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Empanada Fitler Square: (posted)

Jezabel Careaga is the Argentinian chef and owner of Gavins Cafe. She treats all her
customers with the cuisine of her home nation and has a dream of even serving Pope Francis
himself. Check out this Pope fanatics dedication to deliciousness with Dan Cuellar Saturday on

St. Patrick's & Pope Visit: (tag ilia, walter, st patrick's) (posted)
The parishioners at the Church of St. Patrick in Norristown have a special connection to the first
Latino Pope. Walter Perez and Univisions Ilia Garcia have the story on this parishs preparation
for the Pope, this Saturday on VISIONS.

Restaurants (tag all three restaurants and Ilia) (posted)

The Delaware Valley is home to a vast and diverse selection of Hispanic restaurants, and each
one would jump at the chance to serve the Argentinian Pope Francis. Univisions Ilia Garcia

visited three restaurants in the greater Philadelphia area. Check it out Saturday night on

Kiko Alonso & Rickie Ricardo (tag eagles, rickie, walter perez) (Saved as Draft)
Football season is finally underway. But it's not just the United States that lives for the sport
anymore. The Latin American fanbase is growing because of players like the Philadelphia
Eagles Kiko Alonso and Mark Sanchez. Eagles Spanish Radio Networks Rickie Ricardo tells us
more on VISIONS this Saturday night!

Publishing Company-Hola Magazine (tag cuellar, hola, miguel) (Still need pictures)
With the Hispanic community in Chester County rapidly growing, the need for a space where
people could inform each other of various services available was stronger than ever. One man,
Miguel Alban, understood the importance of this and created Hola Magazine this past June.
Tune in to VISIONS this Saturday to learn how much of an impact it is already having in Chester

Amla (posted)
Do you like the sound of this music? That is the sounds of the AMLA school of music. Not only
can you learn an instrument through this organization but you can join in the fun in the
ensemble. Find out more by tuning into VISIONS this Saturday Night at 7:30 PM.
(Ashley is uploading Video instead)

HCC + Pedro Ramos + Concilio Parade (Saved as Draft)

Want to become more apart of your philadelphia community? Tune into Visions Saturday night
at 7:30 to sit down with the President/ C.E.O of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of
Commerce, Pedro Ramos as he explains the mission of this non-profit foundation.

Mural Arts Open Source (posted)

Add a little color to your week by tuning into The Art of aging DAY at Time to brush up on the
process behind mural art with Michelle Ortiz from The City of Philadelphias Mural Arts program.