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Original Writer ~ Samantha Glaser

Duration ~ Two days, 50 minute class meetings

Subject Focus ~ English/Language Arts, Grammar

Day 1: Nouns and Verbs
Day 2: Adjectives and Adverbs

Grade Level ~ 3rd Grade

Florida Standards Addressed:

1) LAFS.3.L.1.AP.1c: Write sentences using nouns (regular, irregular, abstract), verbs
(regular, irregular, simple tenses), adjectives and/or adverbs.
2) LAFS.3.L.1.AP.1b: Identify nouns (regular, irregular, abstract), verbs (regular,
irregular, simple tenses), adjectives and/or adverbs within sentences.

A= Analyze your Learners

As best you can tell, describe the learners for whom this lesson is
intended. What else do you think you would need to know about them?
Learners at a third grade level should have the basic reading skills to
understand sentences and short stories. In addition they should be able to
write legibly in print. The focus of this lesson is online learning so basic
reading ability and typing abilities are also helpful. Students need to be
able to follow directions online and work together as a team to accomplish
goals. Most students can do these things but keep in mind that some may
need extra time or help with these skills if they have trouble.

S = State your Objectives

Carefully review the lesson plan. Identify the objectives. If the lesson plan
has learning objectives that do NOT meet the ABCD criteria, rewrite
them. you.. You should have at least 3 learning objectives that meet the
ABCD formula. Remember, think Action Verbs!

A=Audience; B=Behavior; C=Condition and D=Degree.

Students will be able to identify nouns and verbs in sentences in

addition to correct plural nouns and verb tenses after the lesson
activities through a multiple-choice test with 80% accuracy.
Students will be able to identify adjectives and adverbs in a
sentence after the lesson activities through a multiple-choice test
with 80% accuracy.
Students will be able to sort plural and singular nouns, past,
present and future tense verbs, adjectives and adverbs by creating
a concept map diagram in groups to be discussed as a class to
check for accuracy and correct errors.
Students will be able to correctly form sentences using nouns,
verbs, adjectives and adverbs in groups using the words they
placed in the concept map.
Blooms Taxonomy Levels Addressed ~ Comprehension,
Application, Evaluation, Analysis, Knowledge

S = Select Media and Materials

In this section, make a list of what materials are needed for this lesson
plan. If they don't specifiy any technology, think of how you might do
that! Try to think of two different things you or your students could do
with technology.. Maybe you can find a good multimedia site to use in
this lesson? How about using word processing instead of writing? You

might be able to use a spreadsheet or PowerPoint?

Mobile Computer Lab Laptops

Digital Projector
Various Sites from the Internet Linked to on the Class Wiki
me/, http://www.abcya.com/nouns_and_verbs.htm,
Google Forms (Used to create quizzes)
Weebly (Used to Create Class Website)

U = Utilize Media and Materials

How are the materials used?
The mobile computer labs are the cornerstone of the lesson, as they are the
basis for student participation allowing access to the Internet to go to the
class site created using Weebly to do the activities there for the lesson.
Day 1 has activities that include links to the websites listed above for
reading and game based practice. The page also has Youtube videos,
images, quizzes and written directions for students to follow and use each
day. In addition these computers will have the software Kidspiration
installed to allow students to create concept maps in groups to sort the
words they choose into a concept map diagram by category of type of
word as noun, verb, adjective or adverb. They will also use this program
to create sentences using these words that they sorted. The projector will
then be used to display each groups concept map to facilitate a class
discussion on word types and correct use in sentences. After this
discussion time the students will take Google Form based quizzes based
on the days activities, Nouns and Verbs for Day 1, Adjectives and Adverbs
for Day 2.

Two of the materials are used by myself the teacher as opposed to the
students. Weebly was used to create the class website housing the
activities, links, videos and quizzes the students will use. Google Forms
was used by me to create the quizzes as well.

R = Require Learner Participation

Explain what the students are doing. How will they use technology in this
Participation ~ Day 1 ~ Nouns and Verbs
The lesson will begin with introducing the subject matter by discussing
words and sentences and how certain types of words make a correct
sentence. The students will then be allowed to get their laptops from the
mobile computer lab. Students will then use the laptops to access the class
website and watch the provided Youtube Schoolhouse Rock videos about
nouns and verbs. These serve as a fun intro to the topics and actually teach
the basics very well. They will then move on individual learning tasks to
help them learn the material better by reading about special types of plural

nouns and the past, present and future tenses of verbs by following links
as instructed. They will also follow these links to games about identifying
nouns and verbs for a hands-on learning experience. The major activity
for the day is a concept map made in groups using Kidspiration to sort
adjectives into one bubble and verbs into another bubble which connect to
a middle central bubble labeled as Words in a Sentence. Each word will
have branches off of them with a singular and plural example for each
adjective chosen as well as branches for each verb with the present, past
and future tense of the chosen word. They will then take one word from
each category, one noun and its plural and singular forms and one verb
with its past, future and present forms, to create sentences. The students
will pick on group members laptop to work on and put the others away for
the day. This allows students to work together to formulate knowledge
through a hands-on experience. These maps will be presented by each
group to the class with the help of the teacher using the laptop the students
used and the digital projector. This will allow for conversation about the
correctness of the students work to help clear up confusion and best
prepare them for the quiz. They will then break up from their groups and
work on the multiple-choice quiz on nouns and verbs provided on the
Weebly page individually in order to evaluate their final learning about
Nouns And Verbs to end the lesson.

Day 2 ~ Adjectives and Adverbs

A slightly abridged version of the previous days lesson, as it is more of an

additional lesson where as Day 1 had subject matter that is a firm
foundation that requires more explanation and focus. Once again a short
introduction to the subject matter, talking about how it will build upon our
learning about nouns and verbs the previous day because adjectives
describe nouns and adverbs describe verbs. The students will then again
be allowed to take their laptops from the cart, taking care to take the same
ones they took on Day 1 as the concept maps they made will be used
again today. They will then watch Youtube Schoolhouse Rock videos
again to help teach the content as they did on Day 1. However today
instead of readings and games students will go straight back into their
groups to use the same group laptop to add bubbles for Adjectives and
Adverbs to their diagram, again with three words as examples for each
branching off of them. They will then add these new words into the basic
sentences they wrote on Day 1, as well as make any corrections they
needed after discussion. Again they will bring the laptop to the teacher
and each group will present their diagram and allow discussion to flow
and help reinforce learning before the quiz. Then as they did the previous
day the students will take a multiple-choice quiz about the days focus,
Adjectives and Adverbs. With the time left in the class period students are
allowed to participate in a bonus activity for fun that wraps up the whole 2
days lesson, by allowing them to create a story online with the knowledge
they have gained. This site even gives them a magic code so they can go

home and show it to family or retrieve their story whenever they wish!

E = Evaluate and Revise

How do you assess student learning?
Students will be evaluated primarily through the two major quizzes at the
end of each lesson day aiming to test the skills they have acquired
throughout the activities.
Day 1 has a quiz focusing on Nouns and Adjectives with questions
about identifying nouns and verbs in sentences in addition to
correct plural nouns and verb tenses with hopes of doing so with
80% accuracy as a goal.
Day 2 has a quiz focusing on Adjectives and Adverbs with
questions about identifying adjectives and adverbs in a sentence in
addition to questions about what each type of word describes and
how endings can change them with hopes of doing so with 80%
The concept map projects are meant to foster cooperative learning
while giving hands-on experience with the concepts the students

are learning by writing their own sentences and sorting they word
types into categories. This activity also gives students a practice
run of sorts via the class presentations and discussions allowing
corrections to be made and questions to be asked.
The various other activities, the games and readings, are also
meant to serve as informative practices to help student learn the
skills to help them accomplish the objectives.
The final bonus activity serves as a fun reward and a
reinforcement of the skills the students have learned throughout
the 2 day lesson.

Each time you use a lesson with your students, it's an excellent idea to
write yourself notes, so that you can revise the lesson if needed. For this
assignment because you haven't actually taught the lesson, you do not
need to add anything about revision.

~Works Cited/Credits~
Assure Method Lesson Plan Worksheet provided by you, our
wonderful professor! Thank you and I hope you dont mind, it was
simply the best way to show a lesson plan.

All videos used from Youtube channel WritingClass

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