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Brian Mann

CNS 771 Prevention/Wellness Project

September 14, 2014

Bullying: Active Prevention through Parent Education

This workshop is designed for parents of school aged children. The workshop
centers on modern trends in bullying and the devastating impact it can have on
individuals, particularly children in a school setting. The goal of this workshop is to
apply an active prevention approach to a problem which is too important to handle
on a reactive basis. The emphasis is on educating parents on things they should
know about bullying and how to communicate important lessons to their school
children about bullying. Each of the workshops four topic sessions last about an
hour, and the entire workshop can be conducted over a four week period.
Topic One: Does bullying still exist? How has it changed? Why is it a problem?
Goal: To bring awareness that bullying still exists, but it has evolved in recent
years with changing attitudes and the use of new technology.
Objectives: Explore the facts and myths about the nature and prevalence of
bullying behaviors among school aged children. Also gain insight into the
lasting effects of bullying and how technology is now part of the bullying
Method: Provide statistics from local school system on bullying. Engage
parents to consider the perspectives of their child being bullied, their child
being a bystander, their child acting as bully as a way to underscore how
important this issue is regardless of the role of their child. Have attendees
write top three things that come to mind as actions they might take if they
came to found their child to be playing each of these roles. Then, three top
ways that each of these roles may impact the childs development as a
citizen. Share ideas among group.
Video: Lasting effects of Bullying (MSN Video)
Video: Fighting Modern Day Bullying

Topic Two: Cyber Bullying (Bullying 2.0)

Goal: There is a world on the web that is displayed on the phones and
computers of our students that is largely out of sight from adults. This
workshop will address the ever evolving digital world that children live within.
Parents will take a tour of the current digital world of our youth, and visit the
sites and communication methods they spend time with.
Objectives: As it is not uncommon for digital communications to be hurtful,
we will address the digital behaviors, speech, and communications trending
among our youth. Participants will review how to educate our youth to
maintain their safety, and engage each other with respect and civility in the
absence of face to face interaction.
Method: A one-hour guided tour of popular sites, media and technology
being used by our youth. While not necessary, feel free to bring your digital
devices to venture into places where your children may be spending their
time. Emphasis will be placed on how communication has changed recently
and how the anonymity of electronic communication can bring unintended
Video: Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online
Homework: Determine how your child is using technology to communicate
and socialize. What sites are being used? What concerns exist?
Topic Three: Empowering Student Bystanders to Prevent Bullying
Goal: The single, most effective intervention into a bullying incident is peer
involvement. Students see the bullying and mistreatment of their peers, but
few intervene. There are many reasons why kids dont intervene. Fear of
being harmed, fear of having their reputation damaged, fear of making it
worse, not knowing what to do the list goes on. Students have reported, in
significant numbers, that if they knew what to do to help out a peer being
mistreated, they would do so. This workshop is devoted to providing the
information, strategies and experience for parents and school staff to then, in
turn, provide the guidance and direction to students so they may intervene
on behalf of their peers.
Objectives: This workshop will provide the guidance to parents on how to
educate their children in the process of safely intervening in bullying
incidents, and creating a positive peer climate in their schools and other
social settings. The focus will be on safe and effective interventions in
bullying incidents without damage to social status or reputation. A wide range

of actions to use as bystanders intervening in bullying on behalf of their peers

will be reviewed.
Method: Explore the five common options, by defining and describing each.
Discuss in small groups how and when each of these responses can be used
effectively and how these concepts can be conveyed effectively to children.
Review outcomes from small groups with entire workshop.

Walk away.
Speak up.
Be a friend.
Ask others to help.
Get an adult.

Homework: Develop specific instructions and guidelines for your child as to

how he can use each of these options when faced with a bullying incident.

Topic Four: Bringing the Message of Bullying Prevention Home to your Children
Goal: This workshop will provide guidance to parents on how to approach
their children on the topic of bullying in a way that will both inform and affect
their attitudes and actions.
Objectives: Equip parents with a plan for effectively broaching the subject of
bullying with their children
Method: Watch the video How to Teach our Kids to be Empathetic to
Prevent Bullying
Present the slideshow: How to talk about bullying

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