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NGSS Lesson Planning Template

Grade/ Grade Band: 1B

Topic: living things and

their Environments.

Lesson: 4 How do plants

and animals live in

water environments?

Brief Lesson Description: students will explain how some plants and animals

can live in water environments.

Performance Expectation(s): students will be Abel to identify the Ocean

Environments and some of the plants and animals that live there.
Specific Learning Outcomes: students will understand what the Ocean

environment is, and know some of the plants and animal that live there.
Narrative / Background Information
Prior Student Knowledge:

Students already have background about the water environment.

Science & Engineering

- asking questions and

defining problem.
- Analyzing and
interpreting data.

Disciplinary Core Ideas:

Crosscutting Concepts:

- Ecosystem:

-systems and system

and dynamics.


Possible Preconceptions/Misconceptions:

Students know the water environment so they may dont know what
Ocean mean is.
Students may dont know the name of the plants that live on the Ocean
ENGAGE: Opening Activity Access Prior Learning / Stimulate Interest / Generate

- Greeting students.
First tell the students that today will have a new lesson, but I want you
to tell me the name of our lesson today.
- The teacher will put sound of the ocean and she will let the students to
guess thesis sound of what.
Give the instruction for the students (I want all of you to close your
eyes and Im going to put the sound of something and dont open your
eyes Intel I said, after that I will choses one student to tell this sound of
EXPLORE: Lesson Description Materials Needed / Probing or Clarifying Questions:

- The teacher will give each group different plastic animal from different
environments and ask them to take out the animal that lives on water
environment.(The will walk around the group to see the students work)
Materials needed:

Different kind of plastic animal.

EXPLAIN: Concepts Explained and Vocabulary Defined:

First, the teacher will put for the students a video about the ocean
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2BKd5e15Jc .
The students will see some of the plants and animal that lives on the
ocean environment.
After that the teacher will start to explain for the students by using a
PowerPoint what the ocean environment? How it look like? (Different
Picture of the ocean environment). Then she will put picture and name of
the animals and plant that live on the ocean environment. And then she
will explain for the students how the fish take oxygen from the water

Ocean, fish, gills, fins

ELABORATE: Applications and Extensions:

The teacher will give the students a worksheet which they need first to
circle the ocean environment then they need to draw a animal that live
in ocean environments and finally they will have a picture of ocean
environment to color it.

The teacher will check the students work together and she will answer
the work sheet with them.
Elaborate Further / Reflect: Enrichment: doing review on what they just learn

in this lesson
This lesson I try to make it little pet deferent from the author lesson which its the last
observation with my MST. So, in the engagement I let the student s to close their eyes first
and then I but for them sound of the ocean and then I ask them this sound of what? And then I
said list imagine our self that we are on the ocean what did you see...
This engagement really work will with students, I didn't ecsapet that but they really like it and
they did a good job.
In general my lesson wen t really good and I reach all of my goal but there was something that
I didn't prepare for it which some of the students finish their work quickly and they were
moving around or siting without doing anything, so next time I will do extra work for the
students who finish early.