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Guest Speakers:

Mr. McManus will discuss the topic of his forthcoming

book The History of the John Birch Society

John McManus
President of
The John Birch Society

Mr. McManus, a Marine Corps veteran, is the

President of The John Birch Society, author of
numerous books, and a frequent guest on radio and
television shows.

Mrs. White will discuss the importance of the U.S.

Constitution and the dangers of an Article V Convention.
Mrs. White is the Founder of The Constitution Decoded,
hosts a Constitution study group, is a frequent guest at
Tea Party rallies, and is an instructor at Camp

Catherine White
The Constitution

$25 Full Breakfast Buffet

Saturday December 12th at 10:00AM
Hillview Country Club
195 North St.
North Reading, MA
RSVP to Hal Shurtleff at (857) 498-1309 or shurtleffhal@aol.com

Massachusetts Friends of
The John Birch Society