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Business Plan

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Review the expansion plans for Blue Chair Coffee, an exciting
and growing company headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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Executive Summary
Blue Chair Coffee is a coffeehouse located in downtown Denver, Colorado.
The caf features European-style coffees, teas from around the world, light
sandwiches and salads, a bakery and dessert bar, and a space for live
The downtown location has become a popular gathering place for visitors
and locals, especially those who work downtown. The business has grown
quickly in the last two years and is near capacity. Lucy Tennyson and Roberta
Jackson are the owners of the coffeehouse (50% ownership each). They want
to expand to two other locations on the east and west sides of town and are
seeking investors to fund that growth.1

Background Highlights
Opened in the fall of 2014
Earnings increased 30% after the first year
Serve an average of 165 people per day
Average sale per person is $14.65
Owners are experienced coffeehouse managers
Net profit this year is 12% and is projected to increase to 15% next year

Organization Structure
Blue Chair Coffee is a privately held, limited liability corporation (LLC) owned
by Lucy Tennyson (50%) and Roberta Jackson (50%). Both operate as general
managers and managing partners. Marketing and accounting services are
handled by independent consultants. The coffeehouse also employs 10 parttime servers, baristas, and dishwashers.

The east side location is in the Galleria Center and the west side location is
in the Rocky Ridge enterprise zone.

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Keys to Success
The keys to success for Blue Chair Coffee (or any food service business) are
summarized below.

Product qaulity
Coffee, tea, and food are of
high quality and value.

Serve patrons with courtesy,
efficiency, and attention.

Manage inventory, train
employees, and control

Market Analysis
The target market audience is a mix of residents, visitors, and workers who
seek a sophisticated yet casual coffeehouse experience. Members of this
audience dine out three or more times per week and prefer pedestrianfriendly, social environments. The following chart shows the potential growth
in this market.

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Sales Forecast
The sales forecast assumes no change in the price of goods sold at the three
Blue Chair Coffee locations.
The owners expect to increase sales from $1.5 million at the end of 2016 to
$2.3 million by the end of 2018. This growth is average for coffeehouses and
restaurants in Denver and takes into account the projected increase in
population in the Denver area.
The following table summarizes projected sales in the three Blue Chair Coffee
locations from 2016 to 2018.
East Side
West Side
Total Sales



Management Team
General Manager Roberta Jackson
Assistant Managers
Bruce Glaze and Lucy Tennyson
Executive Chef
Zachary Mallon
Pastry Chef
Leslie Garcia