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Case Study What is Case Study? Case....... An event, problem, process, activity, program, a single person, or several people Bounded system....... The boundries of the case, usually time and/or space. Multiple sources of data.... case studies include almost every kinds of qualitative data (interviews, observations, documents, artifacts, etc Case studies use many forms of data to have in-depth understanding of the case There are 3 types of case studies 1.Intrinsic Case Study 2.Instrumental Case Study 3.Collective/ Multiple Case Study Case Study Methods • Determine and define the research questions • Identify the case/cases and what type of case study will be used • Collect data in the field • Evaluate and analyze the data • Prepare the report Content or Document Analysis What is content analysis? Content Analysis...... Study of recorded human communications The purposes of content analysis • To identify bias, prejudice, or propaganda in textbook. • To analyze types of errors in students’ writings. • To describe prevailing practices. • To discover the level of difficulty of material in textbooks or other publications. • To discover the relative importance of, or interest in, certain topics. The steps in content analysis • State your research question(s). • Select your sample of text material. • Read and review the material in your sample. • Define your unit of analysis and categories. • Code the textual material in your sample . • Intrepret and report your findings. Ethnographic Studies What is ethnography? Ethnography......... Studies the culture (values, beliefs, behaviors, language) of a distinct group within society Two Approaches to Ethnography • Realist Ethnography • Critical Ethnography The Methodology • • • • • • Selecting an ethnographic project. Asking ethnographic questions. Collecting ethnograpic data. Making a ethnographic record. Analyzing ethnographic data. Writing the ethnography