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Dominic Volpi, President, FGCU Student Government

Dr. Michele Yovanovich, Dean of Student Affairs, FGCU
Dr. J. Mike Rollo, Vice President of Student Affairs, FGCU


Nora Johnson, ENC 3250 Professional Writing Student


October 13, 2015


College Republicans Event Proposal

This is to propose an event that the FGCU College Republicans RSO desires to hold on campus.
The event will be a live watch party at FGCUs Cohen Center Ballroom for the CNBC
Republican Debate and will take place on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 7:00 PM.
Congressman Curt Clawson will be invited to attend, speak, and comment throughout the debate.
We are requesting funding of $2,950 in order to cover fees associated with dinner, the attendance
of Congressman Curt Clawson, and additional secondary expenses.
Event Description
The FGCU Republican Debate Watch Party will be a business professional event in which
students will register to attend. Students of any political background will be invited, however
registration will open one week early for members of the College Republicans RSO. The debate
will be projected at the front of the Ballroom so that all attendants may watch and listen. The
evening will include a catered dinner that will be served during the debate. Pending further
confirmation, our event will be attended by Congressman Curt Clawson of the 19th District.
Congressman Clawson will offer an introduction to the event at 7:30 PM, in addition to
providing commentary throughout the course of the debate. Students are encouraged to ask
questions relating to the structure and proceedings of the debate. Following the end of the
televised debate broadcast, Congressman Clawson will remain for an additional 20 minutes in
order to discuss the primary topics addressed by the Republican Presidential Candidates.
The event will be supervised by three full time FGCU faculty members that support the FGCU
College Republicans RSO.
Importance of Event
As we approach a presidential election in 2016, it is critical that all college aged students are well
educated on the current political atmosphere as well as in political proceedings. In offering this
event throughout which students are encouraged to ask questions and discuss trending topics,
these young voters will be enlightened with political knowledge which will allow for their
understandings of worldly issues to develop and expand. Furthermore, the 2016 Presidential
Election will be many college students first time voting for President; the need for an increased
political awareness among students which this event will provide is vital.
The Republican Party has recently been under much observation due to the large amount of
candidates that have declared to run for office as well as due to the dynamic opinions voiced by
many of these candidates. However, many citizens are only aware of news clips and blurbs of

College Republicans Event Proposal

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October 13, 2015
statements from politicians. These brief sound bites do not provide the full context of the
discussion that provoked the comment or statement. By streaming the entire debate we intend for
students to learn the importance of understanding the context in which statements are made, not
just the words that are spoken. This lesson remains true outside of politics as well, therefore it
will benefit students in many aspects of life.
Congressman Curt Clawson is of the 19th District which represents an area spanning from Cape
Coral down to Naples (United States Congressman, n.d.). FGCU is located in between these
two cities, and is therefore within Congressman Clawsons district. In inviting Congressman
Clawson to this event the College Republicans RSO is building strong rapport with a local
political leader. Our RSO would represent the FGCU student body as having well-versed,
civically minded, and politically engaged students.
Many other institutions have held similar debate watch party style events including a Republican
Watch Party Event at High Point University (Tucker, 2015) and a Democratic Watch Party at
Harvard (Democratic Primary, n.d.). Our event would resemble these previously held watch
parties; however, our event will include more structure and formality due to the presence of
Congressman Clawson, the catered dinner, and the business professional atmosphere.
Benefits for Attendees
The right to vote is a power that we are fortunate to have as citizens of the United States.
However, according to CIRCLE and as depicted in the organizations figure seen below, 50% of
youth voters turned out to vote in the 2012 Presidential Election (CIRCLE, 2012). The ability to
vote for president is a privilege; one that a greater percentage of youth should be taking
advantage of. By offering this event, FGCU students most of which are considered to be youth
in terms of voting will be allowed to build their political confidence by gaining a better
understanding of the political system and of current issues that are on the forefront of debate. By
increasing students political knowledge and thus their confidence, we predict that more students
will be inclined to vote in the 2016 election. Every vote matters.

College Republicans Event Proposal

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October 13, 2015
As previously mentioned, Congressman Clawson represents our local area. Congressman
Clawsons presence would lend a very valuable networking opportunity for students that attend
and are engaged throughout the event. Furthermore, our esteemed Congressman would be able to
share how he achieved his position as well as offer advice and mentoring for any students that
interested in seeking a political career.
Benefits for the College Republicans RSO
Members of the College Republicans support the Republican political ideals and value leadership
that follows such values. This event will allow for dynamic discussion of not only which
Republican Party Candidate attendants see best fit to serve as President, but also of the changes
that must occur during this leaders term in order to better our nation as a whole. Opening the
event to students of any political affiliation will allow for an even more significant discussion of
these hot topics surrounding the upcoming election. Discussions of such matter broaden the
political and civic knowledge of club members thus furthering the legitimacy of the College
Republicans RSO as a whole.
We would like to request funding of $2,950. This funding would cover the cost of Eagle Catering
for 200 guests, a proposed speaking fee for Congressman Curt Clawson, and the secondary costs
of technology equipment and services and advertising and dcor. Any remaining funds at the end
of the event will be reimbursed to FGCU Student Government. Please note that these amounts
are estimates pending confirmation.
Congressman Clawson Speaking Fee
Technology Equipment and Services
Advertising and Dcor


We would like to request use of the Cohen Center Ballroom for our event. The Ballroom has a
capacity of 450 (Room Layouts, n.d.), which would allow for plenty of room to accommodate
our 200 guests. The Ballroom provides a formal atmosphere that is very fitting for this event
which requires business professional attire. The date of the event is approaching rapidly,
therefore we would like your support in approaching FGCU Campus Reservations to reserve this
room. Campus Reservations generally requires a request to reserve a room two weeks prior to the
date of the event, yet due to the vast benefits for students that this event will produce and your
joint support we believe that Campus Reservations will be able to provide us with this location.
I hope that this request meets your approval. Please reach out to me if you have any additional

College Republicans Event Proposal

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October 13, 2015
questions, and please inform me of a date and time that would be best for our Organization to
present this proposal to the Student Government Senate. I believe that this event will prove very
beneficial for the attending FGCU students, the College Republicans RSO, and the reputation of
the University itself. I am dedicated to making this event a success and I will assist you in any
way possible. On behalf of the College Republicans RSO, I thank you for taking the time to
consider this request.

College Republicans Event Proposal

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October 13, 2015
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