could build a framework
in which I could take a little time each week from my teaching to
intentionally discuss some of the character and moral topics of the program.

Projected Outcomes


If this program were to be fully implemented in a school, some of the

projected outcomes would be a measurable decrease in incidences of
bullying as a result of improved personal relationships and the development
of character traits to better handle conflict with other people. Furthermore,
there should be a measurable decrease in disciplinary actions that the
assistant principal and principal would need to address, which in turn, frees
the assistant principal and the principal to do other important task.
If this program were to be only implemented in my classroom or in the
Christian club that I advise, then I would hope to see improved classroom
behavior by my students. As a teacher, my hope is that the students would
develop moral traits and character traits that they would carry with them
into their personal life. As a Christian teacher, my hope is that the program
would draw students to a closer walk with Jesus.