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Adnan Hussain

Age: 16 Class: 9
Son of Hav. R Muhammad
Hussain and Afsana
Siblings: Ishrat Fatima (8),
Kashif Mehmood (14)
and Waqas Ahmed.

Adnan Hussain
Adnan Hussains mother weeps as she holds up his
blood-spattered shoes. He was very close to her, she
says, adding that he would greet her rst thing when
he came home from school and wouldnt eat his
lunch or dinner without her.
On the day of the attack, Adnan took his fathers new
joggers, saying, What kind of a father are you? You
buy new ones for yourself and have your son wear
old shoes? He lost one of the shoes during the siege
on APS. Its brother has been locked away in a
cupboard for safekeeping.
Adnan was seriously injured in the attack and passed
away on the night of Dec 18 at 8:30pm.

Hassan Zeb
Age: 16 Class: 10
Son of Aurangzeb and
Nasira Zeb
Siblings: Zarak Ali (21),
Hamza Ali (19) and Moosa
Zeb (13)

Hassan Zeb
Hassan Zeb was an intelligent student with a good
academic record. Hassan loved keeping pets and
had three parrots at home which still live there.

A little chubby, his mother recalls how once at a

school get together when children were asked to
bring their grandparents, Hassan refused to go with
his grandmother. He was afraid that those at the
school may make fun of him and his grandmother for
being a little overweight.

One of Hassans brothers, Hamza, who studies at

APS, was with him at the time of the attack.
Previously a chirpy, talkative child, Hamza has been
terried since the attack and prefers to keep quiet
and to himself.

Huzaifa Aftab
Age: 16 Class: 10
Son of Aftab Ahmed and
Andaleep Aftab
Siblings: Farwa Aftab (14)
and Maaz Aftab (10)

Huzaifa Aftab

An aspiring scientist, Huzaifa liked to work on

making new things. His mother says he would
deliberately break his toys and then repair them by

A sometimes naughty child, Huzaifa would hide his

brothers and sisters school badges, toys and other
belongings but would eventually tell them the
location of the hidden items.

Close to his mother, Huzaifa was a considerate child

and didnt mind sharing. Having read the story of
Abdul Sattar Edhi, Huzaifa had made it a habit that
he wouldnt use up all his pocket money for himself
but would also help those in need. His mother tells
how this habit was liked by all in the family as well
as the neighbourhood.

Malik Taimoor
Age: 16 Class: 9
Son of Karim Khan and
Rozeena Bibi
Siblings: Roshna Bibi (27),
Qaiser Khan (25), Maryam
Bibi (23) and Nasir Khan

Malik Taimoor
Four months before the attack, Malik participated in a
skit which described an attack at the school. In the role
of an army major, Malik was killed ghting militants.

The day of the attack, his classmates say Malik died just
as heroically. When he saw his principal Tahira Qazi set
on re, he leapt to save her, hoping to extinguish the
ames. It was too late for both of them. The cowardly
terrorists attacked him from behind, hitting him in the
head. He loved his principal.
Malik was the youngest of ve siblings and was loved
and spoilt by them. His siblings appear to be shocked
into a silence at the loss of their youngest. His mother
says her heart breaks every day, and that she will never
forget her son.

Malik Usama Tahir Awan

Age: 16 Class: 10
Son of Aftab Ahmed and
Andaleep Aftab
Siblings: Malik Hassan
Tahir Awan (15), Aifa
Malik (14) and Malik Uzain

Malik Usama Tahir Awan

Usama was an extremely polite and loving boy who
was adored by his family and friends alike. The 16year-old aspired to join the Pakistan Army but
always spoke of peace and education.

According to his father, Usama was of the belief that

militancy could only be eradicated through

According to his mother, Usama had one weakness:

chicken karhai. Mrs Awan would make sure her son
was never disappointed at the dinner table.

Mubeen Afridi
Age: 16 Class: 10
Son of Farooq Shah and
Shaheen Afridi
Siblings: Maleha Afridi (18)
and Areeba Afridi (10)

Mubeen Afridi
Studious and a position holder in his school, brighteyed Mubeen was extremely well-mannered and
was known to say salaam to everyone on his street.

Like other children his age, he enjoyed playing sport

and was very fond of football. He played the game
well and even won several awards. His mother says
her son was so passionate about the game that he
would ask his father to help him go abroad so he
could become the best football player.

Mubeen also kept parrots at home which still live

there. His mother says after her sons passing, she
opened the cage so the parrots could y away but
the birds stayed and still remain at Mubeens.

Muzamil Umer Sadiq

Age: 16 Class: 9
Son of Umer Karim
Sidiq and Sumera Umer
Siblings: Dr Unzela Umer
(24), Kamil Umer (23),
Hijab Umer (22) and Aimal
Umer (17)

Muzamil Umer Sadiq

Muzamil Umer and naughtiness were synonymous
so much so that he had his siblings as well as
his parents despairing.

His brothers, sisters and his parents were always

on the alert for his tricks and antics.

He used to tell his father that he would like to

become a religious scholar. He was also Qari of
the Holy Quran. He learned Surah Muzamil by
heart a day before he was killed.

Muhammad Umar Hayat

Age: 16 Class: 10
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hayat
Siblings: Faisal (18), Maria
(13) and Mahnoor Fatima

Muhammad Umar Hayat

Umar was an excellent student.
He won several awards and certicates at
school and topped his federal board
exam. He wanted to become a military
Umars parents say every waking
moment without him is painful.

Nadeem Hussain
Age: 16 Class: 9
Son of Hussain Asghar
and Bibi Fizza
Siblings: Haseena Batool
(14), Bakhtawar bibi (11)
and Mohammad Qasim (15

Nadeem Hussain
A quiet boy, Nadeem was intelligent beyond his
years. Before APS, he took admission in Oswa Public
School where he skipped nursery and prep to
be placed in Class 1 for being exceptionally gifted.

From Class 1 to 7, Nadeem remained a position

holder. His father says he was among the top ve
students in all of APS. He aspired to become a
doctor, enjoyed playing cricket and always had a
meticulous appearance.

Still in shock over her sons death, Nadeems mother

Fizza Bibi now suers from cardiac problems.

Shah Fahad
Age: 16 Class: 9
Son of Misal Khan and
Shukria Bibi
Siblings: Faisal (20), Sidra
Bibi (18) and Bushra Bibi

Shah Fahad
Before he went to school that day, Shah warned his
sisters not to eat the sweets his uncle had gifted to
him. He gave them stern looks, telling them to stay
away from his masaledar gurh. His sisters are very
sad he did not come home to ght for them.

Shah was very close to his sisters. He was naughty

and thoroughly enjoyed teasing them but would
diligently do his homework under their supervision.

He joined APS four months prior to the attack.

Before that, he studied in Hayatabad and lived with
his aunt. At that time, he used visit his parents every
4 months. But his parents wanted to see him every
day, so he got admission to the army school in

Sher Shah
Age: 16 Class: 10
Son of Salma and
Mohammad Sohail
Siblings: Ahmad Ali Shah
(14) and Ayesha Gulali (11)

Sher Shah
Sher Shah loved to study Turkish and Islamic history
and was a skilled member of the debating club. His
favourite book was Worlds Together, Worlds Apart.

While many children cannot read or write Pashto,

Sher Shah excelled at it. He wanted to be a journalist
when he grew up, and imagined himself as an
anchor on prime time television.

He was very interested in horses devoured books

that contained details of the taxonomy of horses. He
could tell the classication of any horse buy its
structure and physique.

Sohail Sadar
Age: 16 Class: 9
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sardar
Siblings: Hareem Sardar
(15), Mohammad Haris
Sardar (11) and
Mohammad Hassan
Sardar (7)

Sohail Sadar
Sohais father says his son was a neat
and clean child who wanted to grow up
to be a doctor.
He was close to his father, who fullled
every request made by his son.
He was not a fussy eater and was happy
to eat anything that was cooked at home.
He had a pet parrot that he loved very

Syed Abdullah Shah

Age: 16 Class: 10
Son of Syed Fazal Hussain
and Saima Fazal Hussain
Siblings: Syed Talib
Hasnain (11 months)

Syed Abdullah Shah

Abdullah was quite a serious boy. He did not
express his love for me with his words but would
hug me each time he saw me, Abdullahs mother

The young boy, who was admired by all his

classmates, wanted to join the army as a doctor
and always talked about serving people.

Ever responsible, Abdullah would give his father

advice about his business, something which his
mother says used to put a smile on everyones

Syed Zulqarnain
Age: 16 Class: 9
Son of Kishwar Sultan and
Syed Shah
Siblings: Faheem Shah
(23), Zakir Shah (21), Radia
Shah (20) and Saira Shah

Syed Zulqarnain
Zulqarnain joined APS just two months before
the attack. His father say the college his son was
attending was too far away and he wanted
him to be closer to home.

While considered a prankster, Zulqernain was as

patriotic as one could be. He would paint the
national ag on his face on Independence
Day. Like all boys his age, he loved cricket,
biryani and cars. But his favourite snack was
French fries. He would ask his sister to make
some for him nearly every day.

Usman Sadiq
Age: 16 Class: 10

Son of Mrs. and Mrs.

Muhammad Sadiq

Usman Sadiq
Hailing from Abbottabad district, Usman was the
only child of his parents and loved dearly by

His father describes him as an

energetic, intelligent boy, who was good at his
studies and could grasp complicated concepts
quickly. He was fond of cricket and watched every
match. He would often play in the neighbourhood
or at school with his friends. He loved spicy food,
especially biryani.

His parents pray daily for strength and endurance

after their son's loss.

Zargham Mazhar
Age: 16 Class: 8
Son of Naib Subidar
Mazhar and Mukhtair Bibi
Siblings: Naheed Mazhar
(23), Shahzad Mazhar (21),
Shahbaz Mazhar (19)
and Shahzadi Bakthwar (4)

Zargham Mazhar
Zargham Mazhar was a serious, studious child. He
enjoyed reading often reading books that were not
part of his coursework to increase his knowledge. He
would also recommend books to his siblings.

A bright student, he would feature among the top

students of his class. He was class proctor
and known among his peers for his attentiveness
and gumption. His father remembers how young
Zargham was fond of gardening and looked after his
plants and owers every day.

Zargham wanted to join the army and his parents

used to call him little soldier. He had also cleared
the test for the military college in Jhelum but died
before his admission could be nalised.

Zeeshan Ahmed
Age: 16 Class: 10
Son of Sub Ikramullah and
Hameeda Ahmed
Siblings: Ishfaq Ahmed
(26), Nazia Ahmed (25),
Shahab Ahmed (23),
Waqas Ahmed (18), Awais
Ahmed (died in APS) (14)
and Nimra Ahmed (8)

Zeeshan Ahmed
Hailing from Malakand, Zeeshan Ahmed enjoy
playing cricket. He often played matches with his
brothers, and was part of his school cricket team.
His favourite player was Shahid Afridi.

Zeeshan was very devoted to his eight-year-old

sister Nimra. The two used to joke and gossip and
Zeeshan would also help her with her studies.

Zeeshans brother Awais, who was younger to him,

also died in the massacre. The brothers were in the
same hall and died trying to save each other. Their
father remembers how Zeeshan and Awais did
everything together and were the best of friends.