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Feedback from supervisors and coworkers.

Similar to perceived
training opportunities, we expect that perceived work-related
feedback from supervisors and co-workers enhances vitality
and job proactivity. Feedback enhances proactivity as it
provides suggestions to employees to take better control over
their own work conditions (Crant, 2000). Moreover, in a
qualitative study, Shagra and Shirom (2009; cf., Shirom 2011)
identified several antecedents of employee vitality.
Respondents often mentioned factors related to performancerelated feedback from supervisors when describing situations in
which they experienced high levels of vitality. Respondents
stated that they felt appreciated or acknowledged when
receiving feedback from their supervisor regardless of the
content of the message. Feeling appreciated, in turn, increased
their level of vitality (c.f., Carmeli, 2009). Hence, we expect
that perceived feedback is also positively related to employee