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Leaders Guide Week of November 22, 2015

WORK: Whats Gods Got to Do With It?

Looking Back on Going Public
This week, tie your icebreakers to thanksgiving.
o Unusual item on the table when you were growing up?
o Plans for this year? (Be sensitive to someone who may indicate
that they have no plans. Behind the scenes see if someone in the
group can invite them over.)
Close this time by encouraging group prayer consisting of sentence
prayers that include no more than one thing at a time. Of course, you
can share more than one sentence after others have had an
opportunity. As the leader, be sure to thank God for the members of
your group as you close the prayer time.
You have heard the last message in the series, Work: Whats God Got To Do
With It. Use this time to reflect back and ask each person how God has used
this teaching in their lives. What will be different going forward? If they
give a general response, gently probe for something more specific. As a
reminder, the titles were:
The Grand Vision
The Great Divide
The Real and Present Danger
Work Place Violence
Real Rest
Money, Money, Money
Going Public
Speaking of Thanksgiving I thank God for you!!!!!