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Cloey Roper

December 2015
Civic Engagement Activity: Reflection
For my Civic Engagement Activity I attended a fundraising event for Ching Farm Rescue
Sanctuary. The event was a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner, held on November 14, 2015 at the Wasatch
Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City. The event was from 5:00-8:00 p.m., and started with a silent
auction, followed by dinner, and finished with a guest speaker, Kristen Hartness, who talked about her pig
Ziggy, and briefed on some of the impacts consuming meat has on our planet. The dinner was $30.00 a
person, all of the food was donated by local restaurants and individuals (Sages Cafe, Vertical Diner,
Calis Natural Foods, to name a few), and all proceeds went to supply hay and grain for the upcoming
winter season at Ching Farm. Ching Farm Rescue Sanctuary was founded in 1998 by Faith and Mike
Ching, and is located in Riverton Utah. Current Cruelty Laws do not apply to farm animals, and Ching
Farm Sanctuary acts as a safe haven for many animals, advocating as a place for rescue, education, and
adoption services. Ching Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit organization, and relies on donations,
volunteers, and sponsors to run the farm, and care for the animals. By participating in this event I was
supporting a cause that I feel strongly about. I was also able to bring a group of friends with me, and
therefore helped spread awareness and raise more money for this cause. Ching cares for hundreds of
animals, and is a great asset to our community.
As I mentioned above Ching Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that advocates for farm
animals by providing education to the community, and rescuing, and adopting farm animals. I have been
a vegetarian for three years, and I love animals. For me being a vegetarian is easy, and I think everyone
should do it! However, I realize that not everyone feels the way I do, consequently I think people should
at least try to eat less meat, and be aware of where the food they eat comes from. According to the
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 99% of farm animals in the

United States are raised on factory farms. Factory farms do not provide animals with proper living
conditions, and do not focus on the welfare of the animals, illness and disease are prevalent, and waste is
produced at toxic levels to both animals and humans. According to the North American Meat Institute
(NAMI), The meat and poultry industry is the largest segment of U.S. agriculture. Total meat and poultry
production in 2012 reached more than 93 billion pounds. I believe that if more people researched the
practice of farming (specifically factory farming), and meat consumption in the U.S. that more people
would feel inclined to take action. I was excited when my friends accepted my invitation to attend the
17th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving dinner with me because in doing so I was helping spread awareness. To
summarize, I chose to go to this event because the values that the organization represent align with my
own. Also I was curious to see what a Vegan Thanksgiving consisted of!
I do think that I am a more responsible citizen by participating in this event. Throughout this
class we have studied several cultures, and perhaps one of the most beneficial things that I can take away
from this class is that it is important to be engaged.

During the course of the semester we have studied

ancient people, government, war, religion, artistic movements, and gender roles, and one common factor
that each module consists of is that people were always involved. People have represented certain ideals
throughout time, and people are the driving force behind change and growth. This final assignment
affirmed that power and influence persist when people come together. Prior to this event I hadnt
attended a community fundraiser, and it was really neat to be a part of it. This assignment was helpful in
understanding humanities, and applying some of the concepts we studied to real life.
I definitely enjoyed this experience, and I hope to do it again next year. It is fun to be part of a
like-minded group of individuals coming together to support something important. Participating in
community events is a great way to have voice within the community, and it feels good to be involved.
Next year I might even try taking my involvement a step further by volunteering to serve food at the
event, or by donating some items to the silent auction. Going to Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner may very
well become a yearly tradition for me. While attending the dinner I also learned that volunteers are

always welcome at the farm itself, so I plan look into doing that in the future as well. Humanities teaches
us that regardless of the role you play, it is important to be involved and engaged in your community.
Everyone should try harder to be a little bit more aware of his or her role, and involvement in the world,
and should recognize the impact that they may have in doing so.