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ED 315 LESSON PLAN Lesson #___5___

Format and Cooperating Teacher Feedback Form

Name: Amanda Adamek

Content Area: ELA


Grade Level: 10

Use this template to plan, removing the notes in parentheses and this box. Give this form to your
cooperating teacher for review and a signature before you teach your lesson.





Introduce precise claim(s), distinguish the claim(s) from alternate or opposing

claims, and create an organization that establishes clear relationships among
claim(s), counterclaims, reasons, and evidence.
Students should have a thesis prepared before coming to class; however, some have been
struggling with this task. To assist those who may need additional support, I will help
them during work time today. I have a list of students who are in need of support and will
be sure to check in on them during work time today.
Students will:
Organize papers using the essay outline
Review MLA citations
- What should be included in a works cited page?
- How to properly cite in-text information to avoid plagiarism.
- What key elements should be included in a five-paragraph essay?
Additional Assistance:
- Some students may have already completed a large portion of the outline; they
will begin to cite their sources. To support them I will leave the PowerPoint up

so they are able to review what they may not have wrote down in their notes.
Others may need help with transitions, as this has been an issue in the past. I

will be sure to check for this as I walk around the room.

John, Hoixng and Montae are very far ahead. During group time today I will
check their outlines and push them for specificity.


Formative: I will informally assess students as I circulate throughout the room while
students are completing the daily activities. I also have a chart prepared to track student
learning and progress throughout work time today. The outlining activity will be
submitted either at the end of class or tomorrow morning. This helps prepare them for
their final paper as Ive noticed they had difficulty structuring their papers during my
observation time.
Summative: Formal assessment will occur when the students submit their essay. This is
their end of the unit assignment to be completed within a week.


Materials Needed:
Writing materials, essay template, thesis assignment needed:

(Include time allotments)
Warm-up question: Should books be banned in your high school library? (5 minutes)
- What about other libraries?
- What negative outcomes could occur?
- Do you feel youre being limited through censorship?
Steps for instruction:
MLA citation review (10 minutes)
- I will briefly review a citation PowerPoint from a previous lesson. Highlighting particularly
troublesome areas Ive notices through charting.
Essay outline (15 minutes)
- Students were given an outline to help structure their essay. As this is primarily a work day I will
spend my time assisting individual students
Strategies for students requiring additional assistance: To help students who may be struggling with the
activity I will circulate throughout the room to answer any questions they may have. I also have a written
record of individual student progress and will work with students that Ive noted are at risk for falling
Students will share an example from the outlining activity with the class. (5 minutes)
o Submit outlines

Cooperating Teacher Signature:


Cooperating Teacher Feedback:


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