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TPCASTT Template

Poem: The Road Not Taken

Poet: Robert Frost


Application to Poem


The Road Not Taken gives me an eerie sort of feeling. I picture the
image of an abandoned road, where there is no movement.

Ponder the title before reading: what

do you think it means, if anything?
Consider both denotation &
connotation of words used.


In two to four sentences, translate

the poem into your own words.

A person was walking through the woods until he or she reached a fork in
the road. He or she thinks about which direction to continue traveling and
eventually chooses, doubting that he or she will ever return to that
particular place in the woods. The speaker states that the decision he or
she has made makes a big impact on his or her life.



Contemplate the poem for meaning

BEYOND the literal meaning. What
is this poet trying to impart to his
readers? Look for figurative
language (Symbolism/ Imagery/
petition/etc.) and anything that is
beyond literal meaning. Include 3
quotes and commentary.


What is the speakers attitude or

tone? What is the poets? Are they
the same, or different? Is there more
than one attitude or tone in different
parts of the poem?


Poem Location Occurs between lines



The one less traveled
by (19)

In leaves no step had
trodden black (12)

Frost describes the woods as yellow, which could

mean that its autumn - the leaves are changing.
The fall of life is when youre getting older.
Type of Figurative Language/Interpretation
The road less traveled by symbolizes the less
popular choices that we make in life when we dont
follow the crowd.
Type of Figurative Language/Interpretation

The poet uses more imagery to show that when a

lot of people have walked on top of fallen leaves,
they become black and colorless.

Its difficult to hear a difference between the poet and the speaker. The
tone begins as thoughtful and observant because the speaker is looking at
the details of each road and trying to choose the better one. It switches
to reflective in the third stanza because he talks about how this one
choice from the past has impacted the rest of his life.
Before Shift:

What shifts in attitude or tone do you

see? Where do they occur?
(Speaker, Tone, Tense, Plot,

A yellow wood (1)

Type of Figurative Language/Interpretation

6 .

After reading the poem, re-examine

the title on an interpretive level. Does
it mean something else to you now that
you have analyzed the poem?

Thinking the speaker is just thinking about what to do and not doing
After Shift:

Doing the speaker actually makes a choice and takes some action
After reading the poem, the title seems to mean that the roads that
you dont take in life can make a big impact later on. When you choose the
less popular choice, it will be difficult, but it will pay off in the long run.


What is the thematic topic & what is

the author trying to tell you about it?

Thematic Topic: Choices

Theme Statement: The small choices that you make in everyday life can
have a significant impact later on.

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