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Savanna Spradlin
CIED 1003
Teaching area: Fine Arts
The Fine Arts in Ireland and Schools of Design
According to the book, The Fine Arts in Ireland and Schools
Design, George Mulvanys goal in writing this book was to enlighten
the mood of those in Ireland who arent art lovers. The people Mulvany
is trying to write too are those who have no self-interest in art. He is
trying to convince them that art can be connected to things of the
mind and science. He is trying to explain that art is more than just a
drawing on a paper. Art is linked to the sciences of the mind.
The giant pyramids of Egypt, towering unshaken amidst the arid
desolation of her deserts, attest the great conceptions of her founders
(Mulvany pg 7). Through history we observe the essence of art. When
people pass away and moments fade art never does. Art is a longstanding piece that can remain steadfast through generations. While
time keeps moving art remains the same.
Over time arts loudly display what has happened during the
ages. Though fossils we discover that there were previous creatures in
the world. Without the art of a fossil we would not know that there
were previous things roaming the earth. Fossils are the earths art in a
way, showing us the creations from the time before us that arent here
anymore and some that are that have just evolved. Along with fossils
we also see the ruins of cities from volcanic explosions. The ruins of
the cities display to the inquirer a feel Volcanoes at one time were
seen has a destroyer but we can now look at them as a time capsule.
My Hobby: Horseback Riding
Special Needs, Special Horses
A Guide to the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding
According to the book, Special Needs, Special Horses A Guide to
the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding by Naomi Scott the reader can
understand how horseback riding benefits those who have special
needs. The NARHA is the North American Riding Handicapped

Association that assists the special needs. The NARHA program is an

interaction between the clients and horses. Through the interaction
between the people and horses the clients can replace treatments that
arent as enjoyable as horseback riding. When the clients get involved
in this therapy they have an improved quality of life (Scott pg. 6).
The main purpose of this book is to give information about how
the clients of the EAA have experienced all of the procedures and
benefits of horseback riding. For example, horseback riding is a way
that the special needs can be involved with a social event when they
cant play sports. Scott is hoping to make known the program to clients
who havent ridden or who are nervous about riding a horse. To help
the clients to not be fearful and to know what to expect there are
pictures of children playing with the horses. Scott also hopes that this
book will boost people to start more horseback riding programs and
draw in more volunteers and therapists. (7)
There are capable, caring, and dedicated instructors, therapists,
owners, and staff of NARHA centers, and the volunteers who
compromise more than eighty percent of the workforce (Scott pg. 6)
who make these programs thrive. The instructors of these programs
are more than horseback riding coaches; they are trained therapists
and care takers. The many physical and occupational therapists on
hand are also skilled at horseback riding. They must make many
judgment calls when dealing with the riders, including how the
emotional state one-day might be very different the next day. They are
also there to show gratitude to the volunteers, and to make sure to
help any that are in need of assistance.
Horseback Riding in Action
In the book Horseback Riding in Action by, Bobbie Kalman the
reader observes that the book is about horseback riding English style.
Horseback riding is a sport where a person and a horse do events and
training together. To compete in the events a rider has to have the
right equipment to perform well. There are two saddles that a rider
chooses, one being a western saddle and one being an English saddle.
A western saddle is used for driving cattle and doing anything on a
ranch or farm. English saddles are used for equestrian events or
general purpose events (Bobbie Kalman pg. 5)

In this book we also learn about the different body types of

horses. On the horses head the observer can see that the horse has
muzzle, a poll and a chin groove. A muzzle is the horses nose area. A
poll is on the top of the head right behind the ears. Last but not least,
the chin groove is on the bottom side of the horses mouth. Through all
of these parts on a horse we can see what makes the horses head.
There are so many great benefits about having a horse, but
caring for one can be a challenging. A horse owner has to be sure that
the horse has fresh food and water several times a day (Kalman pg.
8). Horse owners also have to make sure that horses stalls are clean
and have fresh straw everyday, because during the winter a stall is
where a horse will spend most of their time. Another challenge to
having a horse is grooming it. Brushing a horse for instance cleans off
any sweat or dirt that they horse may have on its coat. Grooming is
one of the main ways to keep your horse healthy.
How to
Horseback Riding
A step-by-step guide to mastering your skills.
In the book, How to Horseback riding A step-by-step guide to
mastering your skills, by Caroline Stamps quotes that, When riding a
horse, you are the one in charge and the horse will look to you for
reassurance. Riding a horse is a fun activity and is enjoyed by people
of all ages. Riding can also be challenging because if you do not know
how to ride a horse properly you could end up getting hurt. When you
choose to ride a horse you have to realize that all horses are not the
same. A rider has to be careful when picking the horse they want to
ride because they could be more dangerous than the person thought.
When learning about horseback riding it is good for a rider to
know all of the different events you can do. Once a rider is skilled
enough in riding they can compete in competitions and participate in
events. The riders can participate in Cross Country, Western Riding,
Trail Riding and Dressage. (Stamps pg. 4) If a rider decides to
participate in these events it is good for them to realize that horses are
easily spooked, causing them to run from danger. It is good for the
rider to be familiar with their surroundings.
In this book the reader sees how horses have their own
language. In the book they state, A Mare will whine softly to her foal,

but squeal a warning of danger. Every individual horse has his or her
own personality just like humans. Knowing and learning to adapt to the
horse before the rider gets on it will prevent disturbances. By knowing
your horse your horse in return knows you. Your horse can sense every
feeling you have while riding, whether its fear, excitement, or anxiety
your horse will react to situations the same as you do.