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Round 3 (180 minutes): Extreme Programming Round

Was asked to design a dictionary consisting of NOUNS, SYNONYMS, GLOSARY &

RELATIONS. Given sample pattern was as follows:
Input File: noun syn1 syn2 syn3, glossary1; glosary2; glosary3 Relation File:
animal: beast, wild; a living organism mammal, a walking animal
cat wild_cats, flexible animals; from family of cats
tiger, a type of cat; golden black dots on it
object, nonliving things furniture, something used to decorate the needs of
households table, a smooth surfaced four legs object
Relationship: mammal: animal, cat: animal, tiger: cat, furniture: object, table :
Part 1: Ask for an input from user accepting noun, synonyms, glossaries and
relations. Ex: Noun: reptiles Synonyms: reptile a family glossaries: the crawling
Part 2: Search a noun from the dictionary. Ex: Input: cat Output: Noun: cat
Synonyms: wild_cats Glossaries: flexible animals; from family of cats
Part 3: Odd man out Input: tiger, lion, table, puma Output: table

The question is like u have to design a dictionary which contains words,
synonyms it's glossary. Tasks to be done:
1) You have to add the words
2) You have to show d words
3) if some words r given your program has to tell which one is odd. Ex: table, chair,
fish, car answer: fish. Since that's is d odd. For the last task u will be having a
separate file which tells the relationship of words. Based on that u can do that. This
has to be done with a B+ tree.