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Laurel Buchanan

(828) 385-3578
8460 Ashley Hill Ct. Charlotte, NC

Laurel Buchanan
Problems in Employer and Manager

Laurel Buchanan
(828) 385-3578
8460 Ashley Hill Ct. Charlotte, NC 28262


November 9, 2015


Dr. Robert Arnold


Laurel Buchanan


Request for Approval of Research Project

The purpose of my memo is to request the approval of my given

research project. I am interested in researching the problems in
employer and manager communication within the workplace of the
Student Activity Center on campus. This memo will explain how this
problem applies to me, outline the research I have conducted, and
explain the research and possible solutions that still need to be
Current Problem:
The Student Activity Center holds UNC Charlotte's fitness center, group
fitness area, basketball arena, and other recreational and sporting
events. In order for the facility to run in an orderly fashion, multiple
student employees are stationed at various locations around the SAC.
For everything to run smoothly, it is important that workers are on
time, fulfills shifts, and notifies the facility if they are unable to make it.
The issue of unfair payment is also a problem, with people earning
money for others hours worked. The problem with scheduling is due to
a lack of communication and resources. Working as an ATAC and SAC
check in employer, I have seen first hand the repercussions of other
faculty members not showing up for work. These problems cause
employers to be left in the dark due to lack of organization and
communication within the facility.

Laurel Buchanan
(828) 385-3578
8460 Ashley Hill Ct. Charlotte, NC

In order to fix the problems at hand, the problems need to be
highlighted and addressed. Despite the fact the SAC uses a program
called "ShiftPlanning," that organizes work schedules and time off,
there is still miscommunication between the employers and the
managers. Often times employers don't show up for their shift or come
in late. This causes others to work extra shifts without notice, or have a
building manager fill in for an employer. This can also benefit people
unfairly by paying them time they didn't work. Being able to improve
employee moral would be half the battle, ensuring everyone that they
are being treated fairly. There are many plausible solutions to each of
the problems at hand.
Many issues need to be addressed to make the Student Activity Center
run without as many glitches. Overall improvement in communication
is the key for the facility to operate in a professional manner.

Policy Enforcement- In order for employers of the SAC to take

their jobs seriously, more rules should be implemented. Outside
of a student employed job, when one doesn't show up for work
repercussions ensue. In order for everyone to be fully invested in
their job, a list of rules and regulations should be provided for
each student employer. When a student doesn't abide by the
restrictions presented, it can cause them to have marks against
them that can eventually lead to job termination.

Larger Employer Database- A simple solution to many of the

problems the Student Activity Center is having, is to hire more
student employers. This would create less stress on other
employers who are trying to fill in for their check-in counterparts.
When a shift is not being covered or picked up on time, other
student employer can come in to take the spot. This would help
current employers not be held responsible for someone who is
late for work.

Scheduling Applications- "ShiftPlanning" is currently used to

schedule shifts, provide availability, allow vacation time, and
provide updates and information. Overall, the system does well
at organizing schedules, but many student employers use this for
their benefit. Through ShiftPlanning you are able to drop a shift in
order for someone else to pick it up. In many cases, employers

Laurel Buchanan
(828) 385-3578
8460 Ashley Hill Ct. Charlotte, NC 28262

don't show up for their shift even when no one picked it up.
Some students also log time that they did not work. They drop
their shift, but still get paid for those hours. I don't believe
ShiftPlanning should be discarded all together; instead add an
application to the mix. "WhenIWork," is an online scheduling
application that can be used on your phone and computer. This
app provides many features that could clear up much of the
concern in the workplace. One feature of the app allows you to
clock in and out. This clocking feature would prohibit others from
getting paid for hours they didn't work. This would also provide
notifications for other employers when someone wasn't coming
into work, or wouldn't be on time.

Documentation of Rules

Informative Meeting

Application Use

Hiring New Applicants

Wait for the approval of the given

proposal. Present as soon as
Two-week timeline to write up and
email rules, regulations, and
repercussions to student
employers. Allow adequate time
for review and questions before
being enforced.
One-week after rules have been
delivered, hold a meeting to clarify
procedures and explain the
"WhenIWork" application. Make
sure everyone has access to this
app, and it works without glitches.
After the app had been
downloaded, give employers one
test week. After everyone has
formulated questions regarding
the system, put the application to
If the application and enforced
document are not proving

Laurel Buchanan
(828) 385-3578
8460 Ashley Hill Ct. Charlotte, NC

effective, allow one month to hire

and train new employees.
Continue working with glitches of
current program.

I have qualifications is many aspects of the proposal. I currently work
at the Student Activity Center and have seen directly the cause and
effect of communication (or lack there of) within the workplace. I also
have experience with scheduling programs and applications used for
Preparation and email of rules, regulations, and repercussions
Purchase of "WhenIWork" (up to 20 employees)
$29/ mo+30 Day
Free Trial
Hiring new applicants
$8.10 an hour