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15 questions:

1. How old are you?

2. Whats your job?
3. What is your Gender?
4. Other than consuming media, what do you do in your free time?
5. How many hours do you work a week?
6. How many hours do you spend at home a week?
7. What time do you go to bed?
8. Can you describe your house? (area, bedrooms, rooms)
9. Do you work from home?
10.Do you have a long commute?
11.Do you like or get involved with politics?
12.How aware are you of current affairs?
13.Did you go to university?
14.Do you drive or use public transport?
15.Who do you live with?

Audience profile.
News Night.

News night is a serious program that

focuses on serious news stories the
sort of person that would watch the
show is:

Married and has 1-5 children.
Aged 25 to 60.
Upper working class or middle
class as it brings up complex
Ethnicity isnt really a factor.
Mostly non-religious Living in
urban areas as it is cultural.
More intellectual than fitness
Educated to a high standard,
i,e uni or college education.
Someone who knows about
politics and most likely is a

As this is a BBC program it will

mostly be watched in the UK.
Other media forms they consume:


Grand designs and other

The news at 10

The audience for Kerrang

would be:

The Financial Times is a news paper that

focuses on money and economics. It
provides finical insight to the wealthy
and would-be investors. The
demographic for this paper would be:

married, 1-2 children.
Aged 35-70
The Ruling classes, uperclass
wealthy people.
White british
Mostly non-religious Living in
urban areas as it is focused on
money and profit.
More work focused people whose
lives revolve around money.
Very highly educated, i.e Eton,
oxford and Cambridge
Someone who knows and cares
about politics and is directly
involved in politics. Defiantly a

Financial times.

Other media such a demographic would

consume include:

Papers like the Telegraph

Stock market TV shows like wall
street warriors and Million Dollar
Radio shows like BBC Radio 4

Male or female
Not married, no
Aged 13-20
Upper working class
or middle class as it
is about music,
everyone can
White or black, britsh.
Mostly non-religious
Living in urban areas
as it is cultural.
More party and
lifestyle focused,
someone who enjoys
In education.
Someone who
doesnt know or care
about politics.

Karrang focuses on light

harted music news that
is appealable to young
people. Other thing the
audience might consume

Commercial radio
stations like X FM
and Absolute
Magazines like
Heat or Hello.